Odyssey of the unrivaled beast king

Birth of the beast king 2

Al Casendras heart. Seeing this, it made Al Casendras jaw drop.

Unknown to Al Casendra, he had had to solve one of the hidden mysteries in the Arcane Path. Many Arcana have attempted in the past to devise a secure method of keeping their beast with them at all times.

Despite the fact that they invented a holding bag.Yet, it was still an unsolved problem if a beast tamer lost his bag of holding and lost his beast. Then, they would only have half of their overall power.

Furthermore, Al Casendra had broken many natural laws of the world with this discovery, which he would find out in the future. His path has gotten more dangerous than ever before. Also, a new path has emerged. A path like never before.

Meanwhile, Al Casendra recovered from his shock immediately. He felt snow in his body. He searched his body but couldn notice anything that showed Snow. Just then, when he tried to get inside his body, His consciousness was drawn into the yellow world. Looking at the world, Al Casendra immediately understood where he was.

”Now I get it. One of the ancient texts mentions the soul. This should be my soul plain. ” He thought out loud.

At first, he didn hear his voice. Then he raised his brow. Did I just speak? His eyes brightened.

”Oh, my goodness! ” He shouted happily, jumping up and making a weird pose.

Near to the somewhat crazy Al Casendra. Snow lay lazily on the ground and looked at his master. After a couple of minutes of shouting and making a weird pose, Al Casendra regained his bearings and looked at Snow.

”Snow! ” He rushed forward and hugged the snow tightly. You
e my lucky charm.

”If Im not a scientist, I won be able to link the soul with Gods breath. But I guess my gamble paid off. ” He murmured absentmindedly.

Snow looked at Al Casendra and snorted, rolling its eyes, escaping from the clutches of Al Casendra. It lay a couple of feet from Al Casendra and looked at him before closing its eyes. Seeing this, Al Casendra snorted.

”Fine. If you want to sleep, sleep. I won disturb you again. ” He smiled and looked at his soul plain with wide eyes. This is a new beginning. Who dares look down on me!? He puffed his chest out and stood straight. ”Father. ” Wait for my return.

Al Casendra retracts his consciousness from his soul plane. He looked at the research room, which was probably a lab, with a satisfied smile. He opened his mouth and spoke, but no word came from his mouth. Seeing this, Al Casendra wasn dejected. One day, I will surely speak and let my voice be heard throughout the world.

Bang! Bang!

A sudden knock came from the door. Al Casendra raised his brow and opened the door. Sir John was about to knock on the door again when the door opened. He saw the smiling face of Al Casendra and wondered what made the prince happy.

The Prince It over a day. I believe the beast would have gone. And with that… things of yours. They would have long gone. What do you think? ” Sir John asked, forgetting about the smile on Al Casendras face.


Al Casendra nodded and waved his hand, sending Sir John away. He couldn wait to rush to his research and find out more about his new discoveries. Meanwhile, Sir John froze at the door. He took a couple of seconds to regain his bearings. He shook his head, and a wry smile appeared on his face.

”I hope the prince finds whatever answer he was looking for. ” He looked at the guard beside him and shouted.

”Lets move out. ”

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