Omega Summoner

Chapter 11: Patch Notes

The duo readied themselves for combat since the alpha wolf jumped off the boulder and landed on the ground 10 meters away from them as if telling the challengers to brace themselves. The Feral Alpha Wolf is about twice the size of an average wolf which means its 4 times the size of Sirius. The wolf has brown fur with some silver fur peeking through and scars can be seen on its body, signifying that it has participated in many battles.

”Sirius start off with Shadow Sneak then follow up with Bite ” Adrian commanded.

Sirius then immediately dove into his shadow and a few seconds later emerge from the alpha wolf ’s shadow. The alpha wolf then noticed the presence behind it and tried to dodge. Unfortunately, the alpha wolf reacted half a second late and was bitten in its tail.


A notification appeared in front of Adrian.

Triggered the status Bleed. The Feral Alpha Wolf will lose 1% of its hp for the rest of the battle.

The alpha wolf then suddenly turned hostile and swung its tail to shake off Sirius. The alpha wolf manage to shake off Sirius and flung him towards a nearby wall damaging him.


Enemy Notification: The Feral Alpha Wolf used the skill Alpha Howl. Its damage and speed will increase by 20%. It also resets its aggro.

The alpha wolf suddenly got a burst of speed then lunged at Adrian. Sirius seeing its enemy suddenly attacking its master jumped into the path of the attack and took the brunt of the damage. Sirius got flung towards Adrian which made Adrian also be flung due to the force.

Player -45hp


Adrian looked at Sirius ’ HP bar and is now down to 5%. Adrian looked at the alpha wolf and it seemed to be rooted in place which he found odd but he remembered that the alpha wolf had an attack skill called Retaliate.

Name: Retaliate

Effect: Uses the body ’s full force in order to damage the enemy for 150% of attack damage but tires out the users body in the process for 3 seconds.

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Cooldown: 5 minutes

”Good thing that skill has a 3 second leeway ” Adrian thought.

”Let my other halves be blessed by the power of my soul! Invigorate ” Adrian chanted.

Sirius ’ HP and stamina went up by 50% and its damage increased. Adrian checked the remaining time for the Howl buff.

Howl Buff( 5:00 minutes remaining)

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