“Get out; do you still want to resist the order? This is the idea of your majesty's sister, right, your majesty's sister.”

Fu Ping’An: “Ah…

Bo Jiaoer pointed at Qin He: “Resisting the decree and not respecting it, do you know the consequences? Not only you, but your family will also be implicated.”

Qin He's face was pale, and she hurriedly went out with her head down.
This time, she knelt in the yard without saying a word.

Bo Jiaoer looked at Fu Ping’An as if asking for credit: “These slaves are most likely to deceive us because we are children.
In fact, if they are disobedient, they can be dismissed.
It's because Your majesty is too lenient with them.”

Princess Yunping looked at at this scene, as if thinking of something, she said: “Close all the gates of the palace.
If today's incident is spread outside, one of you will be counted as the other, and you will all be whipped.”

After entering the palace gate, no one objected.

[Ow: These kids are really scary.]

[Bobo milk tea with taro paste: Well, I can only say that it conforms to the cognition of this era.]

During the two hours when Qin He was kneeling in the yard, Fu Ping’An called Ah Zhi and made her the chief maid in charge of the Jingui Palace and the nanny the steward.

When seeing Ah Zhi, Fu Ping’An was really startled.
The other party has changed greatly from the previous impression.
Her already thin body can be said to have only a handful of bones left, and her skin has turned darker.
There was more cold wind, her cheeks were flushed, her knuckles were swollen, and there were many small wounds on her hands.

Fu Ping’An really wanted to ask, but she was worried that there would be complications, so she didn't say anything.

Two hours later, Qin He knelt weakly in the main hall, prostrated herself on the ground and said, “Your Majesty, it's the servant who made a mistake.”

Fu Ping’An glanced at Princess Yunping, this was the first time the other party stayed in the main hall.
It was so late, Bo Jiaoer was also in the palace, but she just ate some jujube cake and fell asleep on the bed, so Fu Ping’An asked someone to carry her back to her room.

When the other party fell asleep, her mouth was slightly open, her lips were moist and pink, her eyelashes covered her eyelids like a small fan, and she looked innocent and innocent like an ordinary child.

Princess Yunping walked up to Qin He and said in a low voice: “Qin He, let me ask you, did the Empress Dowager tell you anything?”

She looked at her calmly, with no expression on her face.

Princess Yunping said: “If you don't say it, you have it.
This is already a big taboo.
Based on this alone, it is not too much to kill you.”

Qin He hurriedly said: “The empress dowager called a slave, but I just asked Her Majesty how she ate and how she slept, but the servant girl just told the truth…
But, the servant girl did not tell the Queen Mother about the two masters often chatting in private.”

Princess Yunping said: “Your words, let me believe it, the Empress Dowager did not ask about this matter, but don't bully us when we are young, thinking that you can handle us, you are the master who controls us, and there is always a way to deal with you.”

Qin He repeatedly kowtowed: “Your Majesty and Your Highness believes in slaves, the servants are dedicated to Her Majesty, the Queen Mother…
the Queen Mother has a bad temper, and the servants couldn't help being happy when they were able to come to Jingui Palace.”

Yun Ping looked at Fu Ping’An and nodded slightly.

Fu Ping’An finally said: “Get up, I know your heart, I didn't want to be so extreme, but you like authority too much, and I don't like doing things like this.”

She glanced at Qin He Seeing that the other party got up, but his figure was shaking, and she even staggered a bit, she said, “Go back and raise yourself for a few days.”

Qin He bent down to retreat, but suddenly tilted her body and fell to the ground again, sobbing softly.

[Insomnia day by day: What exactly is she trying to do with this coquettish attitude?]

[Whether Wei Jin: It may be that Bo Jiaoer's little evil star is not here, and she is going to make trouble again.
Be safe, don't listen to her, drive her away quickly.]

Fu Ping’An also vaguely felt that if Qin He was allowed to speak out, all previous efforts might be for naught, so she said sharply, “Why are you acting so coquettish? Get out quickly, if you don't get out, I'll find someone to drag you out!”

Qin He was frightened, even Princess Yunping was frightened, and looked at her in shock.

Qin He hurried out, and Fu Ping’An's expression changed from a stern face to a shy smile, and said, “I'm like Jiaoer.”

Princess Yunping had a strange look on her face, but she didn't say anything, she just bowed and said goodbye.
Fu Ping’An sent her to the door, and Princess Yunping suddenly turned around and asked, “Do you know what it means to be coquettish?”

Fu Ping’An was stunned: “Ah? I…
I don't know, I read it in the book.

Princess Yunping spat at her: “I don't know where you got the book.”

After saying this, she turned around and trotted away with her skirt lifted.

The hem of the skirt floated like flowing clouds, revealing a pair of light yellow silk shoes.

Fu Ping’An looked at the back of Princess Yunping thoughtfully.

[Baby Ping An is so cute: The baby's eyes are…?]

[Yang Shuishui's Jin Jin: Are you enlightened?]

[Insomnia every day: Precocious, precocious is not good.]

Fu Ping’An is confused.

She just suddenly realized that the monarch in the book might be like this.
Bo Jiaoer is like a cruel official, and Yunping is like a civil servant.
She only needs to make good use of both, and then she can retreat behind the scenes and become a benevolent monarch.

But at present, this is still a very rough idea in her mind, not systematic.
After watching Princess Yunping return to the side hall, Fu Ping’An turned to look at A Zhi who was bending over to salute at the door, and looked at the other party's hands and neck.
Seeing the wound on her face, the faint smile on her face slowly faded away.

She said, “Who made you into what you are now?”

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