s worried about, so he patted his shoulder and comforted him.


“Hehe, by then, I’m going to need your help, Brother.” Du Jinli took advantage of the situation and counted on his brother.

After chatting for a while longer, Lu Zijia passed the recipe for the scar removal ointment to the Du brothers.

The scar removal ointment was the same as the two skincare products before.
They also had to nurture the herbs first.
As for the rest, they just needed to follow the formula.

The Du brothers took the recipe in Lu Zijia’s hands and almost cried out of excitement.

Recently, they had been so scared by all kinds of deadly harassment that they didn’t even dare to go home.
And all of this was because of the scar removal ointment!

Now that they had the recipe, they could finally go home and sleep peacefully.
They didn’t have to worry that someone would dig them out of bed in the middle of their sleep or wake them up by calling!

Seeing that her two uncles were so grateful to her that they wanted to give her a passionate hug, Lu Zijia quickly slipped away.

When did her two uncles become so sentimental? They really scared her!

After Lu Zijia left Three Treasures, she didn’t take a cab immediately.
Instead, she walked slowly on the street with no purpose.
When she came to a corner, she quickly hid herself.

After she hid herself, a figure quickly ran out of the dark and looked around anxiously, looking for something.

While that person was anxious and frustrated, a cold voice suddenly sounded behind him.

“Are you looking for me?”

The man was startled and he reflexively turned around, looking a bit panicked.

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