After a couple of days, the LonFall Pass had undergone tremendous changes. The thick stench of blood and the dead bodies of both human and beast had been cleared. Though the building was in a half-destroyed state… The flies and rodents were not as rampant as before. The new LonFall Pass can not be compared to the previous one.

Despite this, only a couple of adventurers came to LonFall Pass during the day and left before nightfall. Its a known fact that the beast attacks mostly during the night.

Though the LonFall Pass was a dead city. Its a haven for commoners to seek refuge. At least in the city, no one cares about what others do. However, the few changes in a couple of days had stupefied most people.

At every major corner of the city, there are stacks of bunches of dry wood with specific green leaves. The few citizens of LonFall Pass couldn understand what the hell was going on. Though the people didn utter their thoughts, that couldn be said to the adventurers that came to the city. They laughed and made fun of the princes actions.

Some even tried to destroy the huge pile of dry woods. However, they were dealt with by Sir John, ceasing their gears, beating them blue, black before chasing them out of the city.

”Prince, I don mean to question you… ” Roy rubbed his palm together and looked at the faces of the people around before looking at the princes face.

”Everyone is dying to know why you asked those men to dig a big tunnel at the back of the villa. Also, what are the uses of those woods… ”

When everyone heard the question, their eyes brightened, they looked at Al Casendra, waiting for answers. To their disappointment, they received none. After a couple of no responses. Roy looked at the people and sighed dejectedly.

Al Casendra raised his head and passed a parchment to Roy. On seeing this, a bright smile appeared on Roys face. He chuckled and collected the parchment and took a look. Instantly, his smile disappeared from his face. He furrowed and grumbled.

”Prince, I can find such books again. I have comb everywhere both here and in nearby cities. Those you saw, I had to trade it with some monster beast core. ”

Hearing this, Al Casendra tilted his head to the side a bit, looking at the ceiling, lost in thought. Ah! Why can I find more books on Arcane?

A smile crept onto his face. As a genius scientist, the little findings are enough to give me a solution to my current predicament. Humph! Gods Breathe… I think I understand what it means.

When Roy, Sir John, and Lily saw the sudden smile on Al Casendras face. They looked at each other and sighed, shaking their heads. However, Lily looked at Al Casendra with a fascinating gaze.

Why is the prince not depressed by not having any magic abilities. But only continue to study those ancient texts. How did he even learn those strange texts? Sighed. If the prince has an ounce of magic. He would have shaken the world with his intellect. She thought dejectedly in her mind.

When Al Casendra discovered their weird gazes. He shrugged and continued his thoughts. The Gods breath needs a set of a matrix. But that won be a problem for me. Though only half were recorded in the book. With my little knowledge of Arcana and my previous world. I can easily complete the Matrix. But should I make it a permanent or temporary Matrix?

Forget. Ill decide when the time comes. I need to run a test to check if my conjuncture was right.

Al Casendra picked an ink brush and quickly wrote something on parchment before handing it to Sir John. Seeing this, Sir John received the parchment and took a cursory look before leaving the room.


Roy raised his brow and looked at the departed Sir John. Then, he saw Al Casendra giving Lily another parchment. Without further ado, Lily departed immediately.

What the hell is going on? Roy thought. He looked at Al Casendra, waiting for his order. But after waiting for a couple of minutes, nothing came. He opened his mouth but swallowed the word, taking a deep breath.

Just then, Al Casendra raised his head from his book and gave him a parchment. Seeing this, a smile crept to his face. I thought you forgot this grandpa. Roy took the parchment and took a look.


He furrowed and grumbled. ”The tunnel has been completed according to your design. They are just doing a last-minute check on the tunnel. ”

Suddenly, a loud sound of a bell echoed throughout the LonFall Pass. When Roy heard this, he trembled. A bead of sweat dripped from his forehead. A sudden chill crept into his bones. His leg turned to jelly.

When Al Casendra noticed this, he stood up and walked out of his room. Immediately, he stepped outside. He saw people running in trepidation. Without any further telling. He knew the monster beast had arrived.

Hurried footsteps came from his right, he turned his head and saw Sir John coming towards him with a slight hint of uneasiness.

I knew this would happen sooner than later. But it good I have made ample of preparation

”My Prince. My Prince. ” Roy shouted, rushing out of the room. However, when he saw Sir John. He exhaled, looking at Al Casendra then to the city gate. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, his breathing was erratic. His eyes roll in their socket, looking from Al Casendra to Sir John.

Why can this old man bring the prince to safety. he cursed in his heart.

”Prince– ”

Al Casendra waves his hand and interrupts Sir John without being perturbed by the rumbling coming from the distance. He gave Sir John the parchment in his hand and smiled.

Sir John quickly unfold the parchment and read the content. At once, the expression on his face changed. His eyes widened slowly. He raised his head and opened his mouth wide. But the word refuses to come out.

”What! ” Roy snapped.

Sir John ignore Roy and focused his gaze on Al Casendra. ”P-Prince. A-are you sure this– ”

Al Casendra nodded with a confident smile. When Sir John saw this. He took a deep breath and thought. I can only trust the prince, and if everything goes south. Then…

With that thought, he looked at Roy and said seriously. ”We have work to do. ”


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