“Uh, uhhh!”

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“It’s just an arm, isn't it?”


‘It's just an arm.’

Only one drop of water had passed through one of the hunter’s arms, but he was rattling as if it would fall right away.
He swallowed a scream and grabbed his arm.
Terrible pain followed, but if he didn’t grab onto his arm, it felt like his arm would fall off at any moment.


'This is boring.'


Seon-woo split the water droplets into smaller pieces and lowered the temperature.
He didn't even notice the condition of the other hunters around him right now.
He just wanted to quickly meet the person who was in the interrogation room.


For the outside world, it was reported that the portal had opened after the second generation of missing persons returned, but this was not true.
The portal has existed since the first generation of missing people.


The first portal was created when the first generation of missing persons disappeared.
The portal did not spit out any monsters, but no one could go in.
While the government was researching the first portal, the second generation of missing people appeared, returning through a new portal.


After that, a large number of portals were created, but vomited monsters instead of people.
Naturally occurring awakeners began to appear.
Even after that point of time, the purpose of the first portal was still unknown.


As soon as Seon-woo found out about the first portal, he planted a person in the Hunter Association.
And they began to spy on the first portal that the government had been hiding.
He was anxious that his missing brother would come back by chance.
Or even a person who knew him might show up.


Seon-woo waited 10 years like that.
But today, new information arrived.
A person had come out of that portal.
As soon as he heard the news, Seon-woo headed to the Hunter Association without hesitation.



Seon-woo was only eleven years old when his older brother passed away.
Growing up without his parents, his older brother was his only family.
But his older brother disappeared overnight.
At first, he couldn't believe it.
He didn't want to believe it.
So, he went looking for his brother.
Even when he went to an orphanage.
Even when he was taken to the Demon realm.
Even when he came back, and established a guild, he still continued.
He kept going till he found him again

He was desperate, and searched for him endlessly.
And now, even after a long time, he still had hope.


“Well, if you don’t want to talk, don’t.”


He would kill them all and go find him.
Without any hindrance.
He did not consider any protests that would come later from the Hunter Association.
The drops of water that had stayed on his hand split into dozens then hundreds and hovered over the air.


It looked beautiful on the outside, but it would not be so in the end.


“I-I will tell you everything.”


It was already too late.
Seon-woo looked at them with a bored expression.
He must find his brother quickly, but he wasted his precious time because of these bastards.
So, he thought of shortening the time now.
The tension grew, but at that moment, the opposite wall burst and Moo-hyuk arrived.


“When are you going to stop?”


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“What if I don’t want to stop?”


“We will respond by force.”


A flame began to burn in Moo-hyuk's hand.
The two had a bad relationship.
He dealt with fire, an opposing element to Seon-woo.
Was it because of that? But, how come he ran into a situation at a time like this?


As water from one side clashed with the fire from the other that began to burn even brighter, the complexion of the hunters of the Hunter Association in the middle only turned white.
Apparently today was Memorial Day.


“Wait for a minute.”


Moo-hyuk pushed Hyeon-woo into another room and closed the door.


'Something seems to have happened.'


Hyeon-woo tapped his chin with his finger and put his hand on the door.
He was quiet, and didn’t leave as he was provided something to eat, but his reason to leave this place slowly returned when he was full.
Was he really needed to be tied up here? The answer was no.


‘I have to find my brother too.'




As soon as Hyeon-woo slapped his hand on the door lightly, the thick iron gate fell apart.


'That was easy enough.'


Hyeon-woo shook his hand a little and headed to the place where the commotion was occurring.
He was only going to check what was going on before he left this place.
Behind him, Kerberos followed eagerly, panting.
It bothered him.
When Hyeon-woo grabbed him by the nape, he barked at him.


“Kee-ing kee-ing!”


“Yes, yes.”


Hyeon-woo walked out of the hallway.
It wasn't difficult for him to find the room he had come from.
Because the only thing Moo-hyuk did was run in a straight line while holding Hyeon-woo.
When he looked inside through the open wall, he said some words, as if exclaiming.


“This is bullshit.”



The two tall men and the hunters who were facing each other, looked back at the direction of the voice at once.

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‘The tall man was the Moo-hyuk I had met earlier, and the other?’


‘I don’t know.
I don't know, but he’s strangely familiar.
It's definitely the first time I've seen him though.’


So Hyeon-woo asked straightforwardly.


“Who are you?”


At the same time, all the water floating in the air fell to the floor.
Then the familiar man started walking slowly towards Hyeon-woo.


'Damn, your face looks really good.'


If Moo-hyuk had a warm-hearted appearance of a man, the other man was more like a beautiful doll.
But that didn’t mean he was feminine.
He was tall and had a pretty solid body.


‘But he's really familiar.’


Since Moo-hyuk said he was 25 years old earlier, it seems like 10 years had passed in Earth's time.
Then that man was a person who knew his face.


'I don’t know.'


Hyeon-woo blinked slowly as he looked at the man approaching him.
His eyes were stinging.
If he behaved in his usual temper, he would have poked his eyeballs earlier, asking where he got his eyes coloured like that.
But, he strangely did not want to do that to this man.


“Ji Hyeon-woo.”


The man knelt in front of Hyeon-woo.
The floor was dirty and messy, but he didn't seem to care at all.


“How do you know my name?”


“There’s no way I wouldn’t know.”


The man rolled his eyes and smiled.
Then, immediately, tears began to fall from his eyes.
The sight of a crying beauty was so intense, that Hyeon-woo unconsciously stretched out his hand and wiped away his tears.


“You are still kind too.”


‘Do you think I am kind?’ It was a creepy thing to say (keeping in mind that Hyeon-woo is very scary and not at all kind).
Kerberos, still held by the nape of his neck, could feel his body trembling.



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‘Who are you?’ Just as Hyeon-woo was about to ask that question again, the man carefully grabbed his hand that had wiped his tears away and he said, “Hyung.”


Hearing that friendly voice calling him, He remembered a little boy from 10 years ago.


“Ji Seon-woo?”


‘My soft, and lovely little brother.’




10 years had gone by in Earth time.
Decades had gone by in Demon Realm time.
But Hyeon-woo has never cried through that period of time.
He left his little brother on Earth, but would only clench his teeth even when his heart broke every time.


He said he would somehow return to Earth alive.
Until then, as he endured, and never cried, his emotions gradually died out.
Even if his leg was broken or his arm was torn off, he could fight with a smile.


But now he did.
His eyes were blurred with tears.
It was blurry and he couldn't see clearly.
This shouldn't be the case (his eyes should be able to see clearly).
He had to look at Seon-woo properly.
Hyeon-woo wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.
It looked like his eyes were broken.
Tears didn't stop flowing.


“Seon-woo, are you really Seon-woo?”




Tears burst out again at the answer.


“Why, why are you crying?”


This time, Seon-woo wiped Hyeon-woo's eyes.
It was a man's hand that he thought big before, but now it felt different.
Seon-woo was still his only little brother.
Hyeon-woo placed his hand over the hand that wiped his tears.


Kerberos, who he had been holding in his hand the whole time, had long since fallen to the floor.
Fortunately, Kerberos landed properly on the ground with his legs, but opened his eyes wide.


‘Oh my gosh! That madman is crying!’ Kerberos thought Hyeon-woo was a human without blood or tears.
Kerberos put his small ass on the floor and looked up at Hyeon-woo, who was spilling in tears.


It wasn't just Kerberos, who was suspicious.
The Hunters and Moo-hyuk, who were in the same space, were also looking at Seon-woo, with suspicion in their eyes.
‘Oh my gosh! That Ji Seon-woo is on his knees and crying! Is that person not actually Ji Seon-woo? Or was it all just an illusion now?’




Moo-hyuk even tried to injure his own hand.
However, the situation in front of him did not change.
Seon-woo was still on his knees crying non-stop.

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Hyeon-woo shed tears for a while, then knelt on the floor like Seon-woo.




I'm really sorry, Seon-woo.”


Seon-woo's heart grew cold at Hyeon-woo's apologetic words.
He doesn’t understand why his older brother apologized.
A cold wind blew through his heart, thinking only of his older brother the whole time.
Maybe, Hyung didn't want to be with him?




‘Why are you apologizing?’ At the moment Seon-woo was about to continue his question, Hyeon-woo continued.


“I said I would be by your side.”


He couldn’t.
How did his younger brother, who was only 11 years old, grow up in this harsh world? On the day his parents died, he made a promise to protect this delicate being from all the scars of the world, but then left him alone for 10 years.


“I’m sorry I broke my promise.”


Even if Seon-woo couldn't forgive him, he wouldn't say anything.
(as in if he doesn’t forgive him, Hyeon-woo was okay with it).



‘You're still kind.’ That was an exaggeration to begin with.



After hearing Hyeon-woo's words, Seon-woo was relieved.
While they were apart, he had been thinking of Seon-woo too.
He hasn't forgotten him, and he felt guilty of himself as the years passed.


While he was struggling with the waves of emotion that were flowing out from meeting his older brother, he was confident in his calculations.
So, it wasn't Hyeon-woo’s fault.



Credits:Translator: Hoshi MiyaEditor/Proofreader: Davine


THIS SCENE!!!! was the one I awaited for~


Really love him for dramatically crying but it's so good.

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