“But I don’t think this is a little bit.”


At Hyeon-woo’s timid refusal, Seon-woo wore a gloomy expression on his face.
Then he started rummaging through his bag again.


“Actually, I have prepared a few more things.
If you don’t like this, you can use something else.”


“Uh? Then I’ll choose something else!”


Hyeon-woo responded coldly.


“Then what about this?”


The item he took out was a circlet.
Why do fancy decorations worn by elves on their foreheads in fantasy exist nowadays?


[Purification Circlet (Unique)]


Poison resistance and mental attack resistance by 30%


The moment he saw it, Hyeon-woo quietly grabbed the earring.
‘I could never wear a circlet! The items that came out next were as splendid as the circlet, so I became afraid to look at them.
A cloak with soft fur, a wand that looks like that of a king, and colorful gaiters that reach the shin.’ It seemed like it would be possible to get all eyes on one body by wearing just one thing.


“You only need one or two of these.”


“No, just wear everything.”


Hyeon-woo sighed and asked with his last regrets.


“But do I really have to wear all this?”


“Yeah, everything.”


“Too–Isn’t it too much?”


“There’s a lot.
Still, I was only choosing here and there.”


Hyeon-woo wanted to cry.
‘You said you don’t want to hurt your brother, so isn’t it okay to have your ears pierced? The process of collecting accessories is kind of hard and slow.
I really want to throw everything out the window if I can.
Maybe Kero can chew all of this and run away…’ He looked at Kero with anticipation, but he was yawning with sleepy eyes.


‘He’s no help!’


Hyeon-woo was desperate.


“But now I feel a little more relieved.”


“Yeah, I’m glad you feel relieved.”


“It’s okay, Hyung.
Awakened people usually wear more for the sake of their abilities, but they probably just don’t because they don’t want to.”


‘This was why I did this’.
Seon-woo sincerely thought so.
Of course, Hyeon-woo’s thoughts were different.


“That’s right.
But last time I saw there were people who didn’t?”




“Someone called Ga-jun.”


Seon-woo paused for a moment at those words.
Then he frowned and answered.


Do Ga-jun is also using several.”


“Like what?”


“First, gloves.
I keep a few pairs and use them alternately.
It’s not hard to find, so the grade isn’t high, but it’s quite useful.”




“Several rings that are invisible but attached to a necklace.”


“Is that so?”


He remembered holding Do Ga-jun by the collar, but he didn’t even notice the accessories.


“It’s not just Do Ga-jun.
Lee Hye-sun and Ryu Ja-yun also carry a few accessories in case of emergencies.
Earrings and rings are the basics.”


“Who is Lee Hye-sun?”


“The Guild Leader of one of the strongest guilds.
The person holding the shield.
And behind her was Ryu Ja-yun.”


When Seon-woo explained their names along with their basic appearance, it wasn’t difficult to pinpoint who was who.
But were they wearing accessories? That part didn’t come to mind.
If the accessories flashed during the fight, he would have known right away.
While in doubt, Seon-woo spoke again.


“Anyway, from now on, never go out.
Understand? Rather let me do it.”




After promising that he wouldn’t go out several times, Seon-woo showed a relieved expression.


‘Yeah, it’ll be fine.’


Albert from the Demon Realm also did wear quite a bit of accessories, didn’t he? Still, Hyeon-woo didn’t want to wear it.


‘That’s because it’s Albert!’


Because Albert was absurdly beautiful! But Albert was not him! Hyeon-woo rolled over the bed in agony.


“No way I won’t wear it! Let’s cut it down a bit!”


“There’s nothing to reduce?”




“You look good, Hyung.” Seon-woo laughed bashfully.


‘It will suit you much better than me!’


Even though he was wearing a suit, he looked so handsome that he seemed to be able to rock this kind of accessory.
But he wasn’t Hyeon-woo.
Hyeon-woo was wallowing in agony, and then something came to his mind, so he jumped up.


“By the way, you’re not wearing accessories! You said everyone was carrying a few!”


“I am carrying a few around though?”


“What do you wear?”


“I don’t normally use it.
Do I even need it? Because the S-Class Awakening feels like a strategic weapon in itself, I didn’t have to wear accessories.
I just keep a few in my inventory for emergencies.
Do Ga-jun is very careful, so he keeps it separately.”


This was quite silly.
The cute and lovable little brother looked mean for the first time.
For that reason, Hyeon-woo didn’t even need to wear accessories.
Because he was strong.


He didn’t dare reveal his power to his brother before, but now he couldn’t bear it.
He thought it would be better to prove he was strong and walk around comfortably rather than wear all of this.


‘Let’s confess.’


As soon as he thought of that, Seon-woo rolled his eyes and pulled out an ordinary looking necklace.
It was a metal necklace without any decoration, but this was also an accessory with a special effect.


“Then will you use this?”


“What? I don’t want to add anymore!”


“You already know that Do Ga-jun wears several rings on his necklace, right?”


“I know?”


“This is the necklace.
It looks simple, but it has special abilities.
If you put several items here, the stats will be reflected.
In addition, there is an item reduction function, so it’s particularly convenient.”


Then there was no need to wear these accessories one by one.
Therefore, this necklace had a unique grade without any other abilities.
And there were only two of them in the world: One for Seon-woo and one for Ga-jun.


It was because it came from a dungeon that opened in Korea.
Hyeon-woo, who thought of trying to prove his strength, only calmed down after seeing it.
At this point, he seemed to change his mind again.


‘If that’s the only one, then I can wear it.”


He hated having the same necklace as Do Ga-jun, but it was still the better choice.


“I will do that.”


Then I will work on it and return it to you.”


Then, cautiously, Hyeon-woo began to remove all the accessories he was wearing.


“But it’s a bit of a shame.”




“It suits you well.”


Hyeon-woo frowned at him without realizing it.


“No, what?”


“I meant it, really.”


“Then, you wear them rather than me, okay? It would be really good.”




Seon-woo laughed shyly.
Then, he took the earring he had removed from Hyeon-woo and brought it to his ear.


“Looks good?”


Hyeon-woo nodded his head as if possessed.
Even though he said that he himself was ugly, Seon-woo was still a cute and lovable little brother.
Yes, Seon-woo was now in his early 20s.
He was still young.
How can he play a joke on him like this?


“Then, Hyung and me, Let’s wear a pair of earrings like a set?”


At that, Hyeon-woo nodded his head without realizing it.
‘I would like to wear earrings like my brother wears.’ Then, just after the thought surfaced, he came back to his senses.


“Isn’t it weird to have an earrings set between brothers?”


“What’s weird? Doesn’t brothers and sisters usually do this?”


“Is that so?”


After being in the Demon Realm for a long time, Korean customs seem to have changed a bit.
‘I don’t know since it’s usually with a sister, but maybe it will work since I have a brother?’ While contemplating, Seon-woo, who took out a few earrings and looked at Hyeon-woo, asked.


“Which one do you like?”


A simple one.
The simplest one! Hyeon-woo chose a small earring studded with black jewels.


“Oh, this? I only have one now, so I’ll have to get another one.”


Seon-woo, who hummed a little, took care of the earrings that Hyeon-woo had chosen.
It doesn’t seem like it had been a long time, but he was kind of tired.
Hyeon-woo drooped again as he stood.
Then he asked Seon-woo as if he had suddenly remembered.


“Then what happened to that person?”




He thought he knew what happened, and he trembled.


“Yewon’s oppa.”


Seon-woo tilted his head slightly and looked at Hyeon-woo.
‘So cute, I don’t want anyone else to see it.’


Hyeon-woo said while stroking Seon-woo’s hair softly,


“You know.”


“I know.”


Seon-woo let out a small sigh and continued.


“But do you really need to keep such a dangerous bastard close?”


“I’m just willing to tell him a story?”


“Then why don’t Hyung talk, and I record it so he could listen to it?”


In this case, his head was taut.
Seon-woo’s well-groomed hair was messed up when Hyeon-woo turned his stroking in the opposite direction.


“Don’t be grumpy.”


“I’m not.”


“You’re lying.”


Seon-woo pouted while Hyeon-woo pinched his nose and shook it lightly.


“Tell me where he is.”


Seon-woo pointed down with a dissatisfied expression.




“He’s fighting at the lobby entrance.”




“I didn’t let him in.”


“Tell him to come in.”




Others were usually terrified to see Seon-woo’s fighting spirit.
It was because he had always adhered to a rigid attitude since he didn’t like it when things didn’t go his way.


‘But what does that matter?’


It had been 10 years since Seon-woo last saw him.
During the period that he and Seon-woo couldn’t meet, he thought of everything he wanted to do with Hyeon-woo.
So, he didn’t hesitate to do things that might make others feel a bit uncomfortable.


Seon-woo put his face on Hyeon-woo’s lap, who was sitting on the bed.
Then, Hyeon-woo began to card his hair in a more comfortable manner.


‘I have to protect him.’


For that to happen, Seon-woo had to be stronger and sharper.
So that no one would ever think of touching Hyeon-woo.
Never to lose his Hyung again.


“Seon-woo is good, right? So, let’s bring him in right now.”




He had to let him do what he wanted to do.
And it was Seon-woo’s job to keep him safe.


‘Before that, let’s call that man first.
I don’t like it, but it’s what my Hyung wanted.’

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