My Werewolf Girlfriend

A werewolf thief

The trio managed to reach the assigned classroom before the final bell.

By the time they settled on the empty benches, the twins were a panting mess. Meanwhile, Lavelle was fresh a morning grass on their lawn. As a werewolf, she had great stamina and the run that they had now was just a warm-up for her.

Lavelle sensed the twins gaze on her and decided to tease them more, ”I really hate the stench of sweat ” to be more dramatic, she wrinkled her nose and eyed the twins, ”Ah! My sensitive nose can take this anymore ”

A vein popped on Clairs forehead. She didn want to lose so taunted back, ”What are you a dog? ”

Lavelles smile froze and she glared at Clair, ”You…..Im not a dog but a wol….. ”

Celeste stopped Elle from sprouting further by pressing her palm against her cousins mouth. She cast a glance at the other students around them nervously and glared at Elle, ”Be careful, will you!? What if others hear? ”

Elles eyes went wide in realization. She cast a thankful gaze at her cousin and sat silently in her seat until the professor arrived.

After a few moments, a stern-looking lady with dark blonde hair styled in a low bun entered the classroom. Her heels clicked with every step she took and her red eyes peered at all the students.

Elle felt the professors eyes stop on her at some point but was not sure because the gaze stayed for a mere second before it moved. She didn know why, but Elle felt slightly unnerved by that daunting gaze.

She curiously started to observe the professor as the latter parted her lips and started to introduce herself, ”Hello everyone. Im Hera Sullivan and I will be your homeroom teacher for your coming years ” She gave a tight smile and added, ”You can address me as Mrs. Sullivan ”

Finishing her words, she wasted no more time before starting her first class.

”Such a snob of a teacher for our first class! ” Elle heard someone whisper and turned towards them.

A beautiful girl with raging red hair styled into curls and blue eyes came into her view. And as though feeling a gaze on her, the girl turned towards Lavelle and mouthed, What are you looking at peasant?

Your ugly face mouthed back Lavelle without batting her eyelids. She was already in a bad mood because of that rich boy back in the corridor and couldn stop herself from blurting out as the girl said the same word as the boy.

She worked hard for getting admitted to this prestigious college and would continue to work hard to prove herself worthy but that did not mean for her to cater to some spoiled rich girls ego. All of them were here to study and that is the only thing she would do.

The girl glared at Elle but she ignored her before turning back to face the teacher

After a long lecture, the bell finally rang and class ended. Mrs. Sullivan packed up her things before turning to them, ”Make sure to take a tour around the campus to familiarize yourself. Have a good day ”

Elle looked as the teacher left the room with those words. The University was stricter than she imagined. The teacher didn even ask the students to introduce themselves until the end. She sighed and just turned toward her cousin to inquire about the next class but stopped due to an interruption.

The same red-haired girl slammed her hands on Elles bench and shouted, ”How dare you say that to me? Do you even know who I am? I can deport you back to wherever you came from in mere seconds! ”

Celeste and Clair were startled by the loud bang and looked at the strange girl with perplexed eyes. The girl was going on with her rambles about how she is the most popular girl in the university and how they should bow down to her if they want a quiet college life. They glanced in between their calm-looking cousin and the red girl not understanding the issue.

Meanwhile, Elle calmly stared at the raging girl and said, ”I just replied to your question ”

”What? ”

Elle leaned toward the girl and smirked when she backed away, ”You asked me about what I saw and I truthfully replied ”

Amidst all this, What many failed to notice was Elles dark brown eyes turning into brilliant golden colour.

”What did you say, Elle? ” Clair whisper yelled and that broke her haze. Her eyes turned back to normal as she continued to stare at the girl.

At this point, the entire class was looking at them, and the red-haired girl bit her lips and glared at Elle, ”Just you wait! I will make sure you pay for this! ”

And with that, the girl stormed out of the classroom with her friends following behind her.

Celeste sighed in relief before turning toward her cousin, ”What is this about Elle? ”

”Nothing ” Elle shrugged as she got up from her bench but Celeste pulled her back before giving her a serious look.

Elle sighed, ”It is nothing serious Cel ” then she pulled both her cousins out of their seats while saying, ”Come on, let us go and tour the campus ”

Celeste looked skeptical but soon followed them.

Meanwhile, Elle cast a glance at her and sighed in relief. Celeste is the mother hen out of the three and she worried almost about everything.

”Yes, lets go! ” her other cousin, Clair enthusiastically agreed with her, and that led them to explore the entire campus.

Whereas outside the classroom near the corridor, the same red-haired girl scrutinized Elle leaving with her cousins.

”Whats wrong, Krystal?

Krystal turned back at her friends with a frown on her face, That new girl…..isn she weird?

”What do you mean by weird? Her friends were confused by Krystals words.

Krystal bit her nails, a small habit of hers that she did whenever she felt nervous. She was sure! she definitely saw that new girls eyes turn golden back then. That was why she left without teaching that girl a lesson.

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