Not only that the clothes of the man and woman in front of her were in a mess, but they also exuded a different kind of smell.
Even though she had never experienced it before, she had seen it a few times in her previous life.

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Her deity-sense didn’t see these two people before.
Apparently, they just came back after finishing their business and happened to pass by this peach blossom forest.

Tut-tut, she only came out once at night and she met a pair of lovebirds.
She was truly unlucky.

Noticing the meaning behind Lu Zijia’s words, Xi Rou didn’t feel embarrassed at all.
Instead, she stood up straight like she was showing off her chest that was covered with hickeys.

Xi Rou was wearing a v-neck mini dress.
Anyone who wasn’t blind could see the obvious hickeys on her exposed skin.

“Hm! It’s none of your business that I made out with my man.
You’re truly nosy.”

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Xi Rou said as she habitually wanted to raise her hand to brush her long hair.
However, as soon as she raised her hand, a sharp pain immediately came from her right arm, making her face twist instantly.

Lu Zijia: “…” Did she care about their business? She was obviously just rebuking them!

Communicating with someone who didn’t have the same way of thinking was truly a bit like whistling in the wind!

“Ah Ying, look, my arm is still bleeding.
Why aren’t you bandaging it for me?”

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Unlike the arrogant and sharp look she had when she was facing Lu Zijia, Xi Rou stomped her feet like a spoiled child and looked at Gu Ying with a wronged face and soft body.

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However, this time, Gu Ying didn’t comfort her like he used to.
Instead, he pushed away the body that was leaning towards him.
“There’s no gauze here.
How am I supposed to bandage you?

“If you can’t bear the pain, go back first.
I still have something to do.
I’ll go back later.”

Gu Ying’s abnormality made Xi Rou feel even more aggrieved.
After hearing what he said in the end, she was immediately enraged.
“You have something to do? Why didn’t I know that?

“Ah Ying, I’m your woman.
We’ve just been together for a while.
You can’t do something bad to me behind my back!”

Xi Rou had been with Gu Ying for a while, so she certainly knew what kind of man Gu Ying was.
She knew that Gu Ying had had eyes on Lu Zijia just by observing and listening to him.

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Gu Ying frowned unhappily.
“Don’t think too much.
I really have something on.”

If it was his other women, Gu Ying would directly send them away at this moment, but Xi Rou was different.
She was still useful to him.
Even if he was already very impatient in his mind, he had to comfort her temporarily.

“Then tell me what it is.
If you don’t tell me why, I’ll be angry!”

Xi Rou kept asking, looking like she wouldn’t stop until Gu Ying told her.

Seeing Xi Rou’s gentle and pretentious behavior, Lu Zijia couldn’t help but have goosebumps all over her body.
She really couldn’t bear to torture her eyes anymore, so she planned to directly turn around and leave.

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But before she left, she had to give this pair of lovebirds a present.

However, when she was about to do something, Gu Ying turned his attention to her.

“Have you forgotten why we came here? That thing was still here just then and it’s gone now.
This woman must have taken it.”

Between beauty and interests, Gu Ying chose Xi Rou, this interest, without hesitation.

“Right, Ah Ying, I almost forgot about it if you didn’t remind me.
It’s all this woman’s fault.
She distracted me on purpose.
She’s totally despicable!”

Xi Rou stomped her feet furiously and put all the blame on Lu Zijia.

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In fact, she wasn’t distracted by Lu Zijia at all, but by Gu Ying…

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