ature, made him seem like a student.
He walked up to Xia Wennan and reached out to take his hand, saying, “Siyan told me you lost your memories.”

Feeling a little uneasy, he pushed Ming Qin’s hand away in embarrassment.
He couldn’t say much more than, “I can’t remember anything past my second year of uni.”

Ming Qin frowned.
“So you don’t remember us at all?”

Xia Wennan hummed.
Without batting an eyelid, he withdrew his hand and stuffed it in his pocket.

“Did you forget Luchuan too?” Ming Qin asked.

Xia Wennan shot a glance at Ming Luchuan.

Ming Qin also turned to Ming Luchuan.
“What did the doctors say? You didn’t tell me much on the phone the other day.”

“His memory loss was caused by his head injury,” Ming Luchuan answered.
“The doctors didn’t say that there was no chance of him recovering, just that it would take time.”

“Why did you leave the hospital so quickly?” said Ming Qin.
“I was planning on paying Wennan a visit.”

“Staying in the hospital won’t help his recovery.
The doctor said that getting back to his life earlier may evoke some of his memories.”

Ming Qin looked towards Xia Wennan.
“Has it helped?”

“Not yet,” Xia Wennan said.

Ming Qin was still frowning.
“Is the doctor incompetent? Should I contact a specialist from overseas? Or should we just go straight there and have him look at Wennan?”

“That won’t be necessary,” Ming Luchuan said.
“I’ll take care of it.”

Just as the words left his mouth, they heard the sound of the door opening, and a man walked inside.

Xia Wennan turned to see who it was and saw a tall male alpha.
The alpha appeared exceptionally young, like he wasn’t even twenty yet.
With a head of blond curls, he looked brash yet handsome.
He was dressed in a basketball uniform, with a backpack slung over one shoulder and a basketball in his other hand.

The alpha came in spinning the basketball on his finger, stopping when he registered Ming Luchuan and Xia Wennan’s presence.
The ball bounced off his leg twice, and he abandoned it to roll into a corner.

“Xiao Jing, you’re back?” Xia Wennan heard Ming Qin say.

The young alpha let out an acknowledging hum, walked to Ming Qin’s side, and lowered his head to kiss Ming Qin’s face before nodding to Ming Luchuan and Xia Wennan.
“You’ve returned? Is Wennan all right? Are you recovering well?” He fired his questions off without seeming particularly interested in the answers, and before Xia Wennan could respond, he continued, “I just got back from a basketball game.
I’ll come down after showering.”

Ming Qin put on a smile.
“Did you win?”

The alpha’s lips curved upwards.
“Of course,” he said, waving as he ran for the stairs.

Xia Wennan furtively tugged at Ming Luchuan’s shirt.
He wanted to ask who that person was, but he didn’t want to do so in front of Ming Qin.

And yet after the alpha left, Ming Qin was the first to speak up about it.
“Wennan doesn’t remember Xiao Jing?”

Xia Wennan hurriedly shook his head.

“He’s my boyfriend,” said Ming Qin.
“His name is Yin Zejing.”

Xia Wennan had assumed that the alpha was Ming Luchuan’s other younger brother until he saw him kiss Ming Qin, which he had found odd.
He now suppressed his inner shock and strived to keep his tone level.
“He’s so… young.”

Ming Qin laughed and calmly said, “He’s twenty this year.
He’s still in university.”

Struggling to keep a straight face, Xia Wennan yanked at Ming Luchuan’s clothes to dispel his chaotic emotions.

Ming Luchuan gave him a cold stare.

Right then, Ming Qin suddenly directed his gaze to something behind Wennan and exclaimed, “Chenchen?”

Xia Wennan turned his head and saw—emerging from the living room corridor—Ming Siyan in a wheelchair.

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