e was unwilling to approach the sphere, the same was not true for the other party. He couldn react when the sphere suddenly hit his cheek causing him to fall backwards, just at that moment it stopped.

”My goodness, are you all right? ” A young man emerged from the doorway and looked at him.

The young man had a short stature, brown hair combed to the side and gray eyes behind square lensed glasses, he wore a uniform like Peters except for an insignia that displayed majestically on his chest.

”What the hell was that? ”

”Hehehe, I had some trouble with that prototype. I was trying to see if I could control the direction in which the sphere flung itself. But apparently it didn work very well. ”

The young man smiled embarrassedly.

”Oh… ” The young man seemed to have thought of something as he looked at Peter. ”You
e Peter Fermi, aren you? ”

”How do you know my name? ”

”How do I know…? You
e pretty famous here on campus! Everyone knows the poor bastard who became the Cruel Queens partner. ”

So thats what it was all about? Peter felt exasperated. Olivia couldn be that bad, right? Why was everyone around him acting as if he had made a contract with the devil?

”By the way my name is Mark Davis, Im a freshman in the Research and Technology Studies Community. ”

”Research and Technological Studies? ” Peter had a lot of interest in this community.

Before he received the system, Peter had set for himself the goal of becoming an inventor in the future, even with the advent of the system this desire of his had not disappeared. Even with all the power in the world he would still be fascinated by the wonders of technology.

”That look… do you feel like joining our community? There are only crazy people there, but if you don mind you can take a look. ” Mark turned to go back into the room. ”Come on, you can come in. ”

”What? ”

e my roommate, right? Why else would you be here? ”

”Oh, thats right. ” Peter stood up, still a little bewildered by the blow he received.

Peter followed Mark, that place was a medium-sized space with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Although not an extremely luxurious place, the space looked quite comfortable.

”Since I arrived first I have already chosen one of the rooms, so you can have the other one. ” Mark sat down on the couch and began to use his cell phone.

Peter walked over to the television and turned on a video game player. Grabbing one of the controllers he sat down next to Mark and began to play an RPG game. These games usually made him quite relaxed, plus they could give him new ideas on how to deal with the system.

”Playing with a controller? Isn that kind of old-fashioned? ”

”I kind of like immersive VR, but sometimes its nice to play that way. VR sometimes feels like a weird kind of training. ”

”I can understand how it feels… ”

”I have a chip with Reaper Fighters on it, Im not talking about that shit its turned into these days… on that chip I have the classic version. ”

Peters eyes sparkled, this was a game he had always been interested in but had never found even online. The only versions that existed were the VR versions.

Mark walked over to the video game and inserted a chip into a slot on the side. Soon the image on the screen changed and they both started to play.

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