Two months later.

A luxury car drove slowly through the streets of the city. It was a black car with four doors and tinted windows, and there was a small angel-shaped statue attached to the hood.

Peter watched the landscape carefully through the window.

A sense of anticipation and doubt took over his mind as his problems surfaced in his thoughts one after the other.

As he found out more about the system, he decided that it would be more appropriate to keep his real ability a secret.

At first he was a bit skeptical.

Even when he discovered that the system worked as a game he hadn given it much thought.

Only later did he finally understand the real importance of a power like the system. The power to evolve infinitely and receive other abilities was something frightening.

Peter would also be apprehensive if he knew that there was someone with such a power in his hands.

He was confused.

He lived with the constant fear that someone would eventually find out the truth.

In addition, his parents had been so shaken by the incident that they had basically put Peter in a suffocating bubble of overprotection.

He could not take a step out of his house without his mother or father dragging him back in.

This in a way slowed his progress towards the system. He definitely did not want to arouse any suspicion about his real power.

Especially in view of the fact that the government was watching him and Marcus.

Any misstep could be catastrophic.

”Hey, Peter…let me see your new ability. ”

”I still don know how to use my power very well. ”

Peter would not reveal this secret even to Marcus. It wasn as if his friend couldn be trusted, but a secret of that magnitude would surely be suffocating and dangerous.

”Man, either this ability is really awesome or you are really dumb. ”

”Shut up, asshole! ”

The driver ignored the childish bickering going on behind him.

”Well be at the Academy in 10 minutes. ”

Marcus turned around and sat in the car seat.

e getting there…but this is really great. Who knew you would awaken another ability just a week before your graduation. ”

”Really…but shes still a little weak, so shes not very useful. ”

”Thats just a matter of time. ”

The car stopped a few minutes later.

The driver soon got down from the car and opened the door for the pair of teenagers to get out. Honestly, Peter felt like a lady.

When they got out the two could see dozens of groups along the sidewalk around the campus.

On the faces of all the students it was easy to distinguish emotions like happiness, confidence, anxiety, anticipation….

”Come on, Peter. ”

Marcus guided him to walk through a huge double gate that remained wide open, as if opening its arms to welcome the new students of Silver Moon Academy.

They both walked along a brick walkway.

They watched in awe at the dozens of buildings scattered around each corner.

The building that caught their attention the most was a nearly 20-story building covered with mirrored panels.

On top of it was a huge statue of a man with long hair.

He wore a typical adventurers outfit and held an open book in his hands. There was also a sheathed sword attached to his waist.

Truly an image capable of inspiring the masses.

Peter was stunned by the sight of all those buildings lined up around that building. As if they were part of a battle formation with its main building as the center.

”So this is where we are going to study now… ”. Marcus said in anticipation. ”I wonder if there are any arcades around here? ”.

”Arcades are extremely rare to find these days. Anyone can have a video game at home, after all. ”

”I miss those simple games from before…damn VR with realistic pain sensors. ”

”Video games have become a kind of training for heroes, so its no wonder. ”

Marcus was about to say something, but stopped suddenly.

[You received a telepathic message, do you wish to listen?]

Is it someone with hostile intentions?

[Telepathic messages are usually not meant to hurt the target, but to pass some information on. Its like the most efficient **S in the world].

Then my choice is yes.

[ ”Welcome all Silver Moon Academy freshmen! ”]

[I, Principal Edward Smith, am honored to welcome all of you to our hero preparation Academy].

[ ”I am sure that in the future you will all become renowned warriors! ”]

[ ”Come to the auditorium located in the fifth building. I will be sending the coordinates to you. ”]

A new panel suddenly appeared in front of Peter. It was a circular map marking a bright spot a few meters ahead.

Peter had already interacted with the system map a few times before, so he wasn too surprised.

Without wasting any time, the two began to head for the auditorium.

The day was quite turbulent, both of them had to spend the whole day walking from one place to another to review the preparations for joining the academy.

However, compared to the day of the incident, this pressure was nothing.

What Peter didn understand was how that incident triggered the activation of the system.

He didn know that the man had helped him in some way.

Since that day this was a doubt that had always plagued him.

”What are you thinking about, Peter? ”

”That day… ”

”Yes… almost twenty of our colleagues died that day, fortunately most of them received only a few injuries. Lets stop thinking about it and hope they catch the culprits. ”

”I feel that things are not that simple. ”

”Aren they basically asking us to become disciples of some random people? ”

Peter looked at him and nodded his head in agreement.

He didn know what the purpose behind it was, but as soon as he heard the premise of becoming someones partner, he immediately dismissed it.

He didn want to take the risk of using the system around other people.

[New mission!]

[Become the partner of one of your veterans].

Are you kidding me?



Your sense of humor is kind of bizarre, system.

[This is your sense of humor too.]

Peter calmed down a few seconds later.

Is there at least one reward?

[Reward: Red Electricity Skill, 10 attribute points, 20 system coins].

The veterans came on stage one after the other.

Some students were chosen and were sincerely surprised by the offers. On the other hand, others were heartbroken that their veterans had already been snatched up.

”I, Mia Khelifa, invite freshman Mark Zucken to be my partner. ”

”I, Mark Zucken, accept. ”

This went on for some time.

A few minutes later, a senior left the stage and everyone looked in one direction.

A young woman came out from behind the curtains and stood in the middle of the stage. She was a girl with green eyes, blonde hair, and pale skin.

Even in her Academy uniform, the curves of her body were still very sharp, making her extremely attractive.

”Is that Danna? ” Someone said.

”Is that Danna? The daughter of the two strongest heroes in the country?! Orchid Rank 1 and Black Crown Rank 2?! ”

”Yes, besides, I heard that she has two equally beautiful sisters. One of them is already an officer of the hero association and the other one is doing an exchange in a country.

Danna did not mind these whispers and gossip.

Her gaze turned to one person in the crowd, as she said.

”I, Danna Lewis, invite freshman Marcus Lewis to be my partner. ”

”I, Marcus Lewis, reject the offer. ”

Peter looked at Marcus with a solemn expression and said:

”Dude, why didn you agree to be your sisters partner? ”

”Haven I told you a thousand times? Shes not my sister. ”

”I understand… ”

Several looks of anger, envy and confusion pierced him from all sides. Everyone was interested to know who was the person who dared to refuse one of the Academys stars.

”Who is this guy? ”

”Does he even know who the person he just turned down is? I don believe it! ”

”But isn their last name a little similar? I wonder if… ”

”Impossible! Ive never heard of any Marcus in the Lewis family. ”

”Yes. And also many parents like to give their children celebrity names. ”

”Shut up, Justin Bieber. Not all parents are like yours. ”

Marcus ignored the whispers around him and frowned. Above the stage, Danna looked at him with an indifferent expression.

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