My Supreme Hero System

My Supreme Hero System

”I don know whats going on…but it looks very serious. ”

Marcus body was shrouded in a blue glow as he shot toward the hooded figure. Clenching his fists, he gathered all his strength and attacked forward.

His ability was able to raise all his physical attributes to a new level when activated. It also gave him more senses and a new perception of the world when used.

Marcus blow did not hit its target.

Suddenly, a leg slammed into his stomach, causing him to fly across campus like a broken kite.

”Holy crap… ”

His body slid for several feet on the ground, creating a huge trail of dirt across the campus. His body only stopped when a small pile of dirt and grass had already gathered around him.

”Peter! Are you okay? ” asked Marcus.

”Yes, I am. ” Peter emerged from behind a tree.

”Wheres that guy? ”

”He went into the main building, ” the security guards fled at the first sign of danger. ”Pedro replied.

”Sons of bitches! ”

”Besides, it wasn a man, that person is probably a woman. When she kicked him I saw the silhouette of his leg and a bit of his features. ”

Frightening roars echoed around them, three wolves made purely of black energy suddenly appeared before them. The wolves growled aggressively as they directed a fierce gaze at the pair.

Marcus face instantly turned white, the presence emitted by those three beasts was greater than anything he had ever felt in his entire life.

He felt that a single attack from these beasts would be enough to kill him a million times over.

Still, he was not intimidated.

Marcus suddenly appeared in the space above a wolf and threw a punch. At the same time, the wolf opened its jaw and pointed at him.

Peter was instantly paralyzed. If these attacks collided with each other, Marcus would definitely lose one of his hands.

But what Peter feared didn actually happen.

In mid-air Marcus twisted his body and spun around a few times before hitting the back of the wolfs head with a kick.

Upon receiving the attack, the wolfs body disappeared in a burst of dark energy and reappeared a few seconds later in front of Marcus.

”I can even hit these things…but they seem to regenerate. ”

Marcus frowned with a determined expression. He would do his best to hold those beasts in that place until such time as a hero arrived to resolve the situation.

A wolf lunged toward Marcus with its jaw open. Marcus easily dodged it and punched the wolf in the belly.

Again, it poured out in a burst of energy and reappeared.

This continued for several minutes. The beasts could not match Marcus speed, but Marcus could not put a definitive end to these things.

He couldn leave these monsters alone. After all, the other students were not as strong as him and would probably die fighting.

Suddenly, a rock traveled quickly through space and passed right next to Marcus before hitting one of the wolves. Upon being hit, the wolf disappeared in a burst of energy and did not return.

Marcus was amazed.

A hero had finally arrived!

To destroy those invincible wolves with a single stone, the hero should be at least A-class or even S-class.

When he turned around Marcus was almost drunk with the possibility of meeting a celebrity. He cracked a wide smile, preparing to greet his savior.

Seconds later, his smile crumbled.

The only thing he saw was Peter unhesitatingly holding a handful of small stones as he threw them forward.

”Peter?! How the hell did you kill that thing?! ”

Peter continued throwing the stones.

”And how can you miss so much? Your aim is terrible! ” Marcus complained!

”You imbecile! These monsters are not meant for combat, they are just illusions created to keep you busy. ”

”What, but… ”

”She purposely created the illusion of a beast weaker than you, but stronger than the people around you. ” Peter explained. ”I was already a little suspicious of these wolves, when you gave the first attack I confirmed my theory. ”

Peter threw another stone forward and killed another wolf.

”When you attack these illusions they always come back, but it is possible to destabilize the electrical waves of this ability with any kind of liquid. I am using my own blood. ”

Marcus bowed his head as a blush appeared on his face.

”But thats a good sign. ” Peter spoke suddenly. ”If she resorted to that, even with that monstrous strength, she probably has little time to do what she came to do. ”

”Sound the fire alarm. Ill see if I can slow that girl down. ”

”Youd better not. If she decides to fight you, its very likely youll end up dead. ” Peter was silent for a few seconds and then suggested. ”Go around destroying everything you see in front of you, the bigger the better. Try to get the attention of a hero. ” ”

”Right! ” Marcus replied.

”Be careful not to get killed. ” Peter said before turning around.

”You too… ”

After waving to each other, they ran off going in opposite directions.

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