The story about the First-Generation missing person was spread everywhere.
The news began to get more detailed, and rumors spread that the top guilds were monopolizing him.


“No way.”


“I hope they catch these people.
Even If it’s a high-level guild, would they be able to hide a person?”


“Isn’t that possible though?”


People turned their attention to the guilds.
The guilds still kept their mouths shut.
However, if people’s eyes were drawn more towards the matter like this, they would be unable to sit still.
No matter how strong a guild was, it was impossible to ignore the public’s gaze.


During the commotion, an organization formed by the families of the missing people began to move.
It had been 10 years since their family members disappeared.
Because of that, the news was like light to those who did not give up and waited all this time.


“We must meet the First-Generation missing person.”


But how do we meet them? They have been talked about on the Internet every day, but the reality is different.
The guilds keep their mouths shut and we don’t even know where they are.”


“I know.
I know!”


The group leader, Park Deok-soo, clenched his teeth.


“Then, shouldn’t we do something?!”


Others bowed their heads at the voice that spat out with anger.
Meanwhile, a middle-aged woman raised her hand and said, “How about contacting the guilds first?”


“Will those arrogant bastards listen?”


“Better than doing nothing.”


While they were eagerly discussing what to do next, the office door suddenly slammed open.
And a young man came in and shouted.


“Seon-Hyeon, it’s the Seon-Hyeon Guild!”




“The guild with the First-Generation missing person.”


“How did you know that?”


“It’s on the news!”


It was not information from the broadcasts or the major media outlets, but it was enough to make their first move to find the First-Generation person.


“Then, I’ll try to contact the Seon-Hyeon guild.”


The image of the Seon-Hyeon Guild was good.
Unlike other high-ranking guilds, they had never been arrogant and had made frequent social contributions.
So, one way or another the answer would come back.
They believed so.




“Wow, fuck you.
Are you fucking serious?”


Ga-jun smiled low at the news.


“Even if I were to die, I wouldn’t want to miss the First-Generation monopoly.”


All the guilds, who knew where the First-Generation person who disappeared was kept, remained silent.
If one waited patiently in the future, chances would come again.
There was no need to talk about it elsewhere and increase the number of competitors.
So, they kept quiet, but someone else did it.


The Hunter Administration.
It seemed like they were trying to hide the source of the information as much as possible, but unless they were idiots, it was easy for anyone to see who had done this.


As he was laughing aloud in shock, the phone rang.
It was Hye-sun.


“Hey, Noona.”


-You’re crazy, aren’t you?


“I have always been half-crazy.”


The goal was big, but there were many things that stood in his way, so he might have become crazy because of how frustrating it was currently.


– If this information spreads, only more competitors will stick with it.
Why did you do this?


“That’s what I want to say too.
Besides, how many enemies does Ji Seon-woo have?”


– Then you weren’t the one…?


“I’m a gentleman.”


– Bullshit! So what are you going to do? Are you gonna cover it?


“The rate at which information spreads is too fast for that.
Even the Baekho Guild won’t be able to cover it easily this time around.”


Ja-yun and A-yun were children of the owner of a media company, and thanks to that, they were good at information warfare.
But neither of the two would be able to help this time.


– Damn internet!


Hye-sun’s angry voice was heard.


“What are you going to do? Still, we will have to think about the larger goal first, so let’s get together.”


– Okay.
I will tell you when you are in the Baekho Guild.


Hye-sun’s guild had a good relationship with the Baekho Guild.
It was because she was close to A-yun, and her older sister, Ja-yun.


“Yes, then.”


Ga-jun hung up the phone and looked into the drawer for a cigarette.
He didn’t enjoy it usually because it felt boring to him since he could smoke anything poisonous.
But now, he was drawn to it.


“Really, what are we going to do? Tsk.”


Ga-jun clicked his tongue and remembered the First-Generation missing person, Hyeon-woo.
Now what was he going to do with him? His strength was not weak, but sometimes there was a greater power than strength.


‘I wonder how Ji Seon-woo will respond.’


While ruminating the worst scenario possible, Ga-jun rummaged for a cigarette.




The information that was circulating around Korea soon began to leak out to the overseas: Japan, Russia, and the USA.
The Awakened Powerhouses heard the information and began to observe each other.


In the country of Japan.


A young man, who had been meditating on his knees on a polished wooden floor, slowly raised his head.




Not long after, he heard a voice calling him from the other side of the door.


“Come in.”


As soon as the words came out, a man with a terribly stern look entered cautiously.


“What’s going on?”


“Information has arrived.”


“Seeing that you called me in a hurry, it seems to be important information.”


His voice was gentle, but hearing those words, the man stiffened his body.
It was because he knew that Junichi, the young man with a soft impression in front of him, was different from what he saw.


“Tell me.”


“It is said that a First-Generation missing person has appeared.”


At that, Junichi slowly tilted his head.
Seeing that, the man felt fear and spoke quickly.


“The place where the First-Generation missing people is hidden is said to be the Seon-Hyeon Guild.”


“Seon-Hyeon Guild?”


Junichi’s expression changed.




Do some more research and bring back more information.”


“I will do that.”


“Then go away.”


The man cautiously stepped back and went out the door.
As soon as the door closed, Junichi clenched his fist, which was resting on his lap.


Seon-Hyeon Guild.
It was a guild with Ji Seon-woo as the guild leader, whom he considered as a rival.
That guild had a First-Generation missing person? He felt concerned.
Then there was only one answer.


‘If you care, I should have it.’


Junichi opened his eyes, which had been slightly closed, and stared fiercely in front of him.
Maybe this time they would be able to surpass Ji Seon-woo.
So, there was no need to rush.




“A First-Generation missing person?”


“That’s right.


The red-haired man blinked his eyes with a drowsy expression on his face.
His name was Ivan, one of Russia’s first powerful awakeners.


Flame Ivan.


“What did my father say?”


“Sir Pyotru says he will be watching for the time being.”


Unlike the newcomers in other countries, he did not have a position as a guild leader yet.
He was also lazy by nature, but it was also because his father, who was stronger than him, occupied the position of the Guild Leader.


“Then I’ll watch as well.”


He decided to do that, but it was still interesting to watch.


‘An awakener, who disappeared for 10 years.’


How strong would he be? Although Ivan was said to be lazy, his attribute was fire.
He had a deep burning fire inside, so he had an intense sense of victory.
He, too, became interested in the First-Generation Awakener.
And it wasn’t just Junichi from Japan or one of Russia’s first powerful Awakeners, who had an interest in the first-generation person.




In a high building.
A man was standing near the window.
He had a rare appearance with neatly swept blonde hair and had hidden hard muscles under his suit.


“They found a First-Generation missing person.”


It looks like they were found by the Hunter Administration this time.”


“Are they still there?”


“That’s not all.
It’s the Hunter Administration who found them, but it seems that they were stolen by the Seon-Hyeon Guild.”




He was intrigued.
While Second-Generation disappearances occurred all over the world, First-Generation disappearances only occurred in one region, which was in Korea.
After that, there was no news until the second generation of missing people returned, so everyone gave up.
To think that they came back after 10 years…


“Seon-Hyeon Guild.
It’s a little dangerous there.”


“But anyway, it’s the guild of a small country.”


“Isn’t the guild leader an S-class awakener?”


“Yeah, it’s only one person.
No matter how strong one is, one person cannot defeat many.
Aren’t there 3 S-class members in our Guardian Guild? Sir Leon is there too.”


“Yes, yes.
But let’s try to make a small contact with the First-Generation person, Alec.
We have a branch in Korea, right?”


Although it was not large, Korea was a country where dangerous portals suddenly opened frequently.
For that reason, the United States, which had friendly relations with Korea, put some of its guild branches in it as an excuse to help.
The Guardian Guild was one of them.




“Inform me on what’ll happen there.”


“Yes, I will.”


The world was moving along with the news right now.




“Ugh, nice.”


Hyeon-woo, who was wearing soft pajamas and holding a mug full of tea in both hands, was casually watching the large TV.
A movie that he hadn’t seen yet and was released in those 10 years was playing on the TV, while Kero was lying on the rug on the floor and sleeping.


It was a peaceful afternoon.


He quite liked the glamorous display screen in which the movie was playing on.
Hyeon-woo sipped the yarrow tea and yawned a little.
Then he turned his head and looked at Do-jin standing at the entrance of the door.


At first, Seon-woo tried not to let Do-jin in, but Hyeon-woo objected.


“I know that he wants to help me, but is it okay for him to stand outside the door without rest?”


“Hyung, S-Class Awakeners are strong, so even if he stands there for a few days, he will be fine.”


That’s not the problem.
Hyeon-woo made a determined expression.


Please let him stay inside.”


Seon-woo seemed to have many complaints, but in the end, he listened to Hyeon-woo.
There were many more compromises along the way, but they are too long to list, so he will omit them.
In such a way, Do-jin came inside.
And from then on, Do-jin stood like that in front of the front door, protecting Hyeon-woo.

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