One Piece: Arcadia Kingdom

Chapter 0: Prologue


That was also the moment when I knew that Id been reborn in the world of One Piece, my favorite manga that has accompanied me since childhood until my very end.

Ive never known or seen who my father was in this life.

What Ive known about him was that he died even before my birth. This was what I learned after listening to the midwife who helped my mother.

Ive got no known relatives either.

Hence, everyone just decided to simply send me over to the nearest orphanage for me to continue my life.

Fortunately, the orphanage was a normal one.

There was no excessive drama of not having anything to eat or any corruption going around.

Although I can eat to my fill, it was enough to keep me and my fellow orphans alive.

And so, it became my life.

Edgar D.Arcadia… An orphan, born and raised on the nearest island to the Grand Line in the whole East Blue, Loguetown.

That was 6 years ago.

Now, Im currently being dragged over by the wave of people, rushing towards the port to find the so-called treasure of the Pirate King.

My malnourished body was constantly being bumped into by thousands of people. It was painful at first and even more painful the more it goes on.

The only silver lining was being able to keep my body upright as I got caught up in the wave.

I couldn help but shudder when I thought about the fate of people who lost their balance and almost became one with the ground with all those footprints all over their bodies.

Even so, that moment felt like forever to me.

I held on and on but I feels as if there was no end to the pain.

As I gradually feel my consciousness fading, I fell into despair…. but there was nothing I could do except let fate decide what is next for me.

Im scared…

Although the last 6 years weren exactly fulfilling, I was alive and well. The caretaker was kind to me and my fellow orphans were also likable.

Im afraid that when I close my eyes, I won be able to ever open them again…


This is a prologue before the actual story. For those who are asking, the story will take place near the main storyline of the canon with 20+ years of time skip to this chapter.

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