My Supreme Hero System

My Supreme Hero System

Peter stopped hesitating and started running against the tide of students trying to escape.

Peter began to ignore his own fatigue, his wounds seemed to become more and more irrelevant as the adrenaline rushed aggressively through his body.

It didn take long for him to reach the main building. He quickly made his way through the lobby, kicked open a door, and started up the stairs.

Although it was quite tempting, using an elevator in that situation was extremely risky.

Peter quickly climbed several floors. The fatigue in his body no longer seemed important, as he climbed several flights of stairs without a pause.

He finally passed through the door that led to the top floor. His eyes widened as he saw the scene that unfolded.

A tall man with long red hair, dressed in an extravagant robe, was lifting a thin young man by the neck as he stared at him. His narrowed eyes seemed to suggest that he was about to end that young mans life.

The man was paying attention to the young man in his hands, so he could not react when a fist suddenly appeared in his field of vision and struck him in the face.


The man let the unconscious young man fall to the ground as he staggered backwards.

Peter wasted no time.

Before the man could pull himself together, Peter rushed over and wrapped his arms around his neck. Without hesitation, Peter pulled the mans face down as he raised his knee striking the mans face once again.

A cracking sound sounded as some of the mans teeth fell out along with his blood.

Peter didn want to give the enemy any chance to think.

That man was able to defeat Marcus easily, so he must be extremely strong.

With a spin, Peter prepared to deliver another kick to the mans head.

This time, however, the man raised his hand and grabbed Peters leg.

With a single wave of his hand, Peters body slammed against a wall.

”Damn! You really scared me, kid. ” The man stood up.

There was no longer any trace of injury on his face.

”If you had used an ability, you probably would have lasted longer than that. ”

He looked at Peter for a few seconds….

”Wait a minute…are you disabled? ”

He walked over to Peters unconscious body and pressed a hand against his forehead.

The mans eyes instantly widened.

”What a frightening existence! How can something like that exist? ” It took a while before he could pull himself together. ”For some reason your power seems dormant…perhaps I can give you a little help. ”

The man pulled a shining crystal from his cloak. At the same time, the whole environment seemed to cool down, the pressure emitted by that single crystal would be enough to knock out even some of the weaker heroes.

The man looked at the crystal and then looked at Peter.

With a smile, he pressed the crystal against the young mans forehead.

”Grow up boy…! I want to see how strong you can become. ”

Soon the crystal began to glow even more intensely before being completely absorbed into Peters forehead.

When it was all over, the majestic glow and pressure it emitted had completely disappeared.

The woman suddenly appeared beside the man. They both soon held hands before disappearing in a burst of black energy.

[An energy source has been detected, do you want to begin absorption?]

[The host is currently unconscious, starting absorption!]]

[1%… 13%… 46%… 87%… 100%]

[The Supreme Gaming System has been initiated!]

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