When everyone heard the name BlueFire The field became silent, like a graveyard. A young boy with a cold, arrogant face walked to the podium while his blue-green robe swayed gently. Amid the parents, a whisper spread.

”City Lord… Thats your son. What do you think would be his talent? ” A middle-aged man with a long, overflowing beard asked the City Lord.

With a smile, the city lord looked at the middle-aged man and said proudly. ”Of course, he would have a fire affinity. But I don know his grade. But he won be short of rank 5 fire affinity. ”


Listening to the citys arrogant acclaim. The middle-aged man opened his mouth but didn know what to say. After a couple of seconds, a chuckle escaped from his mouth while the looks of those around him were nothing short of awe.

”Like, I guess the house of BlueFire is going to get another genius. ”

”Of course, We are not short of geniuses from every generation. ”

When they heard the arrogant words from the city lord, Everyone took a deep breath while the middle-aged man rolled his eyes. Will you die if you don show your narcissist side? He thought and muttered. I hope so.

Wood stood on the platform with various strange markings. Following that, he became aware of various gazes focused on him. He puffed out his chest and raised the corner of his lips lightly. He looked in the direction of his father, the city Lord.

Once the city Lord noticed the gaze of his son, he gave a nod. On seeing this, Wood averted his gaze, and a slight exhale escaped from his mouth. He looked at the instructor in charge of awakening him and nodded.

Immediately, the instructor placed a white diamond-shaped stone inside a hole beside the platform.

”Relax and don fight the energy. ” The instructor advised

After a couple of seconds, the platform lights up with a dazzling blue light surrounding the circular platform. The light began to glow higher. All eyes were on the platform. No one dared breathe loudly. While the city lords eyes were shooting with pride, Besides the city lord, there was an average woman, looking at the young boy on the platform with a proud smile.

She thought, Its time for my boy to rein.

The light coagulates and enters Wood. For a couple of seconds, nothing happened. Then, Wood was elevated from the ground. A blue fire appeared on top of his head. It appeared small at the beginning. However, it continues to grow after a few seconds. Shortly, the fire stopped growing and Wood landed on the platform with a dazzling blue fire on his head.

For a few minutes, the field was quiet. No one believed what they were seeing. Woods mother and the city lords eyes were glowing with satisfaction. Just then, the instructor cleared his throat and shouted.

”Rank 6: Blue Fire Affinity. ”


The field descended into chaos. Everyone was looking at Wood with envy and appreciation, while some girls were already fantasizing about being with Wood. However, Wood didn bat an eye. He turned and looked in a particular direction. Seeing this, everyone follows the direction of his gaze. And behold, it was on Al Casendra!

Why must you look at me? Al Casendra cursed in his heart but kept his stoic expression.

”I guess your brother is challenging you. ” Aaron twisted his lips and gave a short laugh.

”Aaron Ferguson, come fort for your awakening. ” The instructor shouted.

Once, Aaron heard his name. He looked at Al Casendra and said proudly. ”Watch and see real talent. ”

After a couple of seconds, Aaron was on the awakening platform, while the mischievous smile never left his face. A few minutes later, the awakening process was completed.

”Rank 5 wind affinity. ”

”Why are there so many geniuses in this awakening? ” An elderly man sat in an inconspicuous area and murmured. ”However, this is good. The more the merrier. ”

The awakening ceremony continues; however, no student shocks the audience like Wood and Aaron. After what seemed like forever, Al Casendra heard his name. At first, he wasn sure he heard it correctly. However, when the instructor repeated it and saw the other gaze. He knew this was real.

Al Casendra took a deep breath and walked forward whilst all eyes were on him. What is with this feeling? He tried to steal his heart, but his heart missed a couple of beats when he saw the crowd piercing gaze.

This is a bad idea. I shouldn have come for the awakening ceremony.

Unknown to him, his back was already drenched in cold sweats. He raised his head high while he felt two different gazes on his body. One was gentle, while the other was hostile. without looking in the direction of the gaze. He knew the owner of the gaze. His mother and father

He stood straight like a pole at the center of the awakening platform. His gaze was devoid of any expression. The instructor looked at him and asked.

”Are you ready? ”

Al Casendra nodded.

The instructor places the white stone inside the hole and moves back. The field was quiet. All eyes were focused on Al Casendra. A few seconds later, the platform lit up slightly but shut down immediately.


The instructor furrowed. He looked at Al Casendra and shook his head. He checked the awakening platform and placed another stone inside the hole. However, the previous occurrence happened. When the crowd noticed this, they widened their eyes. For a split second, no one uttered a word.

”Is it what Im thinking? ” An elderly woman asked, looking at the city lord in puzzlement.

The city lord snorted, waving his robe, standing up, and storming out of the pavilion. On seeing this, the instructor sighed and shouted.

”No magic affinity. Hes FORGOTTEN. ”

When the crowd heard, ”Forgotten. ” The field turned into an upheaval. The gaze directed at Al Casendra as various negative words began to spread among the people, looking at him with disdain.

Al Casendra stepped down from the awakening platform and left the field with his head raised high. He had already expected such a reaction from the people. Though he was affected a little by the peoples reaction,

”Why can he still raise his head high? He couldn speak. Now, hes forgotten. ” Wood expressed his disdain. ” I know a dumb person in the BlueFire family can never be anything good. Trash, ”his loud voice echoed throughout the field. ”

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