One Piece: Arcadia Kingdom

Chapter 0: Prologue

Wealth, Fame, Power.

The world had it all won by one man: Pirate King, Gold Roger. At his death, the words he spoke drove countless men out to sea.

”My treasure? Its yours if you want it. Find it! I left all the world has to offer there! ”

And so, these famous words have been carved into the hearts of all men, young or old, and thus mark the beginning of the most chaotic age the world has ever known, the Great Pirates Age!


Reading it in a book, this scene made my blood boil with excitement and romance but seeing it happen in front of me is not something I would like to repeat.

Imagine thunder falling next to your eardrum, waking you up from your sleep.

That was exactly what it felt like.

Ten of thousands of people roared out in excitement after that historical moment.

Those people ran over the entire city to head towards the ocean and I, Edgar D. Arcadia, a little 6 years old orphan, was caught in the middle of it all.

The cause of it was simple, a likely coincidence…

The news of the Pirate Kings execution gathered a huge crowd and I was a member of this crowd.

I don think theres anything wrong with wanting to witness a historic moment, especially when I have prior knowledge of it.

Thats right, I am a transmigrator from modern Earth. As to how exactly I transmigrate, will forever be a mystery to me.

All I remember was two approaching white lights and before I knew it, I became Edgar D. Arcadia.

At that moment, I realized that Id died and been reborn…

As a young adult in my previous life, I am aware of all the happenings around me despite my physique as a newborn baby.

This also includes the event that leads to me becoming an orphan.

My mother gave birth to me in extreme pain and difficulty.

In the end, she died during childbirth after losing too much blood. It saddens me to see that but at least I could feel her warm embrace, albeit only for the first and last time.

She did manage to give me a name and thats the name Ive used so far, Edgar D. Arcadia…

I was surprised to hear my full name at first.

As an avid One Piece fan, I naturally know the meaning of having the letter D in a n

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