In front of the biggest villa in LonFall Pass. A sizeable crowd gathered with trepidation. Every now and then, most of them will look back. Small children gripped their parents hands with a cloud of water in their eyes. Hush voices spread among the people.

Every passing seconds, the panic in the peoples heart increases. Just then, a group of people among the crowd were ready to depart when they saw three people mounting the podium.

”Why did you gather us here? Do you want us for dead ” A stoic man shouted, holding a small boy close to his body.

When the crowd heard this, their murmuring increased, voicing their thoughts. Seeing this, the stoic mans confidence increases. He stepped forward and said,

”You may have a powerful mage among you to protect you from the monster beasts invasion. But we, the commoners, have no such privilege. We need to look for a secure place to keep our family safe before the invasion. So, if you have nothing reasonable to say, please excuse us. ”

When Sir John heard this, a frown appeared on his face. He waved his hand and a swirl of wind appeared out of nowhere and sent the man flying. Crash. He crashed on the ground, puking out a lot of blood. Seeing this, the crowd held their breath. Looking at Sir John with panic.

”How dare you open your mouth and talk to the prince? ” Sir Johns booming voice echoed throughout the place.

Roy sighed, seeing Sir Johns overbearing attitude. Why are those from the city so impatient? This man is just worried about the welfare of his family. He thought and shook his head.

The stoic man held his chest and puked blood again, then struggled to stand. All his previous confidence had gone down the drain. He walked with trembling legs toward the crowd, holding his son.

”We don force you here. If you think you can survive the monster beasts invasion on your own, no one is stopping you. ”Sir John snorted, his gaze moving from one edge to another. Anytime his gaze meets others. Immediately, they will avert their eyes. No one dared look at the furious Sir Johns eyes.

After a couple of minute of silence. Sir John cleared his throat and began. ”The prince at his mercy has created something that we can use to defend ourselves from the invasion. ” He paused.

When the crowd hear this, they widened their eyes and looked at each other faces. This can be true. They all thought. Seeing the expression on the crowds faces. Sir John smiled and nodded slightly and continue.

”But it won come for free. Nothing is free in this world, right? ”


The happiness on the peoples faces disappears like smoke, replaced with a slight frown. They looked at Sir John to continue. Sir John didn care about their frown. He continued smiling. He waves his hand and a small brow tag appears with various markings.

”This is your ticket to your safety. A person only needs one. The prince is quite merciful. He was free for the first time. Next time, you need to upgrade your ticket. Isn that great? ”

Immediately, the crowd busted out with whispering and a smile on their faces. A middle-aged woman stepped forward and bowed. ”It thrilled us to hear about the princes generosity. ” She looked at Al Casendra and gave another bow.

”Its not that I didn believe the princes words. But we had built this safety house in previous years. But nothing works. I just need your assurance for me and my family. ”She said, respectfully.

Al Casendra stepped forward and looked straight into the womans eyes. After a few seconds, he averted his eyes and made a hand gesture to Sir John. Seeing this, Sir John nodded. He turned to the middle-aged woman and said with a stoic expression.

”Whats your name? ”Sir John asked.

”Millie Connor, ” Millie responded respectfully.

”Millie, you
e only a rank 6 novice mage. You don have the authority to question the prince. I won deal with you because of the prince. ”

A bead of sweat dropped from Millies face while the others were looking at her like an idiot. Quickly, Millie looked at Al Casendra and bowed. ”Thank you for your grace. ”


Sir John snorted, averting his gaze from her. ”I know some of you doubt the prince. However, we don care. You have the freedom to leave. So, I don want to hear any trash from anybody again. Else… ” A gush of strong wind appeared on his palm.

At once, everyone gulped and nodded their heads. Just then, another bell rang. Hearing this, the calm expression of the crowd disappeared. They trembled, looking back. They looked at Sir John in a serious panic. Now, they don have the chance to hide if they wanted to.

Sir John looked at the gate and said casually. ”The monster has arrived. ”

When the crowd saw the nonchalant expression on the faces of Sir John and the prince, their fear lessens. However, Roys back was drenched in cold sweats. It took all his courage to stand on the podium while maintaining his casual expression.

”Come get your tag quickly. The monster will be here at any moment. ”Sir John announced.

Just then, the land trembled with a sudden howl that shook the hearts of the people. Without further ado, the people scrambled to collect the tag from Sir John.

In a couple of seconds, the people have their tags. They looked at Sir John with their hearts pounding, ready to jump out of their chests.


Sir Johns expression changes slightly. He looked at the prince, and quickly, they left the podium. That growl is stronger than me. Shit! I hope the safe house is secure, as the prince said. His heart skipped a beat.

After a couple of minutes, the atmosphere in LonFall Pass had changed. The atmosphere was still and they could cut it with a knife. Rumbles. A cloud of dust rose in the sky while a sudden cry of misery echoed. Meanwhile, the crowd follows Sir John and the prince toward the back of the villa. Quickly, they arrive at the foot of a mountain.

There were a few men guarding the mountain. When they saw the prince and Sir John, they bowed. Without further delay, Sir Joh led the crowd into the death of the mountain through a single passage. The passage can only contain a single person at a time with sturdy metal.

When the people saw this, their hope raised a bar. But some were still sceptical. However, when they entered the mountain, their jaws dropped. Roy looked at the inner mountain, unable to close his mouth. Even though he came to visit the mountain a lot of times. They never allowed him to enter the mountain. He looked at the prince with a conflicted expression and sighed.

When everyone has entered the bunker, Al Casandra gave Sir John another parchment. Receiving the parchment, he read the content and his expression changed briefly before he went out of the bunker. Watching Sir John leaving, the crowd raised their brows, only to hear a soothing voice.

”You don have to worry. The prince has another plan to make this place more secure. You just need to relax. ” Lily assured me with a smile.

Outside the bunker, a silhouette was running, leaving a few afterimages. The wind and the silhouette almost blended perfectly together. Why can the prince give the dangerous mission to another person? he grumbled in his heart

After a couple of minutes, he arrived at the first pile of wood and set it on fire. At once, the wood caught fire, and after a few seconds, a thick smoke spread from the wood, choking the silhouette.

”What the **!? ”

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