“What’s the relationship between you two?”

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Despite Ga-jun’s question, Seon-woo didn’t even look back.
Then he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone.
But the phone was already broken.


“My phone is still in fine condition.”


Ga Jun took out his phone from its protective case and held it with his two fingers.


“Give it to me.”


“Are you a thug? If you answer the question, I will give it to you.”


His eyebrows twitched slightly as if it was annoying, but if he fought here now, his Hyung’s hunger would be prolonged.
He asked with a small sigh.


“What did you ask?”


“What’s your relationship with him?”

Then Seon-woo tilted his head with a puzzled expression.


“Can’t you see?”


“I don’t know.”


“He is my Hyung.”


Seon-woo answered while smiling proudly.




“I said he’s my Hyung.”




‘But you don’t look alike at all!’ Ga-jun looked at the two of them back and forth several times.
Meanwhile, Seon-woo took the phone from Ga-jun’s hand and called someone.


– Guild Leader!


“Deputy Guild Leader.
I’ll give you the address, so please send us a car here.”


– Yes, I’ll send one, right away.
No, other than that, are you okay? You said another guild was attacking!


On the other side of the phone, Chan-young, who was worried, poured out a lot of questions, but Seon-woo said only the address and hung up immediately.
He threw the phone back to its rightful owner.
Ga-jun, who barely accepted him, muttered with a blank expression.




“It’s for real.”


“Then one more time, just this last time.”


“I don’t think I’m obliged to give you an answer.”


“Then is that your Dongsaeng over there?”


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Ga-jun looked at Hyeon-woo and asked.


“I said he’s my Hyung.”


“Ah, Hyung.
That’s your Hyung?”

Ga-jun swallowed his saliva.
‘It somehow doesn’t fit.’ But he didn’t say it out loud.
It was because he remembered the bloody gaze he had seen earlier when he said that Hyeon-woo was small.


‘No, in the broadcast, he said he was a sincere, kind and good Hyung? Where? Seon-woo said he was his younger brother.’ Somehow, the outward appearance of Seon-woo trembling resembled Hyeon-woo.


Not long after, the car sent by the Seon-Hyeon Guild arrived.
Next to it was a bike, and on top of it was Chan-young in a suit.
It seemed that he came here directly because he was frustrated.


“Guild Leader!”


A pathetic voice called out to Seon-woo, but he didn’t care and put Hyeon-woo in the car.
He got on the other side of him.


“Go after us.”


With those words, the car left immediately.
After that, the car was nowhere in sight and only Chan-young and Ga-jun were left.


“Hey, isn’t this Seon-Hyeon’s dog? Have you been abandoned?”


“Shut up!”


Chan-young spoke with a grim expression, but Ga-jun did not stop laughing.
He felt like he wanted to attack, but Chan-young knew that he would not be able to defeat Ga-jun.
Besides, the opponent is the Guild Leader of the Baekho Guild.
He shouldn’t even bother to touch him.
The best thing he could do was to just grind his teeth and leave this place.


“Then let’s see each other next time.”


Upon hearing Ga-jun’s greeting, Chan-young distorted his expression.
After seeing the bike leave, Ga-jun, who was left alone, brushed off the dust that was stuck to his body and walked to the other side of the road.
He realized that his phone was ringing and picked it out.


– Hey!


“Ah, Hye-sun Nunim [1].”


– What happened? Why no contact? Don’t tell me you’re trying to take it all for yourself, are you?


“No, am I such a person to do that?”


– Then what!


“It got taken back by Ji Seon-woo.”


– Why were you not able to take it away?


“You’re blaming me for not being able to deal with Ji Seon-woo alone for a long time, too?”


– No, it’s not like that.
You chose a very remote place to prevent Ji Seon-woo’s pursuit.
How did that person come?


“I know, right.
How did he get here?”


– Are you kidding me?


“I’m not.”

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– Damn.
Did you figure out anything else?


Ga-jun paused for a moment before answering.




– Really nothing?




– Lies.


A cold voice came from the other side.
She was quick to notice.
‘Seriously, I deliberately replied late, but if you don’t know, you’re an idiot.’


– Did you find something? If you tell me, I’ll give you some information.


“What information?”


– About the Peace Guild Leader.


“Don’t we both know the same about that person, though?”


– I know one more thing.


“What is it?”


– You first.


This is tricky.


“Ji Seon-woo and the First-Generation missing person Ji Hyeon-woo are brothers.
Next it’s your turn, nunim!”


– It was like that.
Somehow, Ji Seon-woo put his own life at risk to protect him.
After all, he almost put his head in the monster’s mouth.


Ga-jun was already bursting up with excitement.


“It’s obvious, it’s not.
If Ji Seon-woo’s personality is ramen [2], he will retaliate.
Should I consider shaping up my body in the meantime?”


– Yeah.
I’ve been getting some important information for a while now.
It’s my turn, right? I’m not sure if I’m going to be the only one in the world who knows?.


“……Other than my nunim?”


– Yes.
The one who almost caught Ji Seon-woo was the leader of the Peace Guild.
I couldn’t even get hold on to the information properly.
It might not even be power.


That was new information.
I thought there was not enough information for something that came up suddenly, but it seemed he was such a strong person.
Ga-jun licked his lips with his tongue.


It looked like there was a lot of work to be done for a while.
Ga-Jun had not yet given up on the First-Generation missing person.
‘There was only one person who came back so strong, so how could I give up so easily?’ He wondered.
‘How did you become so strong, and why did you come back alone? There are many things I want to know.’


‘I’ll have to be more careful next time.’


Ga-jun was a natural snake.
A tenacious and persistent snake that did not give up.
So even if the situation had changed, he had no intention of giving up.

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Because of the slowly setting sun, Ga-jun’s shadow stretched long.
Like a snake.


In the car that left from the area, Seon-woo started with an apology.


“I’m sorry, Hyung.
I know food is more delicious when you eat it in a restaurant, but it’s still dangerous to do that.”


‘I want to take him to the restaurant myself, but the danger still remains.
So, Let’s have one of the guild members get some fried chicken for us.’


“I’m okay.”


‘What does it matter where you eat?’ Seon-woo was here next to him, and Hyeon-woo answered with a smile.


“Then let’s get home quickly.”


Seon-woo was moved by Hyeon-woo’s words.
‘You called it home.
Even with those words, my heart is pounding.
It feels like my hard work is being rewarded.’


“Then let’s go back quickly.”


Seon-woo leaned over to his Hyung, who was sitting right next to him.


“Are you hurt anywhere?”


“Yeah, I’m fine.”


It was Ga-jun who was injured, not Hyeon-woo, but he kept his mouth shut.




“Yeah, are you okay?”


“I am.”


Seon-woo rolled his eyes for a moment and answered, “Maybe a little sick.”


“What? Where?”


Hyeon-woo looked at Seon-woo with a bewildered expression.
And then, suddenly the car stopped.




Seon-woo quickly embraced Hyeon-woo and protected him.
It stopped roughly, but no one was injured as the driver was also Awakened.


That didn’t mean there weren’t any problems.
Why did the car stop? It was because of the man standing in front of the car?


The driver was a person with a strong professional spirit.
There was no way he would forcefully stop just because someone suddenly appeared.
The most important person to him is Seon-woo, the Guild Leader.
If so, it must have been stopped for another reason, and it seemed that he could understand the reason without saying it.


Seon-woo got out of the car with a fierce expression on his face.


“Hyung, wait inside.”


The driver, who had already come to his senses, made a determined expression on his face.
Now he will try to protect Hyeon-woo no matter what.

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Seon-woo got out of the car and looked at the man standing in the opposite direction.
A tall man in an old hoodie and jeans was hunched over at his waist.
He was the man Hyeon-woo saw at the department store earlier.
The Guild Leader of the Peace Guild, Han Do-jin.
It didn’t take long for him to figure it out.


“Is there anything left to see here?”


The driver must have already contacted the guild.
Not only that, Chan-young was also nearby.
In many ways, it was a disadvantage for him.
Still, Do-jin reappeared.


“I’m sorry but.”


Do-jin opened his mouth.


“I have one request.”


Seon-woo frowned at those words.


“Why did you ask me this way?”


“It was too, too urgent.”


Do-jin said so and knelt down on the spot.


I will give you anything you want!”


“No need.”


Seon-woo cut Do-jin’s words resolutely.


All he lacked was his older brother, and he was already satisfied.
However, he didn’t want to do anything other than pay for it.
It was more so because he had a rough idea of what he wanted.


“I want to meet the First-Generation missing person.”


“I refuse.”


“Wait, wait… I want to ask only one question.”


“I refuse.”


“Even if I give you everything you want?”


“There is nothing particularly lacking.”


He was refused several times.
Then, Do-jin’s back was pulled tight.
He didn’t have time for him.
If the First-Generation missing person returned at this rate, he did not know if he would be able to find it again.
He had no choice.


Do-jin got up and rushed towards the car.
However, he was blocked by Seon-woo, who was preparing in advance.
His long legs gracefully swung through the air, but Do-jin did not avoid it.
As he stepped back, he crossed his arms to block the attack, like a man in defense mode.
After that, he ran like a madman at the car again.


A quick fight followed.
At first, Do-jin, who had just been deceived, realized that there would be no end if this was the case.
In the end, he swung his fists toward the swinging leg.


TL note:

[1] Nuna means older sister and only males call older females that.
Nunim is a more formal and respectful way of calling older females.
Hye-sun is the Guild Leader of River on Number 4 of the strongest guild’s list.
Check the Character Profile for more details.

[2] If a person’s personality is like ramen, it means that the person is simple minded.
He wouldn’t think much and just fought.


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