For a few seconds they both stared at each other in silence, totally disregarding the people around them. Everyone could clearly feel the tension between them.

Everyone wondered what kind of relationship there was between this stranger and the goddess of the Silver Moon Academy. After all, in everyones conception the youngest daughter of the Lewis family was an almost untouchable person.

Her cold and carefree attitude made it almost impossible for anyone to approach her.

”I, Danna Lewis, invite freshman Marcus Lewis to be my partner. ”

”I, Marcus Lewis, decline the offer. ”

Everyone had overheard the conversation last time, but seeing this scene repeated still didn fail to shock them.

The mere fact that Danna took the initiative to approach someone was already extremely inconceivable. But somehow she still ended up being rejected in the end.

Anyone who heard about this would consider this story to be an absurd joke.

Danna didn keep insisting. Her gaze turned momentarily to Peter, then she turned and walked off the stage leaving behind a crowd of stunned people.

Even when another veteran took the stage and announced a name, people still hadn recovered from the shock.

”Why didn you agree to be your sisters partner? ”

”Shes not my sister. ”

”Man, don you have the will to work things out? ”

”Its not that simple, Peter. That subject is very complicated. ”

Peter just looked at him and was silent. He already knew all the history behind the grudge that existed between Marcus and his family, in this case it was not his place to try to meddle in any way.

The two of them remained in the auditorium for some time. The students who became partners with some veteran had left a long time ago, the rest remained only in the hope of being chosen eventually.

Some other veterans even tried to recruit Marcus, they all wanted to know what was so great about this boy. Marcus in turn just refused them politely.

The only reason he remained there was to find out if Peter would end up being chosen by anyone.

System, what happens if no veteran chooses me? I can just ask to become someones partner…that would be shameful.

[The mission would fail.]

What happens if I fail a mission?

[You will have to deal with a punishment according to the difficulty of the mission.]

Why didn you say anything about this before? A vein protruded on Peters forehead.

[Living and learning, my dear host].

Peter felt a genuine urge to punch the system.

Where the hell had his Skill gotten such a shameless personality like that?

A short time passed, a cute looking girl came on stage and stood before everyone there. She had long black hair with a few pink streaks in her bangs, silky white skin, and a curvaceous body.

Her most prominent features were, without a doubt, her two round breasts that projected two huge peaks on her shirt, and her plump buttocks that swayed from side to side with every step she took toward the stage.

It was a mesmerizing sight.

”I, Olivia Adam, invite freshman Peter Fermi to be my partner. ”

Peter still felt that randomly joining one of the veterans was something extremely risky. However, he really needs a new skill to use in front of other people.

He wouldn be able to dodge that issue for much longer.

Besides, he didn want to have to deal with a punishment he knew nothing about. No matter how much he asked, the system refused to reveal any more information about it.

”I, Peter Fermi, agree to be your partner. ”

With no other choices, Peter decided to accept.

He could still use the system at times when no one was looking.

Some people looked strangely at Peter.

It was as if they were looking at a naive child, someone who had never really known the horrors of this world.

Peter was a little confused by this reaction and looked at Marcus.

Marcus realized that he expected an explanation.

”Well, Im not sure, but Ive heard that this girl is one of Medusas daughters. ”

”Medusa…? ” Peter took a moment to remember her. ”That heroine who hates all men? ”

”Thats right. Apparently, Medusas daughters have just as sadistic behavior as their mothers. According to some rumors, they usually specifically choose male partners who in the end are just going to be used as obedient slaves.

”What, but if something like that happened, wouldn the Academy intervene? ”

”I don know, but doesn it seem like a lot of coincidence that she specifically chose you? A guy who not long ago didn have an ability and was regarded as someone extremely weak. ”

Peter opened his mouth to say something, but hesitated.

Marcus theory was frighteningly plausible.

”Damn, man…why didn you warn me about this? ”

”How the hell would I know that you didn read the list of veterans on the website? We had two months to prepare. ”

Peter bowed his head in shame.

Inside he cursed himself and the system. Of all the people he could become partners with, a crazy woman was one of the least attractive options.

He felt that keeping the system secret would be much more difficult under these circumstances.

Olivia looked at Nicolas with a mysterious smile. She left the stage a few seconds later.

Peter shook his head and decided not to think about this subject any further.

He looked at some floating panels before his eyes.

[Mission Completed!]

[Become the partner of one of your veterans].

[Rewards: Red Electricity Skill, 10 attribute points, 20 System Coins]

How powerful is this skill?

[Red Electricity Lv1: The power to generate and control extremely powerful electrical charges. At its core, this energy carries corrosive and extremely lethal properties].

Peter stared at this panel with a complicated look.

The system was capable of giving him other skills. From the beginning this was almost a certainty for Peter. However, only at that moment was he really able to confirm this theory.

He couldn help but feel strange. It was as if he was carrying an extremely dangerous existence within him.

In fact, Peter felt as if he himself was this dangerous existence.

If discovered, a skill like the system would shake the whole world.

Three skills in a single person was the maximum number humanity had ever achieved.

All the stories that suggested the existence of humans with four or more skills were either unfounded rumors or exaggerated legends.

Peter, however, felt that the system had no limit.

As he evolved he could get infinite skills

And that was a completely frightening prospect.

System, what exactly are you?

He had lost count of how many times he had asked that same question.

[I am your skill].

And he had also lost count of how many times he had heard that same answer.

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