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When Hyeon woo turned his head to the place where he could feel the gaze, he saw CCTV.
Someone was looking at him through the lens.
He felt bad as he was preparing to destroy the walls.
Unlike the Demon Realm, here on Earth you cannot do that.
Hyeon woo sat down on the floor and waited for someone to come.




A small warmth clung to Hyeon-woo's leg.
A black and fluffy little puppy.
At first glance, it resembles Earth's Pomeranian.


“What are you?”


The big eyes are somehow familiar.
It didn't take long for the memory to come to his mind.


“Oh, Kero.”


Kerberos, who was with him all the time in the Demon Realm.




As Hyeon woo seemed to recognize it, Kerberos got excited and flapped his front foot.
But why is he so small? Why are his other heads? ‘You've gotten so small that now I can't even hit it by mistake.’ So, he hugged him.


A small, warm body was gently clung to his body.
It was a feeling he didn't want to let go of.
So, while holding Cerberus silently, the wall suddenly opened, and several people appeared.


They were fully armed and holding guns, and approached Hyeon woo carefully, looking at him as if he was a dangerous being.
The black hair and the skin at first glance were that of an Asian.
Hearing their voices, this was not China or Japan.


‘It’s Korea.’


Fortunately, the fairy did not make a mistake in sending Hyeon woo back.


“Don't move!”


People, he hasn’t seen in a long time, were really rude.
How long has it been since he saw these kinds of people? Unknowingly, his hand trembled (with the urge to hit them in their faces, is what that meant).


‘Let’s build a good relationship.’


“Hello, how are you?”

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A man calmly greeted Hyeon woo.


“My name is Choi Moo-hyuk from the Hunter Management Bureau.”


Choi Moo-hyuk.
A flowering(growing) S-class hunter that the Hunter Administration is proud of.
Many of the conditions they proposed to attract S-class hunters were still being talked about here and there.
A lot of wealth and power.
However, they did not regret having brought Moo-hyuk here.
Afterall, he was doing his job well.


“What is your name?”


At Moo-hyuk's question, Hyeon-woo threw his name out loud.


“Ji Hyeon-woo.”


That was the first conversation he had with humans after he returned to Earth.


“It’s cold here, so shall we go to another place and talk?”


And then, Moo-hyuk held out his hand.
He seemed to have no boundaries at all.
Hyeon-woo stared at his hand, then stood up from his seat.
(Without taking his hand)


“Let’s go.” (Moo-hyuk)


Moo-hyuk took the lead with an awkward smile.
The changed place was a lot better than the first, but there is no difference in terms of how closed it was.
The room had no windows, only a large front glass.


Behind the front glass, people were standing and looking at this place.
Slowly, he started feeling worse.
‘Should I try to escape?’


They knew as to why they were doing this.
Because he was the only first-generation returnee to return.
They would be suspicious and were curious about him.
But there was no reason for Hyeon woo to care for them.
His hand touched the heavy desk in front of him.


Seeing him, Kerberos stooped and stepped back.
He knew what was going to happen, so he stepped back.
And just as Hyeon woo was about to escape, Moo-hyuk pushed a glass in front of Hyeon woo.


“I don't drink coffee.
Give me something else.” (Hyeon-woo)


Moo-hyuk asked with a dazed expression.


“You don't like coffee.
So, what do you want me to do?”

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“Fruit juice.”


“Please wait a moment.”


Suddenly, a hand (like the crawly ones in the toy machine, maybe more advanced to take the coffee cup) that was under the desk came up.
And after waiting a while, the closed door opened, and fruit juice came in.
It was strawberry juice.
Hyeon-woo's heart throbbed violently.
He hadn't starved since he got stronger, but that was it.
The food in the Demon Realm tasted all the same and it was only enough to fill his stomach.
But strawberries! Strawberry juice.


A trembling hand grabbed the glass of juice.
And a sip.
The sour-sweet taste wrapped around his tongue.
Yes, this is delicious! Hyeon-woo was delighted as he drank strawberry juice sparingly.


“Do you like juice?”


Hyeon-woo chose to immerse himself in strawberry juice instead of answering.


“Do you want more?”


Moo-hyuk asked kindly.
It was because his thin and small body aroused sympathy.
Besides the fact that it was beautiful (why…/ he did he just call it beautiful?), his body was too thin to be strong.



Hyeon-woo shucked his head violently.
He doesn't know how many juice glasses he emptied like that.
He drank enough juice to fill himself up, and he felt very tired.
(kinda like sleepy, when you eat a lot)


‘Okay, I will take special care of this matter.’ (Hyeon-woo)


He changed his mind to deal with this in moderation rather than play escape.
All because of the fantastic juice taste.


“Then I'll ask you a few questions.”


Moo-hyuk said and pushed the plates of cookies in front of him.
After juice, it’s sweets! (He is sweet like a young child, www~) His mouth was strong (to eat more stuff).
Hyeon woo ate the cookies while tasting them slowly.
It was for saving.
The sweet thing he hadn't tasted in a long time took away his thoughts from his mind.


“Your name is Ji Hyeon-woo?”


Hyeon-woo nodded his head.


“Your Age is twenty-five years old?”


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Again, he nodded.
Actually, he doesn’t remember his age.
It was because the flow of the Demon Realm was different from Earth and faster.


“Do you have a family?”


He nodded.
‘Yes, my little, young, and lovely little brother, Ji Seon-woo.
Does the child resent his older brother who did not keep his promise?’ He cried a bit.
Just thinking about it made his heart ache.
At the same time, he was scared.
(As to seeing him again, for the broken promise)


He feared that his one and only loving family would hate him, having him back.
With the thought of his younger brother, He continued to struggle through the demon realm.
It was also true that he broke the promise that he said he would keep and always be by his side.


“Do you think that family is alive?”


The moment Moo-hyuk opens his mouth again, Bang! A loud sound was heard.
The sound didn't end with just one.
thud! thud! thud! It echoed several times and came closer and closer to this place.
Moo-hyuk put his hand on his forehead.
He tried to prevent the news from leaking as much as possible, but that seemed to have failed.


Moo-hyuk clutched his teeth together.


“Let’s move to another place one more time”.


‘Why do I feel something this way?’ Hyeon-woo looked down at the water with such a meaning, and Moo-hyuk gently comforted him.
It's okay to drag him away by force, but he felt the urge to go out this badly.
Moo-hyuk clicked his tongue.


“I will bring you anything you want to eat.
How about banana juice?”


Hyeon woo got up from his seat.


“Excuse me for a moment.” (Moo-hyuk)


Moo-hyuk hugged Hyeon-woo as soon as he stood up.
‘To be held in a man's arms!’ Without realizing it, his fists clenched.
If it hadn't been for the fact that he was given something to eat and drink, he would have hit him sooner.


Kerberos, who was looking at this, also hung on his owner's leg.
It had the appearance of a small dog, but the original body was of a terrifying beast.
Hanging around the leg was easy.


So, Moo-hyuk quickly left the room with Ji Hyeon-woo.


Immediately, the wall of the enclosed space-interrogation room finally collapsed.
And it was a tall man who revealed himself.
Dressed in a neat suit, he was the most famous person in Korea.


The Hero of the century.
Ji Seon-woo.

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“Fuck, why is nobody here?” (Look at him cursing, it might be the last time you will see this much cursing)


It was him.


Black eyes scanned the inside of the interrogation room with a cold gaze.
There were traces of who had just been there.
The information received was not wrong.


“What is this!”


Seon-woo raised the corner of his lips as he watched the hunters, rushing to the room.


“Well, what are you doing standing there?”


A large drop of water the size of a head that had emerged from the raised hand, began to spin frantically from his hand.
Water that may be the weakest element in the world, but conversely, may be the strongest under certain conditions.
Seon-woo was a hunter, who freely handled such water.


As the water with the size of a head began to split into several parts, the hunter's complexions gradually turned blue.
Some of them started taking a step backwards without realizing it.
But Seon-woo had no intention of letting them go easily.
Because the more hostages he could get, the better it was.
The foot of the people, who were about to retreat slowly began to stop.


“You'd be better off not moving.
If you move it, it will break.”


Don't say such terrible words in a gentle voice! The Hunters of the Hunter Administration could not even move and trembled at their spot.


What, is that person Ji Seon-woo? Ji Seon-woo is the hero of the country.
Some of the hunters bowed their heads at the words of the person, who had just entered.


There was a hunter who had a useless fantasy behind him to keep his fame.
On the outside, many admired Ji Seon-woo as a hero, but the hunters who had been in contact with him knew what he was like.
He's actually a crazy bastard.
The appearance on the show was nothing but camouflage of his personality.


“Well then, answer me.
Where is he?”


“There, there.”


The Hunter in the front opened his mouth.
As soon as he noticed his face, water drops pierced his body relentlessly.




Ji Seon-woo is scary and nice to his brother.
wwww *a little spoiler but it's okay.
i think.

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