“So, are you enjoying it? If you enjoy the feeling of being beaten by a ghost in the middle of the night, you can come to me anytime.
I’ll definitely satisfy any request of the members of the Zhong family.”

In the end, Lu Zijia even showed a smile that she thought was very friendly to Madam Zhong.

“You… So, it’s you.
You did this.
You… You…!” Madam Zhong looked terrified and her eyes were full of fear for Lu Zijia.

Lu Zijia nodded very honestly.
“Right! So, don’t do anything and be careful.”

After saying that, Lu Zijia directly pulled Zhong Qingran, who was blocking the way, away and left very coolly.

Even though Zhong Qingran had no idea what Lu Zijia said when she got close to her mother, judging from her mother’s expression, it definitely wasn’t something nice.
Besides, she remembered Lu Zijia’s identity as a Taoist Master, so she didn’t dare to stop her again.

“Jiajia, are you alright?”

Seeing Lu Zijia arrive, Du Jinqian seemed to have thought of something and asked with concern.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Lu Zijia tilted her head and asked in confusion.

Seeing that she didn’t seem to be faking it, Du Jinqian thought that the members of the Zhong family had left and Lu Zijia didn’t see them, so he couldn’t help feeling relieved secretly.
“It’s good that you’re fine.”

Even though the Du family had already said that they would never interact with the members of the Zhong family, the Zhong family didn’t give up.
They were like unkillable cockroaches that kept coming out to disgust people.

“Uncle, have you ever thought about taking back the Du family’s companies?” Lu Zijia suddenly asked.

Du Jinqian was obviously startled.
Apparently, he didn’t expect Lu Zijia to ask this question and he couldn’t help smiling wryly.
“Of course.
Those companies were established with your grandpa’s hard work.
Why wouldn’t we want to?

“But it’s not so easy to get them back.”

Even though there was a problem with the Zhong family’s company right now, a sleeping lion was stronger than a barking dog.
It wasn’t easy to take them down.


Lu Zijia pulled her ears and carefully recalled the information she had read before.
She soon had an idea.

“Is there a winery and a health center among the properties that the Zhong family took away from the Du family?”

Du Jinqian wasn’t surprised that she would know about it.
After all, this could be found out easily by looking it up on the Internet.

“That’s right.
Your grandpa only opened a winery with the savings he earned bit by bit from selling wine for many years.
The winery was small at first, but it gradually became bigger later.

“So, that winery means a lot to your grandpa.
I even accidentally found out a few times that your grandpa went to see that winery secretly!” Du Jinqian said with mixed emotions and a bit of sadness.

“That’s good.”

After hearing Du Jinqian’s explanation, Lu Zijia felt that her idea was even better.
“We can start from the winery.”

Du Jinqian was dumbfounded.
Apparently, he didn’t understand what his niece meant.

“We can open a winery that’s specifically targeted at the Zhong family’s winery,” Lu Zijia explained.

Du Jinqian: “…” Was his niece saying a tongue twister?

However, he understood this time.

“You have a good idea.
However, you must make better wine to specifically target the Zhong family’s winery.”

Many of the wines in the Zhong family’s winery were developed by their father.
However, they had never thought that they would let the Zhong family achieve their wild ambitions in the end.

“This should be fine.
I’ll send the wine to you after I finish brewing it.” Lu Zijia didn’t say it too confidently, giving herself a way out.

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