Five days later, Fu Ping’An saw Azhi for the first time.

She looked thinner and whiter, but there was an unnatural flush on her cheeks.
With her raised eyebrows, she seemed to be even more gorgeous.
Fu Ping’An was unaware of these changes.
She was just happy to see Azhi again and covered her eyes.
Looking at the back of her head, she said, “Azhi, how are you?”

Azhi said with no expression, “Thank you, Your Highness for your concern”, and entered the carriage, reached out and touched the back of Fu Ping’An's head lightly, then frowned and went out.

It was quiet outside.
After a while, the car door was opened again.
Bo Changshi stepped in, said “Sorry”, and touched the back of Fu Ping’An's head.

Fu Ping’An was a little embarrassed; she knew that there was a big bag on the back of her head.

Bo Changshi frowned and stared at her: “Are you okay?”

Fu Ping’An whispered: “It's okay…it doesn't hurt…”

Of course she was lying.

At the same time, she caught a glimpse of a passing line in the void—— [Ping An Baby is so cute: How did I scare the baby; this is a gift, you are so cute; I can't help but want to give you a gift.

 [Ping An baby is so cute: you can turn off the special effects of gifts, alas, by the way, you didn’t.]

Fu Ping’An felt ashamed again, she felt like she was a little unsmart.

Bo Changshi's expression made her feel that she was not very smart.
The other party's slender eyebrows were raised slightly, and he said with a puzzled expression: “Your Highness is in the car alone, it always makes people feel uneasy.”

Fu Ping’An felt this.
As if to say that she can always make troubles, just as she was about to explain, she heard Bo Changshi say, “Since you like Azhi, leave Azhi to serve you, don't be alone in the car.”

Words Fu Ping’An’s came to her lips.
She swallowed the words, thoughtfully.

No wonder it was Azhi who came to see her.
It turned out that they thought they drove the other maids out because they liked Azhi more.

So Fu Ping’An didn't drive Azhi out.
When he was on the road again, Azhi sat quietly on the edge.
After a long silence, Fu Ping’An asked, “Are you all right? I heard that you were given 20 whips.”

There is no doubt that it was a disaster, and her coma had nothing to do with Azhi.

Azhi whispered: “I heard that you have been asking about me, and they gave me a good medicine.”

This is a causal relationship, even Fu Ping’An understands.

Because this is the person she remembers, she can also get more decent treatment.

 [Baby Ping An is so cute: Xiao Ping, I went to class, and I will come to see you at night.
If you know how to operate, go to the mall and see.
The gift I gave you should be enough for you to buy something in the mall.]

The other party had to go to class.

Fu Ping’An had a new understanding of “Ping’An baby is so cute”, but at the same time he began to think about his illiteracy.

I really want to read.
Thinking of this, she sighed.

After sighing, she remembered that Azhi was on the side.
She quickly raised her head to look at Azhi.
Azhi looked indifferent and said, “If Your Highness doesn't dislike it, you can share any worries with your servant.”

Fu Ping’An stared at her: “Are you literate?”

Azhi was obviously stunned, and her expression was blank for a moment.
Obviously, she didn't expect that Fu Ping’An's trouble was this, but she quickly restrained her expression and said regretfully, “Apologies, this servant is illiterate.”

Fu Ping’An sighed.
Tone, she didn't have any hope.

She looked sadly at the unfamiliar panel in front of her and thought to herself: How can I learn to read?

This is A Zhi's voice: “Why doesn't your Highness go to Bo Changshi for help? Bo Changshi was born in a famous family, so he must have learned to be read.”

Fu Ping’An raised his eyes and stared at Azhi.
Emotional, Fu Ping’An said after a while: “What does it mean to learn to be rich in five cars?”

Azhi: “…”

 [Insomnia Every Day: …Pfft]

Fu Ping’An was a little surprised.
She still remembered “Insomnia Every Day”.
The night before she set off from Lingting, she thought “Insomnia Every Day” was the same as “Kneel down for me presumptuously”.
After chatting for a long time, the other party never appeared.
Fu Ping’An thought that the other party, like “user 92339”, would never appear again.

It's just that when the other party appears, he seems to laugh at her.

Fu Ping’An was a little embarrassed, so she just pretended she didn't see it.
When she was resting at night, Fu Ping’An got off the carriage and started looking for Bo Changshi.

In fact, she doesn't need to look for Bo Changshi.
The other party stands out in the crowd.
As long as she is there, she can see it at first sight.

Sure enough, she saw Bo Changshi at a glance.
The other party was feeding her horse water.
She was wearing a burgundy robe with narrow sleeves.
It was probably a little hot.
She rolled up her sleeves, and her hair was tied on top of her head with only a hairpin.

At this moment, the sky floated by——

 [Ping An baby is so cute: Xiao Ping An, I am back, why are you sneaking around?]

Fu Ping’An thought to herself: I look sneaky?

She hurriedly straightened her back and combed her hair again.
Azhi noticed it, but didn't say a word.
She only looked at her and then at Bo Changshi.

Azhi guessed that Fu Ping’An was going to go to Bo Changshi to teach him to read, but after waiting for a long time, he did not see Fu Ping’An taking any action.
The other party turned around twice and sat down again.
Come over to the table and serve Fu Ping’An for dinner.

Seeing Azhi standing blankly, Aying said with dissatisfaction, “What are you doing, Your Highness is going to eat, didn't you see it?”

After Azhi was punished, the status of the three of them changed.
The status of the leader disappeared, and Aying was obviously ambitious, and would stab Azhi every now and then.

Fu Ping’An was thinking about finding Bo Changshi to read, but naturally she didn't pay attention to it.
She sat down to eat and saw that in addition to the corn rice and soy bean pickled vegetables and pork jerky she had been eating before, she also had some fresh barbecued meat.

Surprised: “What kind of meat is this?”

Undoubtedly, it was already the highest standard present, but after all, she was on her way, and she usually ate a lot of pickled products.
She seldom saw hot dishes, not to mention meat dishes.
Seeing her question, A Ying hurriedly said: “This is a rabbit meat.”

Fu Ping’An originally took a chopstick and was putting it in his mouth, but when he heard the words, she vomited immediately, and said in surprise, “What?”

This movement attracted Bo Changshi's attention.
When she came over, Mammy was hugging Fu Ping’An, while Aying knelt on the ground and explained, “This is not the rabbit you raised; this is the hare that Bo Changshi hunted.”

Bo Changshi then found out about the situation, she felt amused, and heard Fu Ping’An say in a crying voice, “Where is my rabbit? I want to see.”

A Ying and A Lu hurriedly ran to the trolley behind, and the rabbit started at first.
It was in her carriage with Fu Ping’An, but later, because the rabbit kept pooping, it was put on the cart that transported the grain behind.

The rabbits were brought over in a bamboo woven cage, and they were really alive and well, and they gained a lot of weight.
Fu Ping’An fished them out and put them in his arms, and asked, “Can you tell which one you are raising?”

“Naturally I can tell the difference.”

She pointed to one of them: “I raised this.”

Fu Ping’An saw that the rabbit was still alive and had calmed down.
She saw “Ping’An baby is so cute” and swiped “Ping An” again.
It's so cute.” He straightened up awkwardly, and saw the corn and rabbit meat sprinkled on the ground, showing some pity.

At this time, she heard the side say: “What are you still doing? Clean up.”

She looked up, and only then saw Bo Changshi, her expression froze, and she suddenly wondered if her current behavior would become a bad behavior for her.
What about good behavior?

In this way, Fu Ping’An, who was embarrassed to propose literacy to Bo Changshi, became anxious.

She watched Bo Changshi keep talking, but she didn't say anything at night.
Because she didn't arrive at the inn, she set up a tent for the night.
Fu Ping’An only let her mammy accompany her, and waited for her to fall asleep at night.
He covered his head with a thin quilt and said softly, “Are you there?”

No words appeared.

Fu Ping’An was a little lost, and this loss even turned into a grievance.
She lifted the quilt and secretly opened a corner of the tent.
She saw the swaying firelight outside, and the attendants and guards surrounded the bonfire and fell asleep.

There was no Bo Changshi in it, because Bo Changshi slept in another tent.

She had a vague feeling that among all the people at the moment, Bo Changshi was more similar to her.

While thinking about it, a sentence suddenly floated in the void——

 [Insomnia one day: She is not with here, you can talk to me if you have anything.]

Fu Ping’An blinked, she remembered the name, she remembered that the other party had chatted a lot with “Ping’An baby is so cute”, and also remembered that the other party laughed at her in the morning because she didn't know the word “Xuefuwuche”.

She instinctively felt that this person was not as gentle and amiable as “Ping’An baby is so cute”, but she saw the other person say-

 [Insomnia day by day: Actually, I'm no different from her, you may not understand it now but you'd better not be are betting on the audience’s emotions because they could be gone at any moment.]

 [Insomnia day by day: Graduating work, falling in love, having a new hobby, anything may make them leave.]

Fu Ping’An didn't like what the other party said, she couldn't describe it now, but then she realized that this kind of speech seemed high.

She didn't speak, she closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, but she was still curious and opened one eye slightly.

 [Insomnia day by day: …
still pretending to be asleep.]

 [Insomnia day by day: I know what you want to ask, do you not know how to ask to read words to Bo Changshi.]

 [Insomnia one day: Let me just say that, according to my observation, you suddenly mentioned that she might not agree; you have to communicate with her first.]

 [A day of insomnia: You tell her tomorrow that it is uncomfortable to ride in a carriage.
Let her take you on a horse.
You can chat while you are riding.
After chatting for two days, you can talk about learning Chinese characters.]

Fu Ping’An murmured in a low voice, “Is it really okay?”

 [Insomniac day by day: I'll let you go, I just have this idea.
I guess now I'm the only one watching your live broadcast every day, and no one else knows your situation better…]

Fu Ping’An is a little curious: “Why do you watch the live broadcast every day.”

 [Insomnia day by day: Take care of you!]

After sending it like this, the other party never sent anything again.

But Fu Ping’An inevitably took these words in her heart.
When she woke up in the morning, she looked at Bo Changshi from time to time in the crowd.
Bo Changshi had actually discovered it yesterday, but she just didn't know it, she was waiting for Fu Ping’An to take the initiative to come find her.

When she was about to leave after breakfast, Fu Ping’An finally came over.

“Does Your Highness have anything to say to this minister?”

Fu Ping’An coughed dryly, covered his head and said, “I am dizzy when I ride in the carriage, Bo Changshi, take me on a horse.”

She pretended to be uncomfortable.
He secretly raised his eyes to look at Bo Changshi, but saw a sentence floating in the air——

 [Insomnia day by day: …
acting skills are worrying.]

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