The wind gently rustling the autumn trees , the first rays of the sun gently touched the ground in the valley. On one of the trees there was a murder of crows eying the blood stained ground full of dead ninjas, neatly put next to each other.Next to them stood crowd of silent men tired of the recent battle.On the left peak of the valley stood a child not older than five overlooking the situation,with his soulless white eyes.Next to him stood a fairy tall muscular old man.He had thick snow white beard, shouder length hair with slightly receding hairline. Two scarlet markings stood above his eyes. Calmy looking below them he said.

”Kimimaro this is our fate as ninjas. Someday somewhere you will stand just like them. Dead on the ground while marching for the pure world. ” This is our fate. ”

In the solemn atmosphere he continued

”This is the life of a ninja death after death. Every day is a blessing because it maybe your last. Remember that boy and maybe you might survive. ”

After that he turned his back and continued while walking .

”We will start our return to the clan in four hours reflect on my words boy and return to the war camp. ”

The boy stood there overlooking the valley with his white eyes. In the next second a wide fire jutsu enveloped the dead bodies.

”So this is my fate huh. ”

Then he walked for the camp but one hundred meters before the camp he detoured westward reaching a calm and peaceful lake surrounded by small field of flowers.He walked on the water and sat down on one underwater stone high enough to show above the water and looked at his r

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