The fairy, who was hanging upside down, screamed.


“Save me, save me! You cannot do this! This is a breach of contract.”


He screamed desperately, but now there was no one here to help the fairy.


“Please let me go!”






The fairy whimpered and shouted the name of the demon that lay languidly in front of him.


“If you want to be released, tell me where Hyeon-woo went.”


Although the portal has been opened, it is still an area you can’t go to.
Albert-sama can’t go!”


“I decide whether to go or not.”





The fairy fluttered while being tied up.


‘I’m sorry!’


However, no matter how wildly he ran, reality did not change.
His master would not care much if one or two fairies disappeared.
Because there were so many fairies.
Wouldn’t it be better to tell him than to suffer endless torture like this? The fairy wept.




It was Do-jin who returned to the Seon-Hyeon Guild first.
As soon as he arrived, he was greeted by Chan-young, who had dark eyes, and Hyeon-woo, who looked more comfortable than him.


“You are here.”


“I’m back?”


Hyeon-woo rubbed his eyes and greeted him.
Seeing Hyeon-woo like this, Do-jin stopped for a moment.
It was because he wasn’t used to being welcomed by someone.
Ever since Ye-won disappeared, no one had welcomed him with the slightest bit of interest.


“It was hard, wasn’t it?”


Do-jin took a step back without realizing that Hyeon-woo was approaching him.
Then, Hyeon-woo came closer.
There was a grim look on his face as he approached.



“Why are you running away?”


Run away? He thought of running away? He had to say no, but his mouth didn’t open.


“Come here.
It was hard, so take a break.”


Then, he tapped the sofa.
He was drawn to the gesture and lay down on the sofa, when he put a blanket over him.
Hyeon-woo was wearing it the whole time, so he could feel his scent in the softness.
Do-jin didn’t know what expression to make.


Seeing the two of them, Chan-young sighed in relief.
Now that there was someone to protect Hyeon-woo, he would only have to deal with the American Guild, who occasionally came and fought them.


‘Things are weird.’


Chan-young didn’t know if Seon-woo or Do-jin noticed.
How many years had he been serving as a Deputy Guild Leader? In the meantime, the one who had good eyes for these things found it difficult to handle everything on his own.


‘Guild leader, please come back soon.’


Chan-young could only beg and pray again and again.


Fortunately, a few days later, Seon-woo arrived.
At the same time, the American Guilds, who had been roasting Chan-young, no longer came.
Although it freed him from the horrific entertainment, it was now time to point out the questionable part.


“Then you mean that no one has been by his side all this time?”



Seon-woo heard from Chan-young what had happened and put his hand on his forehead.
Fortunately, his Hyung was unharmed, but if anything had happened, he would have regretted it greatly.
Therefore, Seon-woo’s eyes looked at Chan-young as he calmed himself down.
He knew he couldn’t help it, but his heart wouldn’t let it slip.


“Phoenix Guild.”


If the Guardian Guild meant justice in America, the Phoenix Guild was a little different.
It was more inclined to personal interest than to establish justice.
Therefore, the overall image of the Guardian Guild was much better than the Phoenix Guild.


“The only ones who came to visit were the Phoenix Guild, but people from the Guardian Guild and the Orochi Guild were also seen around the guild.”


Several prominent guilds were witnessed, but it was no coincidence.
It was obvious that he was trying to get in touch with the first generation in some way.


“Isn’t there anything else?”


“It is said that the team leader has also found some other suspicious saint.”


“Did you find out who it was?”


“I haven’t figured it out yet, but I guess it’s a domestic person.”


Upon hearing that, an organization immediately came to mind.
The Hunter Administration.
The clues that had been separated began to come together.


‘Kim Cheol-su.’


He was the current director of the Hunter Administration.
To be precise, he was a great person who could work with foreign countries for his own gain.
If the dungeons in Kenya were the cause of the Phoenix Guild and the domestic dungeons by the Hunter Administration, then everything made sense.


His Hyung didn’t want anything big.
He just said he wanted to rest quietly.
They were the ones they should be angry at for daring to try such a thing.
They probably had wondered what power he had.


He was originally just slightly displeased with the Hunter Administration, but now even a bad feeling had arisen.


‘You have to think.’


This time it passed safely, but there was no way it would be like that in the future.
So, in order to protect his Hyung, he had to have a bit more power.
Whether it be influence or power.


Seon-woo took a deep breath.
And he let his feelings sink down there.
Because it was time to meet his Hyung soon.




As soon as he saw Hyeon-woo running warmly, Seon-woo embraced him.




From now on, he thought that he would never break down.
Since they had been apart for 10 years, He thought that this period of time would be okay, but he was mistaken.


‘While I couldn’t see you, I thought I was going crazy because I missed and missed you’.


Seon-woo neatly ignored Do-jin, who greeted him from behind, and enjoyed the greetings between his Hyung.
He clung onto Hyeon-woo’s back, trying not to fall.



“Ughoo, I’m still young.”


Hyeon-woo was casually wallowing around with his younger brother, one head bigger than himself.
But that was only one day.
Seon-woo had a lot of work to do, so he couldn’t just stick with it any longer.


“Can’t you rest?”


Even though it was sad to say, Seon-woo only shook his head.


“Because I’m the Guild Leader.
It is necessary.”


Seon-woo had no intention of leaving this position.
It would be nice to hang out with his Hyung.
He would be happy.
But what if there was danger? Seon-woo was strong, but there were limits to what an individual could solve.
There were some things that could only be solved by a group of people.


“I’m sorry too.”



Seon-woo, who looked back at his affectionate face several times, returned to his daily life.
So, the time he spent with Do-jin naturally increased.


“You said, Do-jin-ssi, was also a guild leader.
Is it okay to stay here?”


“It’s okay.
As usual, most of my work was handled by the Deputy Guild Leader.”


Was that really okay?

“Then, what if the guild got stolen by the Deputy Guild Leader?”

Did he think too negatively? Hyeon-woo laid down and stared at Do-jin.


“It’s really fine.
I was going to give up the Guild Leader position anyway.”


“Isn’t it a guild that you built up with difficulty?”


“I have accomplished my purpose, so I don’t need it anymore.”


The way he spoke seemed relentlessly cold in some way.
As he blinked at his unexpected answer, Do-jin further explained as if he had noticed him.


“Even without me, the guild will run well.
If it’s a path that is maintained by one person’s strength, it might be better without me.”


“I don’t think so.”


As he got to know Do-jin, he felt that he was a person he could rely on in many ways.
And he was also a good man.
He didn’t know why he was saying that.


At Hyeon-woo’s words, Do-jin looked down at him quietly.
There was an awkward atmosphere for a moment.
Well, it must be strange for a third party to intervene if he said that.
Even knowing that, the words that went out were different from what he thought.


“Ye-won Noona said that her oppa was a very kind person.”


“A good person.”


Do-jin’s expression darkened.


“I don’t know if I am a good person.”




“Ye-won was a kind and affectionate child.
So I tried my best to become an oppa who was not to be ashamed of for Ye-won.”


“Then, your efforts paid off.
Ye-won Noona never once said anything bad about her Oppa.
She is nice, sweet and kind.”


He repeated the formula he had said many times.


“She said that her Oppa’s such a perfect person.”


“Did Ye-won really say that?”




Do-jin lowered his head and covered his face with his hands.


“Those are undeserved statements.
To me.”


His voice was no longer heard after that.
And Do-jin kept his mouth shut.
Hyeon-woo didn’t say any more.
He just reached out and touched Do-jin’s knee as if to comfort him.





Seon-woo was full of dissatisfaction.
He returned early, and because he tried to turn down as many events in the schedule as possible, what welcomed him was a mountain of work.
He felt like he wanted to be by his Hyung’s side, but there were some things they couldn’t solve without him.
So, he was forced to go downstairs.


Even at this time, Hyung must be with Han Do-jin.
He didn’t like it, but he couldn’t help it.
It was best to finish the job as soon as possible and go back to his Hyung’s side.


Seon-woo was busy working with that in mind, and later, the secretary announced that a guest had arrived.




There shouldn’t be any guests to come now.
Maybe the Phoenix Guild came to reveal the truth again.
Seon-woo got up from his seat and adjusted his clothes.
At this opportunity, he was about to give a firm warning.
However, the person who came to visit was not what Seon-woo thought he was.


“Choi Moo-hyuk.”


It was Choi Moo-hyuk from the Hunter Administration.


“Send him up.”


– Yes.


Not long after that, Choi Moo-hyuk visited the Guild Leader’s room.




“I can’t greet you right now.
What are you here for?”


Seon-woo reacted sensitively.
It was only natural because he belonged to the Hunter Administration, which he suspected to have done a strange thing that had happened recently.
They weren’t on good terms either.

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