My reincarnation as a Snake

Evolution Chapter 4

,, A few moments earlier before Crimson could hear voice out of the river the group people that entered the forest were right now hunting some Goblins in a Goblin cave they had almost killed more than 25 Goblins and were advancing forward into the cave ”

,, Do you guys really think we should go on hunting the Goblins right now we should have reported it to the guild the moment we saw this cave but we already killed more than 20 Goblins so why not go back and report this cave ” Maria

,, Stop winning about this Maria we decided this that we would deal with this problem on our own and not involve the guild in this so lets stop talking and continue hunting these Goblins ” Simon

,, The remaining three members decided to listen to their group leader Simon and continued going on into the cave without considering the dangers they followed their team leader blindly ”

,, Back at the present at Crimsons place right now he was leaning a little bit at the water surface and was looking at the group of 3 people that were bloody wounded running away from Goblins ”

,, Watch out Alex ” Maria

,, In the river Crimson could see and hear a girl warning one of her teammate but it was to late before the Man could react he was stabt by one of the Goblins holding a sword and died on the spot after the person died the two remaining people didn even look back but you could see that one of them was very sad about the death of her teammate ”

,, After the Goblins killed one of the people they didn even stop at harvest the corpses like in the novels I read but the continued hunting the remaining two people ”

,, Maria help me don run so fast, I know its my fault for all this to happen but don leave me here ” Simon

,, Right now Crimson could hear the other man shouting at the girl to help him because she was running so fast on like him who was really slow and was about to get killed by the Goblins ”

,, The girl turned around and looked at the men for a few seconds whiles she was running but she didn respond to him and ignored him she even continued running faster ”

,, You Fuck*** Bit*** don ignore me ” Simon

,, Crimson saw that the men was starting to lose his temperament and was cursing the girl whiles walking he couldn take it that the girl was ignoring him ”

,, You ***** Bit*** if I am going to die today then I am going to take your life with me ” Simon

,, After he said that a fireball manifest above his hands and he threw it with all his remaining strength at the girl at the exact same moment he threw the fireball a sword pierced his neck and he died ”

,, The girl also couldn react in time and so the fireball spell hit her and she was sent flying into the river at where Crimson was if you looked at her face you could only see regret before she landed in the river ”

,, When the Goblins saw that the girl was sent flying into the river they didn go and look at her anymore they thought she was dead so when they saw that all of the people were dead the didn bother staying here anymore and went back to were they came from leaving the corpses of the people on the ground ”

,, Crimson was looking at everything from the river but he didn react because he knew if he did something wrong he would probably die he waited a few minutes when he saw that the Goblins left and didn come back he went on to the girl that was sent flying into the river ”

,, Oh wow she is not dead but only unconscious thats something after receiving such a heavy attack ” Crimson

,, After Crimson confirmed that she is not dead he pulled her out of the water with his four fangs so that she wouldn drown afterwards he went to the two corpses of the two people who were with the girl and pulled them near the girl ”

,, Now that I think about it maybe I should eat these two corpses they would be rather useful to me even though I was previously a human now I would probably feel nothing when I eat them and they would benefit me to one of them has an Affinity for Fire ”

,, After I thought about it a long time I decided to eat these two corpses because of how much I would gain from them when I finished thinking about all this I made my mind clear and started eating the first corpses I decided to keep the fire Affinity user for later ”

,, It didn take long before I finished eating the whole corpse, when I finished I started to feel much energy in my body basically it was to much thats when I saw the system nonfiction ”

– Consumed –

– Human swordsman – 2st Tier ( Peak Stage)

– Error-

– Corpses contains to much energy system turning some into points-

– Obtain –

– Bloodline – Human ( 25 %)

– 1000 Points –

– Ability – Language compression

,, When that nonfiction stopped Crimson was totally shocked he didn know what happened but he could feel that he got really strong he didn wait long and called his Status ”

-Name = Crimson Silverstar –

-Race = Black Snake –

-Rank = 1st Tier – Mortal Grade (Peak Stage 3 )

-Bloodline = Black Snake (100 %), Blue Fish ( 100%), Human (25%),

-Affinity = Dark, Low Water

-Ability = Bite, Eater, Underwater Breathing, Language compression,

Points: 1031


,, When he saw his Status he completely forgot everything around him he basically just hit the jackpot he broke through to the next stage he got 1000 points and a new ability that was basically overwhelming It had only been the second day he was born or basically the second day he was in this world ”

– Language compression –

– This ability let you speak and understand human language because host is a beast host can also understand other Race languages-

,, Crimson was very excited right now when he so the information on the ability he knew he hit the jackpot firstly he was very happy that he could speak with someone now and wouldn have to do these damm shhhh sounds and secondly he didn know how to deal wish the girl when she woke up but now he could speak with her ”

,, Now that I think about it i have to find a place where I could put her and this corps because its gonna get dark soon..oh man where should I put them I can pull them into my tunnel because its not so big for a human to fit i have it ”

,, After Crimson thought of an idea he opened the store tab and searched for sub space and he only found one or basically the system didn show him all because he couldn afford it ”

– Store –

– 1031 Points –

– Cultivation Space – 1000 Points –

– The Cultivation space is a space were you can Cultivate your rank or store things you can Cultivate 2 times faster and better than outside this space can be upgraded with points –

,, When Crimson saw the information and prices for this space his health dropped instantly..oh man this system is such a cheater I only got 1000 points right now but it wants it all ”

,, Crimson thought about it for a long time but he saw that it was getting darker and he wouldn find a better place so he he decided to buy the cultivation space even though he was unwilling and just like that he lost 1000 points ”

– Obtained-

– Cultivation Space –

,, After he bought it he could see the Cultivation Space in his Status so he thought about it and thats when a space portal appeared near him ”

,, So I guess inside there is my Cultivation Space now that I think about I can just sleep inside there and don have to sleep in my tunnel anymore after I thought a little about it I dragged the girl with my four fangs into the Cultivation Space ”

,, When I appeared inside the Cultivation Space it looked like a cube but well it was very big and the whole place was like inside a white cube but I didn bother much with it because I still had to pull the other persons corps in here and so I went out and pulled him inside the Cultivation Space ”

,, Now that I realize it the energy inside this place is much denser than outside the second thing I also noticed is that when I come inside the Cultivation Space the portal dissappears I have to think about it before it appears so if I didn want anyone to enter no one could enter that was so practical Righ now I felt great ”

,, After i finished thinking about all that I went to check on the unconscious girl I could see that she was still breathing so I wasn worried much I was only concerned about the wound she got from the fireball spell it burnt half of her back ”

,, I guess I am going to buy her a potion from the store to heal her back if I can even buy one with the amount of points I have left ”

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