Chapter 64: Master Is Indeed a Living Immortal!

Regarding the driver’s faithful protection, the phrase “die-hard fan” suddenly came to Lu Zijia’s mind.

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So, she also had a diehard fan now?

While Lu Zijia was thinking about such an irrelevant thing, the young Taoist priest spoke provocatively, “I think you’re scared that your trick will be revealed, so is that why you won’t dare to agree to the battle?

“I’ve seen a lot of frauds like you.
My master, a real Taoist master, is humiliated only because of frauds like you.

“If you’re smart enough, kowtow and apologize to my master quickly, then get out of Lingde Street and never come back here again in the future.
If not, I’ll beat you up every time I see you!”

The young Taoist priest didn’t look like a Taoist priest when he said these cruel words.
Instead, he seemed like a bully in the market.

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People, who gathered around to watch the drama, were attracted by the “battle,” so they didn’t notice the bullying behavior of the young Taoist priest.

“Come! Beat me! I’m not afraid of you!”

Seeing his savior being insulting like that, the driver couldn’t help but roll up his sleeves and wanted to start fighting, no matter how good his temper was.

However, he had just taken one step before Lu Zijia grabbed his shoulder with her fair, slender hand.

The driver, who found himself walking on the spot, immediately turned around and looked at the person who had grabbed his shoulder.

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When the driver found that the person, who was grabbing his shoulder firmly, was surprisingly Lu Zijia, astonishment appeared all over his honest face.

The master looked so weak that it looked like he could carry her with one hand.
He had never thought that she would be so strong.

He was a middle-aged man with a fat big waist, but this master only used one hand to grab his shoulder firmly, making him unable to move any further.

The driver swallowed in difficulty and couldn’t help exclaiming in his mind, “Master is indeed a living immortal! She’s not like these ordinary people!”

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Lu Zijia retracted her hand and smiled casually.

“It’s alright.
If this fellow wants a battle, I’ll do it.
I’m free right now anyway,” she said as her gaze gradually landed on the Buddha beads that Master Dedao was holding in his hands.

The smile on her face became even more beaming, “However, since this is a battle, should there be a reward?

“I see that your string of Buddha beads look nice.
If I win, can you give it to me as a first-meeting gift?”

Normal people might not see what was special about this string of Buddha beads, but Lu Zijia could.
One of the beads in that string was glittering with a touch of golden light.

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The faint golden light was the Golden Light of Merit.
It seemed that the bead used to be worn by someone with great merit.

Things that had the Golden Light of Merit could be considered a small dharma weapon, which could be used to ward off small disasters.

As soon as Lu Zijia spoke like she was joking, Master Dedao’s expression immediately changed and his gaze instantly became extremely sharp when he looked at Lu Zijia.

“You liar, you’re too arrogant.
How dare you ask for my master’s Buddha beads, the thing that he values the most?” the young Taoist priest shouted outrageously.

After following Master Dedao for such a long time, the young Taoist priest certainly knew that the Buddha beads in his master’s hands were good stuff.

In fact, he had been envious of this string of Buddha beads for a long time, but his master treated it as his life so he hadn’t even been able to touch it throughout the years.

Lu Zijia ignored the shout of the young Taoist priest and looked at Master Dedao with a faint smile.

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