Ga-jun pulled the new leather gloves and clasped them tight.

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‘Well, it seems that they are working together.
How classic!’


This time, they wanted to waste time and drag it out.
These three were not the only ones who came here.
They also brought those who were considered the strongest in their guilds.
While the guild leaders took their time fighting against Seon-woo and Chan-young, they would probably attack from the other side.


‘Yes, I know what I have to do.’


Ga-jun moved his gaze to the back of Seon-woo.
Another familiar man stood there.


“But who’s the other familiar face?”


“Han Do-jin.”


Why was the Peace Guild Leader here?


“Why are you here?”


Do-jin did not answer Ga-jun’s question, and just stood still with his body stretched out as if protecting the car.


‘I’m in trouble.
I mean, there is a monster over there.’


Originally, Ga-jun could have been left out from carrying out such dangerous work.
However, he decided to move again under one assumption.
It was the possibility that Seon-woo did not know of Hyeon-woo’s powers.
It could also be said that Hyeon-woo might be hiding his power from Seon-woo.
If not, would he treat his brother who had so much power like this?


There were two extreme situations on how the Awakened treated their weaker families.
One of them was ignoring them, and the other was being overprotective of them.
Ga-jun thought that Seon-woo’s actions were the latter.


‘If you want to hide your power from your brother, there is a chance of you doing that here.’


As Ga-jun was thinking like that, and as they were judging each other’s situation, Chan-young intervened.


“What is this?”


“What are you doing?”


“Are you fighting the Seon-Hyeon Guild now?”


“No–what? That’s about it, right?”

Ga-jun scratched his head.


“Are you crazy?”


A sharp voice rang out.

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“Are you talking about starting a war?”


“Not to such an extent.
We have heads, too.
I’m not going to wage war here.”


“There are a number of S-class Awakened people!”


Chan-young exclaimed in a sharp voice.


‘Fuck, there’s also a monster on the other side.’


Ga-jun broke into laughter.
But Chan-young seemed to have misunderstood it.
Like Ga-jun, sparks began to flutter from his gloved hands.


Then, a strong electric current wrapped around Chan-young’s body.


Chan-young was a rare Thunderbolt Awakened.
Using his abilities, he was able to move his body quickly and shock his opponent with lightning.
As a long-distance sniper, he had the disadvantage of the ability being somewhat difficult to use, but it was still a difficult ability to deal with.


There, Seon-woo’s ability was water-based, so their compatibility was perfect.
As the lightning that occurred with the sparks started to bounce around, water droplets began to float in the air at the same time.
The lightning that had been frantically bouncing like crazy stuck to the water droplets.


Then, as the water drops filled with lightning quickly poured down, Hye-sun grabbed his shield and stepped forward.




A large shield pierced the ground, and a translucent curtain wrapped around the three people.


Indomitable shield.


That was Hye-sun’s ability.
It halved the effect of most attacks, and the body of the shield was strong, tough, and held up well.


As soon as Hye-sun blocked the attack, Ja-yun sent a slash of wind.
The wind had a cutting power that could cut even a tree in two, but it was soon blocked by ice.
But Ja-yun did not hesitate at all.
Sending the loud attack in the first place was just bait to cover up a full-scale attack.


The real attack started with Ga-jun.
He used poison little by little, and Ja-yun secretly carried it with the wind.
The attack continued with ease, perhaps thanks to matching the incoming attacks several times.
If there was a problem, it was that Seon-woo was sensitive and didn’t really suffer any damage from poison attacks.


Seon-woo trapped the poisoned wind with water.


“Wow, that’s how you block it.”


Hye-sun pulled his head from behind the shield and murmured.
Then he hid his body again from the attack that came flying again.


“Aren’t you good at blocking too?”


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“If you don’t stop it– You have to stop it.”


Hye-sun frowned and focused his attention on Seon-woo.
A few other people followed him, and they separately began to move, soaring into the air.


“Is that an S-Class Awakened?”


A guild member of the Cradle(요람) Guild spoke with an anxious expression.


“Yeah, there’s only one person.
There are several of us, so it’s okay.”


Another guild member of the Baekho Guild responded by sticking out his tongue.


“Some drag the time out, others go for the car.”


If it was Seon-Hyeon Guild, the driver would also be an Awakened.
But they were the elites of each guild.
So, it wouldn’t be difficult to defeat him.
So, for now, it was Han Do-jin, they just had to hold on to him.


Do-jin felt a new presence and dropped out of the car.
He pulled out a dagger with his hands.
He really wanted to fight with all his might.
Because that would be something that could make up for even a little bit for what he had done to Hyeon-woo.


His bent back was straightened as he stood tall, revealing a tall body.
However, the presence of the hidden person didn’t feel so great, because he was trying to kill someone on purpose.
Do-jin began to move within the shadows.




The body, which had been moving secretly towards the car where Hyeon-woo was, suddenly stopped walking.


‘Why did I stop?’


He tried to move somehow, but it was in vain.
He didn’t budge, as if something was holding him.


‘But who is it?’


The eyes that had been rolling like crazy suddenly fell down.
Then he realized.


“Crazy, are you a shadow?”


It was the shadow that held him.
The long shadows under the dim moonlight looked like monsters.
And in the meantime, black darkness passed by, and one by one they began to fall on the spot.


Before long, not a single one of those standing could be seen.


Do-jin reappeared at that moment.
He tucked away his old clothes and went back to the side of the car and took his seat.
And Ga-jun was seeing that as well.


‘This is bad.’


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‘Now, Things are getting messed up.
I brought the elites of the guilds, but I didn’t know that I would fall to Do-jin so easily.’


‘What should I do?’


As Ga-jun was pondering, he heard a calm voice next to him.


“I am stepping down then.”


It was Ja-jun.


“What? Why!”


Hye-sun, who could not understand the situation as he was concerned with the defense, asked.


“Everyone on our side has collapsed.
I think it’s the right time to step back now.”


Having heard these words, Hye-sun looked around and frowned.
All the people on his side fell, but the strength of the other side did not change.
It didn’t look like it would be pushed, but the problem was the time limit.
In a fleeting time, the guild members of the Seon-Hyeon Guild would arrive.


Hye-sun, who smashed the lightning that Chan-young had sent, grinded his teeth.
‘Ja-yun was right.
I had to leave today.
It was disappointing, but I couldn’t help it.’


As soon as he decided to step back, Hye-sun took a deep breath and yelled.
At the sound, those who had fallen trembled and came to their senses.




At those words, they began to get up and pull themselves after being defeated.
And at the same time, several cars appeared, and the guild members of the Seon-Hyeon Guild poured out.


Hye-sun left Chan-young and Seon-woo, who were still attacking, and he immediately pulled his shield out and took care of his guild members.
Ga-jun and Ja-yun did the same thing as him.
Although they held hands for the sake of necessity, they were only rivals in the end.


“Catch them!”


Hearing Chan-young’s voice, the guild members moved quickly.
However, even if they were injured, the opponents were not as good as they were, so they could not catch much.

You may not be able to kill them, but you would be able to steal money or items from their Guild and send them back later.




Chan-young looked around to see the messed-up surroundings and ruffled his hair roughly.
‘I’m glad it wasn’t too late though.
No matter how strong Seon-woo is, his opponents were three S-class Awakeners.’


“Are you okay?”


When he asked Seon-woo, he nodded his head with an indifferent expression and began to walk towards his car.


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“Make sure to clean-up everything.”




“Oh, and chicken.
Don’t forget.”


“Yes, yes?”


Chan-young nodded with a puzzled expression on his face.
And the moment he realized what Seon-woo was going to do, he quickly divided the guild members in half and let them come along as escorts.
The car carrying Seon-woo and Hyeon-woo slowly moved away, having one of the escorts with them.


The Guild members alone would be enough to clean up the site.
Chan-young glazed at the moving car and found his bike.
He was going to go buy some chicken.
When he thought about whose mouth it would go into, he wanted to burst into tears, but he couldn’t disobey Seon-woo’s words.


‘And I still don’t know how it came to be like this.’ Chan-young took a deep breath and put on his helmet.




After Returning back to the so-called home, Hyeon-woo stretched out his hands a little.


“Wash first, Hyung.”




As he came out of the living room in his pajamas after a simple wash, a fragrant smell stung his nostrils.
Unknowingly, he walked in the direction of the smell and saw three well-fried chickens laid out on the table.


“Are you hungry?”


‘Come to think of it, I couldn’t eat anything because I was kidnapped.
I think a rumbling sound came from my stomach again.’ Hyeon-woo quietly sat down in front of the table and took the plate in front of him.


“What do you like to eat first?”




Seon-woo picked up a piece of fried chicken and placed it on the plate in front of Hyeon-woo.
He gulped down his flowing saliva.
The yellow chicken was well cooked.
But he waited patiently as his younger brother had not yet been seated.


“Eat first.”


Seon-woo, who placed the drinks and sat down, said so, but Hyeon-woo shook his head.

“What do you want to eat?”


“Me too, Fried.”


Hyeon-woo lifted the tongs and placed the chicken on the plate in front of Seon-woo.
Then he finally got to try the chicken.

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