he no longer makes jokes about him, unlike before.

Seeing Leo sent no more strike projectiles towards his direction, Garp looked over at Leo, ”Given up already, boy? ”

”Im hardly your opponent, ” Leo says with a light smile before returning his sword. Then, falling to the ground on his butt, ”You didn even use more than 30% of your full strength when you fought with me. ”

”Hahahaha, ” Garp laughed loudly before turning to Luffy and taking him by the ears towards a direction out of the forest.

”Gramps, where are you taking me? I don want to leave yet! I still haven convinced Leo to join my pirate ship! Luffy complained as he felt another bump growing on his head after Garp smacked him again. ”Save me, Leo!! ”

”My idiot grandson, stop thinking of being a pirate! ” Their sound became quieter and quieter as Garp walked further and further away into the distance.

”Ill find you soon, Luffy, ” Leo says before falling on the grass and instantly falling asleep. The battle with Garp truly overspent all of his energy.

When he woke up again, he noticed it was in the morning, but he realized that he had probably slept for more than a day.

So he looked around and thought, Maybe it is time I go and find Luffy. I miss him after not hearing from him.

He smiled as he thought about his training days with Luffy this month, ”I kind of miss that stupid idiot. Well, I guess I should start going. ”

Leo doesn quite know the direction of where Garp took him, and the island is quite extensive, so he has a hard time finding his way to the Dadan Family.

He decided that he should continue with his training while he searched for Luffy. The fight with Garp made him realize that he can have any weaknesses if he wants to defeat the strongest fighters in the world.

Leo walks towards a deep lake, looking over the surface of the calm lake with a thoughtful expression. Then, he says, ”One day, I will defeat you too, Garp! So I won give up! ”

Soon, facing a large mountain, Leo starts to hammer through the surface with his fist reinforced with Haki while his eyes are closed to practice Observation Haki simultaneously.

He tries to concentrate the power of the Conquers Haki into his fist as a deep hole begins to form through the mountain he is punching. Although he isn successful, he keeps on practicing nonstop.

When using Observation Haki, he is trying to foresee the future milliseconds of his next punch. Therefore, he keeps trying to extend each of his abilities simultaneously.

While in the evening and towards the night, he would continue practicing his sword training until he got so tired that he fell asleep. He would travel a little further into the jungle when he woke up.

He repeated this pattern for a total of four months.

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