My reincarnation as a Snake

First Points Chapter 2

,, On a sunny Monday a boy was walking down the street he was wearing a blue school uniform and he had a black backpack on his back ”

,, The boys name was Crimson Silverstar he was a average 18 year old boy he was nothing special, like every other Monday today he was walking along the streets on the way to his school ”

,, When he was walking along the street he saw a young female kid maybe 8 to 10 years old the kid was also walking on the same street as him ”

,, Oh man why would his parents let him walk alone on the street aren they afraid, that something is going to happen to him well now its not my problem ” Crimson thoughts

,, After Crimson thought that he didn bother with the kid anymore and continued walking along the street he had to hurry up our he would arrive at school late ”

,, Crimson was right now waiting for a opportunity to cross the road the little Kid was there with him they were waiting for the cars to stop so that they could cross the road ”

,, After a few minutes of waiting the cars finally stopped and he and the little girl took the chance to walk across the road when they were still crossing the road Crimson saw a car driving at full speed at them it didn look like he was going to wait for them to cross the road Crimson was about to ran faster to the other side when he saw the little kid behind him the kid had also saw that the car was coming very fast at them at this critical moment he couldn move his body he was in shock ”

,, When Crimson saw that he was thinking about what to do he could walk away alone and be safe our he could carry the kid with him to the other side he thought a few seconds about it before he finally decided to safe the kid he went to the kid and carried her in his arms after that he tried to ran as fast as he could but it was to late the car was already nearby they couldn ran away anymore as Crimson saw this he looked at the kid in his hands before the car could hit him he threw the kid a little further away from him were the care couldn hit her ”

,, Exactly after he did that the car crashed into him ”

,, It hurts so freaking much ” Crimson thoughts

,, So much blood looks like I am going to die as a normal 18 year old student without a girlfriend ” Crimson thoughts

,, After he thought all that his consciousness started fading slowly he died on the spot without knowing if the girl survived ”

,, What happen why can i see anything whats going on why do I feel so little and why can I move whats this why do I feel as if slime was everywhere on my body I feel as if I was in a very small place ”

,, I struggled and struggled trying to break free from the small place I was in and after a few minutes of doing so it worked I could see a faint light coming from were I tried to break free so I continued ”

,, A few minutes later I was free I wasn in the small space I was before it looked like as if I was in a dark tunnel and at the entrance of the tunnel was sunlight I looked around me thats when I saw a white shell of a small broken egg with a slime like substance ”

,, Wow thats something why does this egg look so big that can be right…wait a moment ”

,, Could it be that I catched from the egg omg thats so hilarious that can be don tell me after I died I got reincarnated but not as a humen but some kind of animal no way I can believe it this can be happening thats why I felt so small ”

,, I should keep my cool for now it won do me any good if I can keep myself calm so what kind of creature am I now ”

,, When I was thinking about what kind of animal or creature I was it finally hit me that I had no hands and no legs I had a mouth but I couldn talk when I opened my mouth and tried to talk I could only see a long tongue coming out of my mouth and doing weird sounds like..Shhhh.. ”

,,Thats when I tried to look at my body from the back and what I saw that I had dark black scales on my body thats when I finally confirmed that I really was no human anymore I was a snake now I died trying to save a girl and reincarnated as a Snake in a different world who would have thought that all does things that happen in novels would happen to me Oh man I should do the best in my new life maybe when I am strong enough I can go back ”

,, Its not like anyone is waiting for me anyway I am an orphan after all Oh well now maybe I can see my status like in the novels I read well there is no harm trying ”

,, Status ”

-Name = Crimson Silverstar –

-Race = Black Snake –

-Rank = 1st Tier – Mortal Grade (Early Stage)

-Bloodline = Black Snake (100 %),

-Affinity = Dark

-Ability = Bite, Eater,

Points: 0


,, Well now there is no use denying it anymore I have lost my humanity now I am a black snake..right now I can even be happy to have system ”

,,A few moments ago I was just an average 18 year old student mining my own business now I have become a snake …I really have bad luck ”

,, I guess my name is still the same thats reassuring it would have been really annoying if I didn have a name anymore well it looks like in this world there is magic and I have a Affinity for dark magic thats something ”

,, It looks like there are ranks in this world and I am a 1st Tier Mortal Grade ( Early Stage) well I don know much about this world but if its like the novels I read than here in this world I only need power to survive here in this world ”

,, There is also a Bloodline tab in my status if I am guessing correct than only beast have Bloodline well I could say everything besides humans have a Bloodline well it looks like I am a pure black snake with 100% Black Snake Bloodline ”

,, When I was in thoughts thinking about my two abilities a new sreen appeared with the information of my abilities ”


– This ability allows you to eat a Monster and get some of its powers Bloodline and abilities –

,, I wasn really thinking about what the ability Bite could do so maybe thats why I didn get any informations but well I can already guess what it does ”

,, But my ability eater must be a special ability because I personally think its to overpowered but good for me I guess well it looks like becoming a snake effected my mindset I can even be happy to receive such an amazing ability ”

,, After I finished looking at my status I looked inside the store tab of my system well I found out I could basically buy everything if I had points but right now I didn even have points and I didn even know how to obtain points so basically the store was useless right now ”

,, When I finished everything about the system I could see that the light that was coming from outside into the tunnel it was still bright so I thought that maybe it was still afternoon so I started moving towards the light with my snake like body , when I was moving forward I didn even feel pain even thought i was sliding on the ground with my new body ”

,, In a few seconds I was at the entrance of the tunnel I was quite fast when I looked outside of the tunnel I could see that I was near a river and I could see trees everywhere I was probably somewhere in a forest well I didn know much about this world so I couldn know with forest it was ”

,, I looked around a little to see if there was any beast or animals around after a few seconds of waiting I concluded that there was nothing here so I started moving my snake like body near the river in a few seconds I was near the river and could see my new body from the reflection in the river ”

,, I could see that I had black small-scales all over on my body I had two golden eyes and four sharp fangs in my mouth I didn look like a snake from my world at all I looked liked some kind of mystical snake I was around 30 cm length ”

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