In an unknown unique place where time and space didn exist, two beings, one as miniscule as a dust while the other as large as an entire universe, were present.

e really are one peculiar existence, aren you? ” Said by the universe size naked woman. She represents the very definition of the word beauty, from her appearance to her figure, every part of her is beyond comparison.

She could easily put the so-called gods and goddesses of beauty to shame.

Hearing a sudden calming words directly in his head, the young man look up.

He is a breathtakingly handsome young man, while still can be compared to the woman in front of him, he isn that far behind.

He has the looks of someone in their early twenties, his eyes were dull and is seemingly as deep as a bottomless abyss.

The young man is [Project End Nexus No.8820_former name: Kierby] an artificially modified human that been turned into a weapon whos programmed duty is to protect humanity, and its mother planet Earth at all cost while also annihilating any treat that come before it.

In response to the woman speaking in his head, No.8820 aka Kierby just gazed back without any prior response with his lackluster deadpan expression. Seeing the response she got, the woman couldn help but let out a cute and pouty expression, acting cute all of a sudden. Before letting out a deep and heavy sigh containing uncountable emotions.

Her entire figure was suddenly enveloped by a multitude of dazzling crystalline azure color starlight and cloud like essence similar to that of a nebula before her body shrink in light speed to the size comparable to that of Kierby.

Leveling Kierbys height, she pounced straight at him like a cat, giving him a firm embrace before slowly but shortly caressing his disheveled silver blue hair.

Kierby, the one receiving the unexpected affection, didn respond in the intimate contact.

Time passed by from a mere minute to hours it reached a day and weeks until his dull abyss like lifeless golden eyes shuddered considerably.

Quickly noticing this abrupt change after a month of waiting for the woman in question embraced him more tightly, a motherly love emanating from her body purifying the invisible dark crimson and gray aura surrounding him.

It didn take long before the dullness within his eyes to slowly but surely vanished completely, followed by a multicolor shine on his sclera as tears began dripping out like a waterfall.

Finally achieving her aim, the motherly beauty showed a majestic and vibrant smile that can completely overshadow the brilliant radiance a star has.

”Cry as much as you like, you have all the time in the world to let out those suppressed emotions that had been building all these years hidden in your deepest abyss of your heart. ”

After a few minutes, he finally stopped crying like a baby, he looked up staring straight at the motherly beautys dazzling multicolor eyes, a gentle smile apparent on his previously nonchalant face.

”… ”

He tried to speak while attempting a conversation but to no avail for some reason no voice came out of his mouth.

Seeing this the beauty smile caressing his head more gentler.

”Um, its been so long since the last time you have spoken a word, here, let me lend you a hand. ”

She raised her index finger shimmering in a multicolored rainbow radiance, pointing it directly at his neck.

”I thank you, kind lady. ” (Kierby)

He said with a gentle smile.

He is still confused, his memories that have been suppressed for all these years are only now beginning to reemerge like a film.

”How polite of you not so young man, hahaha. ”

She replied with her smile widening every so short.

”Uh~ by the way, may I bother you with a few questions? ” (Kierby)

Now that most of his suppressed memories have returned, there were too many questions bugging him that need answers.

Seeing the serious look in Kierbys eyes she couldn help but giggled, as too how someone this big possessed such cute features, not to say a man at that.

”You don need to be shy, you can ask anything you want to know. I am all yours. ”

”Then pardon my rudeness. May I ask where am I and whats going on? ” (Kierby)

Looking around the completely white space he couldn help but feel an instinctive fear, the entire white space gave him the feeling of nothingness as if it exists but at the same time didn .

He couldn fathom how such a thing was even possible.

”Thats right I completely forgot, sorry about that… hahaha, hahaha…! Then let me answer your first question. First and foremost this realm is called the realm of nothingness, your people called this place as negative zero dimensional space, a realm where time, space, concepts, orders and every law in existence didn exist. In simple words, this is the realm of complete nothingness; better named TRUE WHITE SPACE. It sounded confusing isn it because I am confused myself, I did not possess the exact knowledge about this realm, so I don know anything about this place except its named and how to come here. For your second question. Hmm! How should I put this? The universe you have come from [Starlight] or more specifically my body as I am Starlight is at the brink of complete annihilation, and to why Ive brought you here is because you
e the last child of mine. To simplify things to be clear, you
e the last being alive, the last survivor of the universe you cane from [Starlight]. ”

Hearing the unexpected and unbelievable answer to his questions, Kierby just nodded back without any prior drastic reaction whatsoever beside a momentary melancholic glimmer in his eyes that appear and disappear before the transcendental being in front of him could even notice.

Expecting this response from Kierby the beauty or so-called Starlight, the very universe he is born from felt a small pain in her heart.

She wasn hurt by the fact that he ignored the fact that his home universe; her body, is on the brink of annihilation.

She was hurt because of what the young man had been put through all his life.

He was supposed to be just your not so common student attending college when out of nowhere drastic changes began occurring not just in Earth but throughout the whole universe where she had no control over. These drastic changes brought both benefits and pain for every living being in every celestial bodies.

A malicious energy that has the power to corrupt and change the very concepts, laws, and order of the entire universe the [Primordial Ruination] an enigmatic higher tier form of energy overshadowing even the Tier 10 source energy of Starlight Universe. [Primordial Ruination] power was overwhelming even with her infinite reserves of source energy, she can only stall for time pointlessly, unable to completely erase or seal the corrupting malignant energy.

Because of the sudden anomaly brought by the changes of the [Primordial Ruination] wake, every form of energy in the universe from spirits to the very soul had undergone qualitative changes.

Strange abnormalities and nonsensical changes began happening here and there is an example of this we
e the common mans limiters shattering completely as they could now reach godhood just by experiencing unique stimulus or killing other beings absorbing their spirit and their soul energy without the need to comprehend laws and concepts.

This sudden opportunity resulted in great chaos that in turn brought devastating consequences as wars were waged here in there destroying or conquering other civilizations to strengthen themselves racing for the very top.

Earth, the planet where Kierby came from a small blue planet located in a barren galaxy is just one of the countless civilizations out there that have been put to test whether their species is destined to perish or prosper.

Ultimately, they did prosper due to the efforts of their most prominent people but for what cost? 80% of the previous population was wiped clean and as if god is making fun of their sacrifices a power race just

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