Opening his eyes, he looked at the beast fiercely just as the beast was about to close in on him. Then, finally, he mutters inside his head, Die!

Slashing the blade directly in front of him three-four times with such a rapid speed and pressure that the average human eyes cannot catch.

His blade was so solid and quick that it compressed the water around—the force of the pressure that created compressed air blades. The four slashes formed a spear of light that launched itself directly towards the Lord of the Coast.

The beast could only see a green light flying towards him before his body was cut into four pieces and his blood spewed out. Its eyes are still wide open in disbelief that an enemy this strong could exist.

Seeing that his attack worked to cut apart the Sea King, Leos eyes flashed with relief as he swam up to the surface of the sea. He relaxes the tension of his body and uses his feet to flutter toward the sea quicker and more lightly.

The closer he got to the surface, the brighter it became, and it was like the glow of the sun was welcoming him up there. The water seems so beautiful and calming, and he particularly likes the tranquility underneath the sea: silence and peace. Better than riding a boat.

Getting through to the surface, he took a large breath of fresh air and smiled as he looked at the clouds floating in the sky. The sun feels warmer than before because he had been underneath the water for so long.

”Looks like Im still not strong enough, ” he mutters. ”Performing Tobu Zangeki is still too hard without overspending much of my concentration and energy. ” If it wasn for the Sea King, he could still go for another 10 minutes underneath the water without feeling a lack of oxygen.

Leo thought back to the anime scenes and how Zoro could efficiently cleave a ship in half after the time skip. It is more challenging than it looks. He could barely make compressed air blades, not to mention an air blade that can cleave a large object in half.

One day, Ill get there, he took another deep breath and looked towards an island that didn seem too far away. Of course, it is pretty blurry, but his observation wouldn be wrong. He had definitely and finally found an island.

Taking another breath and more air into his lungs, he submerged his body and took himself toward the islands direction.

Finally getting to shore, he laid his tired body on the sand. He is looking up at the glowing sun, settling towards the ground. He doesn have a clock or watches, but he could guess that the time is probably shortly after 2 in the afternoon.

He finally stood up from the sand and started rubbing his hungry stomach, Gosh, I shouldve picked up some of that fish with Conquers Haki when I was coming up to shore.

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