pieces if they set out to lose.

Their eyes shot flames at Al Casendra. They wanted to struggle for freedom. But the chain was no ordinary chain. When they tried to flee, it strangled them, inflicting excruciating pain on their bodies.

Standing beside the table, a series of parchments contain a set of equations. He did not write this equation in the worlds languages but in his previous life language. He did this so that his work couldn be stolen, and if it was stolen, no one would understand what he was trying to achieve.

Lets begin. He picked a new parchment and looked at the four biggest parchments on the table and began to draw another set of Matrix.

After a couple of minutes, a bead of sweat dropped from his forehead. He inhaled and looked at the new matrix in hand and nodded. I hope this works.

With a large stride, he walked to the chained beast and dragged a rabbit to the table. The Rabbit is a Murox with a fire bloodline. So it can be called Half Murox Rabbit because it has awakened its fire bloodline.

Quickly, Al Casendra picked up a knife and cut the half-Murox Rabbit off a little. Instantly, blood gushed out. However, Al Casendra was already ready with a small gourd. He collected the blood and dripped it onto his newly drawn matrix.

Immediately, the blood glowed. Seeing this, Al Casendra cut his finger and dripped blood on the other part of the Matrix. Instantly, the parchment levitated from the table and began to glow in crimson light.

The matrix appeared in the crimson light and began to glow. Immediately, the matrix appeared on Al Casendras forehead, but when it stared down, it appeared on the half Murox Rabbit. The crimson light flickered. All of a sudden, the crimson dimmed and then went off.

Al Casandra stared at the parchment, deep in thought. He knew what had just happened. He curled his lips, tapping his feet. ”The dominant matrix is OK, but the beast… ” Without further ado, he buried himself in his research, searching for the problem.

Outside the bunker, a middle-aged man with tattered clothes bangs the metal door furiously. After a couple of bangs, the door opened and the middle-aged man entered with trembling legs.

The guards looked at the middle-aged man with their mouths aghast. The man didn care about the look directed at him. In his hand was a white beast with traces of red liquid coming from its mouth.

”Where is the prince? ” Sir John asked Lily.

Without uttering a word, Lily pointed to the inner chamber. Sir John nodded his head and walked toward the inner chamber. After a couple of knocks, the inner chamber door opened, and Al Casendra appeared with displeasure. But when he saw Sir John, it replaced his displeasure with a smile.

Al Casendra made a hand gesture and nodded at Sir John. Seeing this, Sir John forced a smile and said,

”You don need to worry about me. Ive completed the mission. And I can say your tricks are working. ”

When Al Casendra heard this, he nodded and waved to Sir John, ready to close the door. Then Sir John remembered the beast in his hand and stopped Al Casendra.

”Prince, I don know why you need a beast. I found this beast slightly injured, and I saved it. I hope it will be useful for your research. ”Sir John gave the beast to Al Casendra.

Receiving the beast, Al Casendra closed the door immediately and dashed toward his research. He placed the white Fox beside the table and looked at the perfected matrix for a second. He looked at the fox, and a glow appeared in his eyes.

He took the Fox blood sample and placed it on the matrix while it put his own blood on the matrix. Instantly, the previous action occurred. But this time, the crimson light was glowing more powerfully than on his previous test.

The matrix appeared in thin air before moving toward the Foxs forehead. It hovers for a couple of seconds before entering its body. Then, the other part of the Matrix entered Al Casendras head.

Immediately, Al Casendra felt an enormous mountain descend on his soul. Before he knew what was happening, everything went blank.

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