Chapter 284: A Whole Family of Troublemakers (2)

Seeing that her son was supporting her, Grandma Qian, who was originally a bit scared, immediately became bolder again.
Her finger that was pointing at the middle-aged police officer almost poked his nose.

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The middle-aged police officer wasn’t angry at all.
Instead, he smiled.
“Qian Daqing, not only did you interfere with the police’s work, but you even tore up the evidence here.
We have the right to arrest you right now.

“If you have something to say, say it at the police station!”

The middle-aged police officer immediately waved his hand and said powerfully, “Brothers, take them away!”


The police officers, who had been dissatisfied with the troublesome mother and son for a long time, immediately went forward and cuffed the hands of Qian Daqing and Grandma Qian.

Qian Daqing looked burly, but the two police officers who detained him weren’t bad either.
Seeing that Qian Daqing wasn’t obeying, they directly put his hands behind his back.

“Let go, let go out me.
Who are you to arrest me? I’m warning you, you better let me go, or I’ll make you suffer!”

Even at this moment, Qian Daqing still didn’t know fear.
He stared at the middle-aged police officer fiercely, as if he wanted to eat him alive.

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“Help! Help! The police are killing people! The police are killing people! Everyone, come and take a look! The police trample people like mud and ashes.
This is unreasonable! Come and take a look!”

Seeing that she and her son were about to be escorted into the police car, Grandma Qian started yelling at the top of her lungs again since she couldn’t escape.
Those words were as ridiculous as one could imagine.

Luckily, everyone present witnessed the entire process, so no one felt pity for Grandma Qian.
Many people even clapped and cheered in their minds.

This showed how much people disliked the Qian family.

The cops ignored the shouts of the troublesome mother and son, and insisted on taking them to the police car..

“Wait!” The female police officer, who had walked away for a while, suddenly ran over and shouted.

The police officer, who was about to escort the mother and son of the Qian family into the car, subconsciously stopped what he was doing and looked at the female police officer who spoke.

Seeing that everyone was looking at her, the female police officer immediately looked a bit embarrassed, but she still said quickly, “Captain, I just asked people in the station to check and found that Yang Xifeng (Grandma Qian) is a recidivist.
She has committed fraud at least five times.

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“And Qian Daqing, he was released after being caught for stealing a few times.
The station has just found out that Qian Daqing has committed burglary again three days ago and injured the Lady of that family with a knife.
Right now, we still don’t know if the Lady is alive.

“In other words, Qian Daqing’s crime didn’t just obstruct police officers and destroy evidence, but also committed intentional murder.

“These crimes together are enough for him to spend the rest of his life in prison!”

As the female police officer talked about the evidence, everyone present, whether it was the cops or the onlookers, felt especially relieved.
They finally felt like they had brought the scourge of society to justice.

Compared to the relief that everyone else had, Qian Daqing finally panicked, but he still tried to explain himself, “Nonsense! I was at home three days ago.
How would I possibly hurt anyone?

“You’re slandering me.
You cops are slandering me on purpose!

“I’m filing a complaint! I’m filing a complaint!”

The middle-aged police officer ignored his quibble and said fairly and seriously, “The judge will decide if you’re innocent or not.”

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As soon as he finished talking, the middle-aged police officer waved his hand again, signaling the others to take the man to the police car quickly.

The mother and son of the Qian family were still yelling, but nobody paid attention to them.
They completely ignored the two of them.

“Well done.”

The middle-aged police officer raised his hand and patted the female police officer’s shoulder as he said with admiration.

The female police officer scratched her head in embarrassment.
“Thank you, Captain.
In fact, I thought Qian Daqing looked a bit familiar, so I asked people in the station to check.
I didn’t expect that they would really find something.

“But Captain, can you do your best to do justice for Qiu Ansheng? He was so young.
He shouldn’t be…”

Speaking of this young man, Qiu Ansheng, the female police officer couldn’t help but feel pity and sorry in her mind.

The middle-aged police officer nodded.
“Don’t worry.
These two are recidivists.
They probably won’t be able to come out for the rest of their lives.”

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Hearing that, the female police officer finally smiled.

“Let’s go.”

Seeing that the problem was solved, Lu Zijia wasn’t interested in staying any longer.
She directly got up and walked outside.

“Thank you, master, thank you, thank you…”

Qiu Ansheng’s extremely sobbing voice with infinite gratitude entered Lu Zijia’s ears.

Apparently, he was satisfied with how it ended for Grandma Qian.

“Auntie, auntie, here, here, I’m here!”

As soon as Lu Zijia and Jin Junyi walked to the entrance of the community, they heard a childish yet excited voice.

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