In habit, Ga-jun tapped his chin with his finger.
Then he groaned.
‘Shit, my jaw hurts.’ He was so sore that he felt no pain in every part of his body.

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‘What if there were more people?’


Fortunately, the electronic devices he had were pre-equipped and not damaged.


‘You were lucky.’


‘I think I can mobilize more people.
No matter how strong you are, if there are too many of them, you will eventually be exhausted.
If I were with those people, maybe it would be possible to lead an advantageous fight.’ As he was thinking about that, he felt a gaze from behind.
When he turned his head towards it, Hyeon-woo was looking at Ga-jun silently.
Those eyes and that gaze were too creepy.


“Don’t even think about it.” (Hyeon-woo)


A quiet voice echoed through the stairs.




Suddenly, his heart tightened after Ga-jun heard that word.
It felt like an unknown fear pressed Ga-jun on his knees.
When he unknowingly took his hands off the device, the pressure diminished.
Ga-jun said, trying hard to pretend that he was calm.


“Do you have to go there? I don’t know what conditions they gave you when you signed with Seon-Hyeon Guild, but I’ll give you twice of whatever they promised.”

At those words, Hyeon-woo looked up at him with cold eyes.


“Does anything come to mind when you look at my face?”


Ga-jun answered without hesitation.






“It reminds me of a deer.”


“Who is the deer?”


You’re like a little deer.”


In this part, Ga-jun was confident in his words.


“What is the height of an average adult male compared to mine?”


“It’s on the small side compared to the Awakeners.”


“I am older than you.”


“It has nothing to do with appearance and strength.”




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He flinched in fear that he might get hit more for a moment.
However, he didn’t want to avoid others to such an extent, so he straightened his back and endured it.






“Find out for yourself later.
I gave you all the hints.”


‘What hints did you give?’ While Ga-jun was stunned, he arrived on the first floor.


When Ga-jun went downstairs, some members of the Baekho Guild were waiting for him.
And among them, Min-young, a healer and Deputy Guild Leader, ran to Ga-jun with a terrified expression.


“What is this? Did you have a head-to-head match with Ji Seon-woo?”


Is there any way I could get hurt like this because I had a head-to-head fight with Ji Seon-woo?”


“Then why are you in this state?”


“Okay, just treat me right now.”


Min-young sighed and placed his hand on Ga-jun’s wound.
Then his messed-up body began to recover quickly.
He changed his clothes and he felt much better than before.


“To the Guild branch.
I’ll take you there.”


At those words, Hyeon-woo, who was sitting in one corner, jumped up and followed.




Kero looked blankly at the place where Hyeon-woo had disappeared.
‘Oh my God, a human took Hyeon-woo away.
He made the impossible possible with a single word.’



‘The keyword is that.
Princess, I have to memorize it.
Well, first of all, that’s all the clues there are but the main problem lies elsewhere.’


As soon as Hyeon-woo disappeared, Seon-woo, who appeared here to find him, was in a very strange state.


He wasn’t originally much of a kind person, but his cold, sunken figure gazing downwards reminded Kero of the Demon King of the Demon Realm.




Seon-woo raised one hand to cover his face and spoke again.




At first glance, the brightness in his eyes was half gone.
‘This is not going to be a big deal, right?’ Kero looked at him, then went to Seon-woo’s side and barked.


“Wang Wang!”


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‘Wake up [1].
Hyeon-woo will come back!’ However, the sounds of what he wanted to say were not conveyed to him.
What should he do about this? Those who were precious to Hyeon-woo were also precious to Kero.
It was because he knew Hyeon-woo’s fierce temper.
Who would be the first to be scolded if Hyeon-woo had his bones broken or got hurt? Isn’t it himself!


Kero hurriedly pulled the hem of Seon-woo’s pants.




He knew.
Kero was the watch dog that guarded the entrance to the Demon Realm.
He knew he looked like this now, but it was said that the power of the deity was great.
In addition, Hyeon-woo and he had known each other for quite a long time in the Demon Realm.
With that being said, it meant that they could track each other.


Kero spun around in place, pretended to smell something, and then pulled the hem of Seon-woo’s pants again.
He would do that until Seon-woo understood.
He repeated calmly.


“Do you know where my Hyung is?”


At that, Kero vigorously nodded his head.
Afraid that his head might fall to the floor, Seon-woo grabbed Kero’s neck.


“Guide me.”


‘No, you shouldn’t grab the nape of a young animal carelessly.’ Kero grunted inwardly and barked vigorously in the direction where Hyeon-woo was.


“Wang Wang Wang!”


At the same time, Seon-woo’s body quickly moved forward and jumped through the wall.


‘Isn’t there another entrance though?’


That was amazing, but there was no other way to get in, so Kero was caught in Seon-woo’s hand and moved quickly.


‘I think it would be better if I just run in my main body.’


He still didn’t know what was going on.
So Kero kept going till he reached Hyeon-woo.


“Guild Leader!”


He heard a voice calling Seon-woo from behind.


However, he didn’t look back.
‘How long have I been running like that?’ Finally, they found a car carrying Hyeon-woo on the road in a remote place.


Seon-woo, who found him, immediately took action.
He came to the side of the car, ripped the door open, and hugged his Hyung, who looked at him with a surprised expression.
As the door fell to the ground, the car came to a stop, which had been moving for a while.


“Hyung, stay behind me.”


‘I finally found you.’ Kero opened his mouth and yawned.
Then he stepped back together with Hyeon-woo.


‘Oh, the smell of blood.’


‘I think you’ve already done it,’ Kero thought.
It seemed that Seon-woo who was standing there, was also a human being, who didn’t know that.
‘He is full of anger, so what’s the point of you coming here?’


Seon-woo looked like he was going to turn it around.
He vowed to protect his Hyung, but he failed.
He knew that the other guilds would unite to kidnap his brother, he knew for sure.
Kero guessed that was why he was on alert.

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Seon-woo clenched his teeth.
Fortunately, his Hyung’s little dog was able to find him again because he could smell his scent, but the anger that ran through his head did not subside.


“Do Ga-jun.”


A cold voice came out of nowhere.


“Ji Seon-woo.
Do you know how hard it is to get this car? How could you just break the door?”


Do Ga-jun said with a smirk.

‘I want to rip off your throat.
Then you will never be able to say that again.’ Seon-woo unfolded his hand back and forth.


“You have a lot to talk about.”


“Whether I talk a lot or not doesn’t matter.”


“It is determined on the fact that I believe you did this.”


“Then, what are you ready for?”


Ga-jun laughed bitterly.


“I am ready to die.”


At the same time, Seon-woo attacked Ga-jun and entered into a fight.
In an instant, the road petrified, and rapidly rotating water droplets exploded in one direction.


Ga-jun threw a car to block it, and immediately used poison.
However, the water droplets that appeared in the air immediately absorbed the poison and trapped it.
Then he started attacking Ga-jun in that state.


This was why fighting with Seon-woo was annoying.
It was not a particularly powerful ability, but it didn’t match well against his.
Poison was useless against it, so he had to use his physical body.
Of course, he had great abilities to use in a fight other than poison.


‘I thought he had already fought quite a bit while rolling the floor.
I’ve never defeated Seon-woo, who looks like a finely grown young master.’ Ga-jun threw the fragments of the car he had broken and rushed to Seon-woo.
However, he was not the type of person who would let him do as he wished easily.
He cleared away the flying debris and swung his hand at Ga-jun, who was rushing in.


His legs began to freeze.
But he didn’t want to lose, so Ga-jun clenched his teeth and moved.
But, as always, Ga-jun couldn’t surpass Seon-woo.
As the cold gradually slowed his movements, the number of hits he endured increased, and he eventually collapsed on the spot.

‘It was a bad day.’


‘I was just beaten all day long.
As soon as I was treated, my body throbbed after I had to move forcibly.’


“I’m not here for this today.”


Ga-jun stopped and spread the strongest poison he had.
At the same time, he retreated back.
Usually, Seon-woo would have to deal with him when he was nearing his limit, but he was on the good side to some extent.
Because the human world was different from the Demon Realm, which had brought about awakening.


“Where are you going?”


A blunt voice followed, and Seon-woo reached out to Ga-jun’s neck.
His fingertips were barely passing through, scarring his neck.
A groan escaped from the burning pain.
But he clenched his teeth and stepped back even further.


He would have ripped off his neck if he had been a little late.

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Are you usually active today?”


Seon-woo, who had cold, sunken eyes, glared at Ga-jun.


“Well, you brought this upon yourself.”


“Yeah, let’s do it until we die.”


Ga-jun smiled and straightened his posture again.
Blood dripped from his neck and soaked his shirt.
And just as the two of them were about to collide again, a quiet voice was heard.





It was from Hyeon-woo who was standing on the sidelines from the distance.


“Wang wang!”


‘Hyeon-woo is hungry! Be a gentle man and serve him right now!’ Kero also barked.




Seon-woo’s half-turned eyes gradually returned to their original state.


“Okay, let’s go eat.”


Hyeon-woo, who was accustomed to grabbing Kero by now, grabbed Kero and picked him up.
Seeing that, Seon-woo hesitated for a moment and then lowered his hand.




Ga-jun, who was standing on the other side, was amazed to see Seon-woo say such sweet words.
As one of the respected people in the country, he listened to what other people had to say and took a different attitude.
What he just said has to be unreal.


“What do you want to eat?”


“I want chicken.”


“I know a good chicken house.” [2]


Looking at it, it seemed that Hyeon-woo took the initiative.
No matter how strong the First-Generation missing person was, Seon-woo was not a person who would act like that.
That was when Ga-jun started to have doubts about what was going on between them.


TL note:


[1] though it’s translated to Wake up accurately.
It means Open your eyes and realize.


[2] In Korea, as much as I am familiar with when reading manhwa in raw sometimes, I believe they refer to houses as small restaurants that are usually homes as well.
It really doesn’t matter the size of the shop though.
It’s not just in Korea, where they use a word like 'chicken house'.


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