The sound of his footsteps echoed through the halls of a stately home. A small child ran happily along hugging a tattered red notebook.

This child had a thin body, red hair and white skin with a healthy tone. Even when sweat began to bead on his forehead, he kept running.

His steps stopped only the moment he tripped over his own feet and slammed his face against the ground.

”What the hell… ”. He grumbled as he stood up.

”What are you doing, Marcus? ”

Suddenly, a woman appeared and crouched down, looking softly at the child on the floor.

”Didn I already tell you not to run around the house? ”

”Mom! Mom! Look at that. ”Marcus immediately forgot his pain.

Getting up, he proudly opened the notebook in front of his wife and turned its pages to her. Drawn under the crumpled white sheets was a rustic drawing that looked like the strange union of colored rectangles.

”What would that be? ”. She laughed lightly.

”Thats going to be my uniform when I become a hero! ”

”Its really quite beautiful! ”

”I can wait until I can awaken my skill. ”

The woman was silent for a few seconds, her smile vanished momentarily, but Marcus didn notice. His main concern was admiring the drawing on the paper.

”I am sure you will be a very strong hero! ” She stroked Marcus hair and stood up.

”Don take too long to get ready. Dinner should be ready soon. Strong heroes need to eat a lot. ”

”All right. ” Marcus said before turning and starting to run.

When he reached the end of the hallway, he entered a room and slammed the door behind him quickly.

His room was huge, you could see a huge bed in one corner and several shelves attached to the wall stuffed with books. The walls were also overly decorated with drawings and posters of extremely old-fashioned superheroes.

Marcus threw the notebook on the bed mattresses and walked over to one of the shelves. He quickly pulled out a comic book, lay down on the mat, and began to read.

He felt absolutely amazed by the heroes and their deeds. He felt genuine admiration for the people who risked their lives for the sake of others.

This was the kind of person he wished he could be.

Someone in whom people could put their trust.

”What a horrible drawing! ” A voice suddenly said.

Marcus stood up with a jump, completely startled by the appearance of the sudden voice. When he looked at his bed, he could see a little girl lying carelessly.

”What the hell, Danna! Are you trying to scare me to death?! ”.

”No… but it is very funny to see you so scared. ”

”Our mother has already forbidden you to use your skill to break into my room! Why do you keep doing that? ”

”Ahahahahaha! ” Danna jumped out of bed and ran out of the room.

Before leaving, she flashed her tongue at Marcus and slammed the door.

Half an hour later, dinner was served. Marcus found himself in front of a table ten feet long, something really exaggerated for his small family of five.

A wide variety of food was positioned on its surface. Marcus eyes shone brightly as he swept over all the food with his gaze.

”Marcus….! ”

A man stopped him from pinching a piece of the roasted chicken.

”You remember what to do, don you? ”

”Yes, Dad… always thank our ancestors for abundant life. ” Marcus leaned back in his chair with a bored expression.

”Don worry, the chicken won run away. ” His father smiled as he saw his sons face.

”Wheres Jane? ”

Marcus mother asked suddenly.

”There are some events at the Academy today, she had to leave early. ”

”I see… ” She said.

The man stopped Marcus from attacking the food once again. Soon, everyone closed their eyes in prayer.

After everyone finished their prayers, the servants were finally allowed to serve the food. Marcus looked on in ecstasy the moment a middle-aged woman filled his plate with different delicacies.

”Thank you, Mabel. ”

The woman merely smiled in response and withdrew.

”Is there something good going on? Why do you have so much food here? ”

Marcus asked as he gorged himself. He was used to a full table every day, but nothing had come close to this.

”Im leaving on a long mission in a few days, this is something of a farewell dinner. ”

”Got it… ”

Marcus was used to these long missions that his father was assigned to.

The dinner followed in silence after that. In the end Marcus left with an extremely satisfied expression and a slightly stuffed belly.

After picking up his old notebook, he left the kitchen and headed for the backyard. After dinner he liked to sit by the pool and draw superheroes, for him this was almost a tradition.

I think I will draw Echos today, his costume is really cool. Its a shame they only exist photos in 4k I would like to see a 360 version. ”

He thought as he sat on the edge of the pool.

His reflection waved slowly in the still water. Slowly he picked up some crayons and began to draw on the surface of the notebook.

Honestly, this was considered a very primitive way of drawing for that time. But Marcus always liked to draw this way.

The crayon suddenly slipped from his hand. At this point, Marcus fumbled and ended up dropping his notebook into the water.

”No! ”

He reached out to retrieve it.

That notebook was one of the most important things to him, he honestly couldn afford to lose it.

Suddenly, an extremely violent impact hit his back. It was as if a cannonball had hit his body.

Marcus suddenly fell into the pool.

He was an extremely talented swimmer, but for some reason at that moment his body began to sink deeper and deeper into the water, as if there were iron bars attached to his feet.

He tried to struggle.

His desperate movements only served to make the water splash everywhere.

But no one came to his rescue.

A few minutes later Marcus stopped moving.

The water seeped dangerously into his lungs, causing him to drown, and slowly his consciousness began to fade.

His eyes suddenly widened, his pupils glowed with an intense blue light. At the same time his veins and arteries began to bulge in his body, emitting a glow of the same hue, but even more intense.

The sight was bizarre.

It was as if the childs body were a shell that was about to burst, a shell that held something frightening.

All memories of that instant were extremely cloudy in his mind.

When Marcus actually regained consciousness, he was extremely shocked.

Half of his house had been completely reduced to rubble. In the distance he could see the mutilated bodies of several employees, including the same maid who had served him dinner.

Sirens sounded from every corner.

His own family looked at him as if he were the devil himself incarnate.

”Mom…. Dad…! ”

”Get out of here right now you freak! ” His father shouted.

”But… ” Marcus couldn say anything. ”Mom… ”

His mother said nothing, just turned her back on him with a cold stare.

”Ill find a way to get you into a C grade school, but that will be the last thing I ever do for you. From now on you are no longer my son. ”

As he said these words his father turned and walked toward one of the few intact parts of his house.

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