For some reason, after his phone call with Lin Shuqiu, the person Xia Wennan came to suspect the most was Aunt Zhang.

Aunt Zhang was always by Ming Sichen’s side, taking care of him—who on earth could be capable of drugging him behind her back? Unless Aunt Zhang had known the entire time but had refrained from uttering a word.

Aunt Zhang was always by Ming Sichen’s side, watching over him—who on earth could have drugged him behind her back? Unless Aunt Zhang had known the whole time but had remained silent.

It took a while for the elevator to arrive.
Xia Wennan was worried; he couldn’t figure out the best course of action, but the first thing that came to mind was that they should no longer leave Aunt Zhang alone with Ming Sichen.

When the elevator doors opened, Xia Wennan patiently filed in with the rest of the crowd, pressed the button for his floor, and nervously awaited the doors to close when, at the last second, a familiar alpha stepped into the elevator.

Unexpectedly, Lu Huaiye had come to the hospital at this time.

Xia Wennan was standing at the back; he spotted Lu Huaiye at a glance, but Lu Huaiye didn’t notice him at all.

The elevator slowly ascended, and the number of people inside decreased with each floor.
As Lu Huaiye was about to exit the elevator, Xia Wennan grabbed hold of his arm from behind.

Lu Huaiye looked over his shoulder.
His expression was guarded, and it only relaxed when he registered Xia Wennan’s face.
“Xia Wennan?”

Xia Wennan, slightly relieved that he’d met Lu Huaiye here, inquired, “Are you here to see Ming Sichen?”

Lu Huaiye made a sound of assent, seemingly avoiding the subject.

Because he had too many things on his plate at the time, Xia Wennan hurriedly walked away, clutching Lu Huaiye’s arm.
“Come with me.”

“What’s wrong?” Slightly perplexed, Lu Huaiye was dragged away, and they moved through the corridors at a swift pace.

When they reached Ming Sichen’s room, Xia Wennan directly turned the handle and pushed the door open without knocking.
The door swung open, revealing an empty bed.

Not only was the bed empty, but the entire room was deserted—neither Ming Sichen nor Aunt Zhang were present.

Lu Huaiye frowned.
“Did they go out?”

Xia Wennan exited the room and went straight to the nurse’s station to inquire if they had seen the patient from that room.

The nurse informed them that the patient had been wheeled out by an aunt.

When Xia Wennan returned, Lu Huaiye was still standing in the doorway.
“Since today isn’t a good day, I’ll come back another time,” he said after a brief, hesitant pause.

Xia Wennan immediately held Lu Huaiye back.
He had half a mind to explain the current situation to Lu Huaiye, but when he realised it would take more than a few words, he could only say, “No, stay.
Help me find Sichen first.
I think he’s in danger.”

Lu Huaiye’s brow immediately furrowed.
“What danger?”

Xia Wennan had already turned away and was sprinting towards the elevator.
“Just help me find him first, I’ll tell you afterwards,” he yelled as he ran.

He ran into people along the way and asked if they had seen a middle-aged woman pushing a wheelchair with a thin young man in it.
Unfortunately, this was too common a sight in a hospital to stand out and draw attention—even if someone confirmed that they’d seen something similar, Xia Wennan couldn’t be certain that it was Ming Sichen and Aunt Zhang.

He took the elevator to the garden behind the inpatient building and circled it once without success, so he could only go around to the front of the outpatient building’s garden, but Ming Sichen was nowhere to be found.

He then returned to the inpatient building via the same route he’d just taken, intending to check on the ward first, but after only two steps forward, he was clapped on the shoulder from behind.

Just as Xia Wennan was about to turn his head, the person quickly covered his mouth while wrapping an arm around his waist and dragging him towards the corner.

Immediately alarmed, Xia Wennan began struggling while attempting to attract people’s attention.
The man behind him was tall and had powerful arms.
Xia Wennan caught a vague whiff of pheromones, but in his panic, he couldn’t tell who they belonged to and only felt that the scent was a little familiar.

He was brought to a secluded corner, where the man behind him let him go.
Xia Wennan used this opportunity to aim a kick behind him, and as it connected with the man’s leg, he dashed forwards without hesitation, yet this resulted in the man gripping his collar and hauling him backwards.

This time around, Xia Wennan could finally see the man’s face.He didn’t get a good look because the man was wearing sunglasses, a mask, and a peaked cap on his head—he appeared to have completely covered his entire face.

However, Xia Wennan was familiar with both his face shape and silhouette, and when combined with the scent of his pheromones, Xia Wennan identified the man the next second.
“Lu Wenxing?”

The alpha took off his sunglasses and, sure enough, it was Lu Wenxing.

Xia Wennan immediately heaved a sigh of relief, but not without feeling a little absurd at doing so.
“Why is it you again? Can you stop showing up and screwing around at critical times?”

Lu Wenxing frowned.
“What do you mean ‘me again’? There’s something I need to tell you.”

Xia Wennan turned to leave.
“I can’t right now.”

Lu Wenxing once again reached out and pulled him back.
“You and Ming Luchuan haven’t been answering my calls.”

Xia Wennan opened his mouth, ready to say something, but changed his mind at the last second.
He looked at Lu Wenxing and earnestly said, “Come with me then, we’ll talk while we walk.”

“Where are you going?” Lu Wenxing asked.

“You followed me all the way here, didn’t you know that Ming Luchuan’s little brother has been hospitalised?” siad Xia Wennan.
“I told him to meet me here.
I’ll try to persuade him to talk to you.”

Lu Wenxing stared at him for a few seconds before putting his sunglasses on and leaving with him.

Xia Wennan walked in front of him.
“How did you know I was here? Are you stalking me?” he asked.

“Before I talk to Ming Luchuan,” said Lu Wenxing, “there’s something that I want to say to you first.”

“What could you possibly have to say to me?”

In lieu of answering, Lu Wenxing merely explained, “What happened back then was a misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding.” Xia Wennan faced head as he headed in the direction of the inpatient building.
“What’s the point of telling me this—go talk to Ming Luchuan.”

“I know he harbours grudges, but this misunderstanding between us needs to be cleared up, and I know he’ll listen to you.”

“Why should I help you clear things up?” asked Xia Wennan.

“We’re father and son.
For his sake, shouldn’t you tell him to acknowledge me?”

Xia Wennan didn’t have time to carefully consider his words at the moment, and he wasn’t in the mood to retort either, so he patiently walked into the inpatient building with Lu Wenxing, and in the midst of the crowded lobby, he suddenly shouted, “LU WENXING!”

All eyes were drawn to the two of them.

It was currently evening visitation hours, and the elevator lobby was so jam-packed that even moving an inch forward was difficult.

“You’re Lu Wenxing, aren’t you?! What are you doing here?!” yelled Xia Wennan in an exaggerated tone before snatching away Lu Wenxing’s hat and sunglasses.

With nothing but his mask left, Lu Wenxing had no way of concealing his identity.

Xia Wennan went on crowing, “My gosh! It’s the film emperor!”

For a fraction of a second, Lu Wenxing made to throttle Xia Wennan’s neck.

But there were too many people around them, and after determining that it was Lu Wenxing, a teenage girl screeched, “It really is Lu Wenxing!”

With the fame and status that came with being a top star, and the fact that Lu Wenxing’s appearance was like a crane in the midst of a flock of chickens, regardless of whether or not they liked him, those nearby all looked over curiously, and the people outside the elevator lobby also crammed their way in.

It was at this point that the elevator doors opened.
Taking advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention was on Lu Wenxing, Xia Wennan elbowed his way through the elevator queue, squeezing inside as curses flew over his head.

Lu Wenxing, on the other hand, was unable to get through.
Xia Wennan had stolen his sunglasses, and he was left with no choice but to turn around and walk out to evade onlookers.

Xia Wennan watched as the elevator doors slowly closed, relieved on the inside and sighing on the outside.

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