Chapter 8 : Onii-sama's Return


Did she hit her head, or was she possessed by something, On the contrary, did the possession fall? Three years ago, there were people who still didn't know about the sudden change in Miriella, which caused various speculations among the servants.

It was Edmond, who was two years older than Miriella's older brother.

He entered the Royal Academy and entered the academy's dormitory just before Leon remembered the “memories of the previous era”.

The academy allows admission at the ages of nine, twelve, and fifteen.
Basically, the sons of noble families and excellent children will be enrolled early.
Speaking of the Duke's house, it is recognized as a Great nobility.
Edmond, the eldest son of the Duke of Fowders, entered the Royal Academy at the age of nine, without exception.

It is said that Edmond will come home for Miriella's 10th birthday, which is rare.
In the three years since he entered the school, his father and mother would visit him from time to time at the academy, so he never bothered to go home.
Miriella, on the other hand, had no particular thoughts about her brother's return home.

Miriella lived with her brother until she was seven years old.
Until then, Miriella was spoiled by her parents, she had no adults to take care of her, and she was a selfish young lady.
Her brother's shadow wasn't particularly present in her life, and she didn't have much interaction with her siblings.

While listening to Miriella's story during tea time, Leon tried to dig up memories of the otome game that were disappearing from his head.

Speaking of the Royal Academy, it is the stage of “Honey Coloured Rhapsody”.
Five years from now, the world of that game may begin.

[TL note: the raw title is (蜂蜜色のラプソディ -> Hachimitsu-iro no rapusodi), 'Hachimitsu-iro' means {color of honey (colour); honey-colored; honey-coloured}]

“I do need to summarize the story related to the game at least once.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I told you before.
I saw the future of me and Miriella in the previous era, is what I said.
It seems that I have forgotten about it recently, so I was thinking it would be better to write it down in a diary or something.”

Miriella muttered “I see” and sipped chamomile tea, but she probably didn't understand it well.
After thinking for a moment, she timidly looked up at Leon.

Diaries are good, but I want to read manga again.”

Leon looks back at Miriella with a surprised face.

He gave her two mangas at first, but after that I only showed her a few four-panel mangas that he had drawn to pass the time.

The only other works he has drawn are those of Miriella and her friend Noel.
In the first place, Leon was preoccupied with living as Leon, and he had distanced himself from drawing manga.

As soon as Miriella said that she wanted to read manga with a serious face, his desire to create was stimulated.

“Lets see.
Shall I try drawing manga once again?”

“Oji-sama, really?”

Well, Miriella said she wanted to read it so.”

Saying that, Leon patted Miriella's small head.

For Leon, it has already been three years since he continued this life.

Leon, who had already grasped this country and this house, was ready to live a second life.
And at the same time, he had grown attached to Miriella, who was in the position of the villain's daughter in the otome game.

If possible, he don't want this little niece to be unhappy, and he want to do what he can for that.

He thinks Miriella has become quite obedient, following Leon's instructions at the beginning.
If she has this personality, she won't spontaneously become a villain.

However, it is also true that the power of action of a maiden who is in love is tremendous.
He wants her to avoid a love affair that conflicts with the main character of the game if possible.

Leon caressed Miriella, who looked embarrassed after being patted on the head, and patted her again.

Miriella, who seems embarrassed to be stroked on the head, Leon caressed and stroked her once more.




A week later.

It was a very sunny and warm spring day, and the servants of the Duke of Fowders family were happily doing their jobs.
Especially today, in the afternoon, the eldest son, Edmond, will come home, and after that, Miriella's birthday party will be held.

In the last three years, many servants were eagerly making preparations for Miriella, who had become a presence loved by everyone in the mansion.

“Ojou-sama! Wearing the dress for the party is after Onii-sama's welcome, so here it is for now.”  

Maille, the maid, raised her eyebrows when she saw Miriella grabbing a bright red and glossy dress.
Basically, Miriella likes red so much that she always chooses red for her matching clothes.
She mainly likes the red color that resembles Leon's silky hair, especially since she's developed a secret crush on him.

Knowing this, Maille tied the usual red ribbon around Miriella's head and brought her a cream-colored dress that was close to everyday wear.

After changing clothes and having lunch, A servant knocked on Miriella's room.
It is said that the carriage in which her brother Edmond is riding has arrived.
Miriella went to the entrance accompanied by two maids, Melisa and Maille.

Miriella, who arrived at the entrance where her father, mother, and Leon were also present, stood facing the front like everyone else.
Then, as if waiting for it, the heavy door opened.

“I'm home, Father, Mother! I'm home, Sister!!”

A boy soprano echoing from the entrance to the high atrium ceiling, coming set free by Edmond.

Beside the surprised Miriella and the others, “His tension is high huh”, Leon whispered.

The Duke and Duchess were accustomed to this, and calmly welcomed their son into their arms.

“Welcome home, Ed.
You must be tired.”

“It's okay Mother!”

Edmond speaks while gesticulating with a loud voice.
Next to Miriella who was pulling back, Leon raised his face with a twitch.

As for Miriella, her brother's memory is vague, so she can only think of him as someone with a loud voice.
But in front of her parents, she can't say that, so she chooses a safe greeting.

“It's been a long time, Onii-sama.
I hope you're doing well.”

“Oh? I feel like Miriella was more of a mean fox-like girl, but somehow you've changed! and I think it's good!”

Edmond calls out to Leon, ignoring the family who are at a loss for words.

“I heard that Leon Oji-sama stopped being a shut-in, compared to before it's like a different person! It's nice isn't it, I think we can get along from now on!”

With a high-pitched voice that seemed to attack the eardrums of people, Edmond silenced everyone.
People other than parents couldn't keep up with the character with too many habits, and the welcome ended in ambiguous terms.





“What was, that now?”

Miriella talks to Melisa while walking down the corridor.
Her tone was dumbfounded, but she wasn't angry.
three years ago, without knowing, the current Miriella has become a girl who wouldn't get angry just because someone spoke ill of her past-self.

On the other hand, Leon, who was walking beside her, was silent.

Miriella looked into his face with concern.

“Oji-sama, are you okay?”

Miriella, maybe we will need to have a strategy meeting.”

“What is a strategy meeting?”

Without answering the worried Miriella, Leon wandered back to his room.

Miriela looked at him from behind anxiously., wondering if Leon would properly attend her birthday party.

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