The kingdom of Taidia was ruled by a powerful king, supported by eight duke families. And such, Taidia was divided into four factions. The royal factions, two duke factions, and the academy. The academy was a neutral faction and only supported the nurturing of young talent of the kingdom. And for what purpose…. No one knows.

As the baron of Zahan city, the BlueFire family belongs to one of the duke factions. And the competition between each faction was fierce and deadly. Thus, the academy ground serves as the battleground for the faction and the thirst for talent for each of the families was fierce.

The baron of the BlueFire family had wanted to fight for power in the kingdom but the lack of talent made it quite impossible. During the last power struggle, he lost and was sent to the boundary of the kingdom. It had been a couple of years as he beaded his time for his return when his children showed his talent.

But who would have thought his first son would be dumb and manaless. All his plans for decades went down the drain. Thus, he sent him away.

On a deserted road, a carriage rode silently. Behind the carrier were two average-looking ladies, looking at the carriage with apprehension.

”Why would the madam ask us to follow this cursed child. Did she hate us to that extent ” The lady on the right grumbled with hatred?

”No matter what you do or say… We
e merely slaves and we are at her mercy for saving us… So, stop your nonsense and see the good part of this trip. You never can tell. ” The other lady said with a positive smile.

”Humph! What can possibly come out of this trash. ” She snorted.

”Will you shut up! His highness is trying to study. ” A middle-aged man snapped from the carriage.

While inside the carriage, Al Casendra didn have any expression on his face. His gaze focused on the ancient book in his hand. He was intently studying the book. As a great scientist in his previous life, he didn believe him having no magic was a coincidence. And if it was, he will find his own path.

It is good that the previous owner of this body liked to read and collect many ancient books. Now with his memory, I can infer many things.

He raised his head and looked at the middle-aged man for a few seconds and asked.

”Tell me… You seem ok with being sent to death land… ” He tilted his and looked straight into his eyes. ”Perhaps, you are good at hiding your emotion ”

When the middle-aged man heard this, a light sigh escaped from his mouth. ”You may be trash, cursed, or whatever. I don care. Im indebted to your mother and I vowed to serve her with my life. This, I would do. ”

”Thats not what Im asking… Don you have any misgiving for coming here with me? ” Al Casendra insisted.

Chuckled. The middle-aged man grins and utters. ”Prince, I have seen many things worse than coming to this… dead town. The world out there is more deadly and cruel than beast rampage. ”

”So…? ”

”I don care… I will serve you like I will serve your mother. ”

”Good! Thats what I wanted to hear. ” Al Casendra nodded. ”I don want to live in this dangerous area while having to look over my shoulder against you. ”


The man gave a short laugh and rested his head on the wall of the carriage, closing his eyes.

”Don think about your fathers deeds. This is common in big families. ”

”I don care. Hed done worse than this. Here I am. Besides, this may be a blessing in disguise. ” Al Casendra shrugged, returning his gaze to the ancient book. ”Whats your name? ”

”John, ” He replies without opening his eyes.

”John! Only John? ”

”Yes. Slaves don have a family name ” John answered casually.

”Then, I will call you Sir John ”

When John heard this. He opened his eyes briefly and stared at Al Casendra before closing it.

After an unknown period of time, the carriage arrived at a City. Though it couldn be called City anymore. The City wall had many cracks and some parts had been destroyed. The City Gate was in pieces while dead bodies of both beasts and humans were scattered everywhere.

Without coming out of the carriage, the thick stench of blood and rotten smell accosted Al Casendras nose, making him almost puke. He raised his head and looked at Sir John but there wasn any expression on his face.

This is going to be fun The edge of his lips curled up a bit.

Inside, the dilapidated City. Many houses were in shambles, flies and rodents dominated the street. Only a few houses were devoid of flies and rodents.

Suddenly, the carriage stopped. Sir John opened his eyes and left the carriage. Without further delay, Al Casendra placed his book into his back, leaving a sheet in his hand while stepping out of the carriage.

”Welcome, Prince. We have been expecting you. Im Roy. ” A middle-aged man said with enthusiasm. Beside Roy was a middle-aged woman. She looked at Al Casendra and smiled.

”Im Wendy. Welcome to Lonfall Pass. ”

Al Casendra nodded and passed the sheet in his hand to Sir John and entered the big villa. Seeing this, everyone rolled their eyes and looked at Sir John.

”Don look at me like that. The prince had made all plans for his stay here. And he wishes for you to follow it strictly. Else… ” Sir John gave an evil smile.

”Do you understand everything, my prince? ” Roy asked with a slight bow.

Al Casendra nodded, picked up the ink brush, and started writing something on the parchment. Once he was done. He gave it to Roy.

Roy glanced through the parchment and looked at Al Casendra and smiled. He nodded and patted his head.

”Don worry. I will get all the ancient books in LonFall Pass. ”

Seeing this, Al Casendra nodded and waved his hand, dismissing Roy. He pursed his lips, looking up, thinking for a moment. LonFall is more dangerous than I anticipated. That useless father really wanted me for died.

He shook his head and snorted. No one can kill me in this life. He tapped his table twice and Sir John entered.

Without further ado, Al Casendra gave him another parchment. On collecting the parchment, Sir John furrowed, reading the parchment.

”Why did you need so many men!? ” Sit John exclaimed.

Al Casendra shrugged and wrote something on a parchment. He showed it to him.

”For security!? ”

Al Casendra nodded. He showed him another parchment. Seeing this, Sir John twisted his lips.

”Rank 4 Beginner Mage ”

When Al Casendra heard this, he shook his head. With your rank, it would be a miracle if we survived more than a week in this dangerous place. He sighed.

He waves his hand, sending him away to complete the job. Watching Sir John, leave the room. Al Casendra fell into deep thought.

An ancient book mentions something about learning Arcana. But why is there only a few mentions of Arcana… Is it bad or what? He rubbed his temple and exhaled.

And what is Gods Breathe

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