My reincarnation as a Snake

First Points Chapter 2

t was still dark outside and yes it was the moon was disappearing little by little from the sky but the sun wasn fully out yet so he crawled back inside in his sleeping bag and was looking into the store ”

,, Right now he was looking at Mortal Body Refinement pills inside his store ”

– Store –

– 21 Points –

– 1st Tier – Mortal Grade ( Early Stage) Pill – 20 Points –

– 1st Tier – Mortal Grade ( Mid Stage )Pill – 40 Points –

– 1st Tier – Mortal Grade (Peak Stage)Pill – 80 Points –

,, Oh..hahaha..thats something the system didn even bother showing me the other pills because I could bearly afford one of the pills it showed me ”

,, Well who cares if I can afford them right now I am going to get stronger in the future and buy lots of these Pills after I encouraged myself a little I purchased the first pill with the 20 points I had left ”

,, After I purchased the pill it appeared before me within a glas bottle it had a very nice smell it smelled like cherry I couldn help myself to be fascinated from how well it smelled ”

,, A few minutes later after being fascinating of the smell I threw the glass bottle over and swallowed the pill down, After I swallowed the pill down I could feel the energy in my body rising I guided the energy through my body and I could feel my power rising I could even see multiple screens appearing but I ignored them and continued concentrating ”

,, When I came back to myself a few hours later I could see that my tunnel was bright again from the sunlight so I musst have cultivated my body some hours ”

,, Status ”

-Name = Crimson Silverstar –

-Race = Black Snake –

-Rank = 1st Tier – Mortal Grade (Mid Stage )

-Bloodline = Black Snake (100 %), Blue Fish ( 100%),

-Affinity = Dark, Low Water

-Ability = Bite, Eater, Underwater Breathing,

Points: 1


,, No way I broke through a small rank thanks to the Pill the effect is so great and it doesn even taste like medicine thats awesome ”


,, Right in the same forest as Crimson there was a group of people that were wandering in forest and killing every beast that came there way ”

,, At Crimson place right now he was still admiring the effect of the Pill he bought after a few minutes he calmed himself down and started preparing his plan for today ”

,, Today he was going to try to swim in the water now that he couldn drown anymore and he also wanted to explore the forest a little that was his goal for today so after he confirmed everything about his plans today he started moving out of the tunnel into the direction of the river ”

,, After a few seconds he arrived at the same river as yesterday he looked around for some time and then he bounced of from the ground into the river ”

,, At first it was really hard getting the hang out of it how to move forward in the water but after a few minutes it felt as if I was born in the water I guessed it had something to do with my Bloodline as a Blue Fish I thought about it for a moment before I dismissed it and continued trying to hunt the fishes for points ”

,, A few minutes later I started to get the hang out of it basically I knew how to hunt in the water now I caught my first fish in the water and killed it after that the screen popped up again ”

– Blue Fish – 0st Tier – Killed

– 1 Points –

,, As I thought I don gain much points for killing beast that are weaker than me at first I got 2 points for killing these fishes now that I broke through I only get one point thats so annoying now I have to hunt more fishes to get more points ”

,, After Crimson thought about all this he started to continue hunting more fishes now he was in the river and could swim he could hunt the fishes easy without any problems, a few hours later he had killed 29 fishes and had 31 points ”

,, Now that he killed so many fishes the remaining fishes didn give him a chance anymore all of them swam away from were his tunnel was after he saw that all the fishes left he was about to get out of the river, at this moment he heard a something outside of the River some kind of voice ”

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