Hmm, where am I? Al Casendra looked at his surroundings with wide eyes. Gush! This isn my lab… He took a deep breath to reorganize his thoughts.

He looked at his frail hands, the big bed, the wardrobe, a reading table, and chair by the corner.

Inside a kid in another world…. Things can get any worse than this, right? He sighed and shook his head.

Beside the bed was leftover food on a small table. Al Casendra tried to stand up but a piercing pain came from his chest. He groans and pukes out a black liquid with a rotten smell.

He opened his mouth and uttered some words. However, he couldn hear his voice. At first, he didn notice this. He wiped his mouth from the black and jumped off the bed.

He focused his gaze on the black liquid and mumbled something. Yet, no voice came from his mouth. When he noticed this, he widened his eyes, his heart missing a beat. He took a deep breath to calm his thumping heart while trying to utter a word slowly. However, nothing happened. Sweats pour from his forehead like an open dam.

Al Casendra sat slowly at the edge of the bed. It was down on him the reality of things. Just then, a sudden pain attacked his brain. He held his head and groaned lightly. After a couple of seconds, the pain subsided. He inhaled and noticed his clothes stuck to his body like a second skin.

Now, I understand. Al Casendra thought, shaking his head. The higher you rise, the harder you fall.

A knock came from the door, waking Al Casendra from his thoughts. He looked at the door without any expression on his face. Since he had regained the memory of the previous owner of the body. He realized this world was not simple like his previous world.

I failed in my previous world. I won fail now

He tapped the small table beside the bed twice. And a female voice came from outside.

”Prince, your mother asked you to get ready for the awakening ceremony. ”

Pa! Pa!

He tapped the table twice again and receding footsteps echoed lightly from the outside. A smile that was no smile appeared on his face. He gets up quickly and cleans the room before taking a quick bath.


Al Casendra walked out of his room in a blue flowing robe. The morning breeze blew on his face, flaunting his shoulder-length black hair.

Let the show begin. He clicked his tongue and walked towards his mothers courtyard. Every maid that saw him gave a respectful bow with their best smile. However, Al Casendra didn spare a glance at them. Entering his mothers courtyard, he saw her sitting around a big table with various delicacies on top.

Sitting Beside her was a young lady, between the age of 17 to 18 years. Her beautiful oval face was full of arrogance. She raised her head and looked at Al Casendra.

”What are you doing…. Standing there like a fool ” Mariam said coldly.

”Don talk like that to your brother. Ive told you several times.. we are one family. ” Rose their mother corrects Mariam with a frown. She looked at Al Casendra and smiled.

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