My Supreme Hero System

Opposite directions

[The system needs more power to start up]

Peter opened his eyes slowly, his blurred vision slowly adjusting to his surroundings.

As usual, the first thing he saw that day was a red, translucent screen with an annoying text message. Like an insistent notification that would not go away for anything.

In this world there were people with extraordinary powers.

Some could fly, others shot plasma beams from their hands, already Peter had been born with an error screen in his mind. As if something inside him was completely broken.

”How lucky I am… ”

That phrase was the first thing he said when he woke up.

Peter had black hair and green eyes, his skin was pale and even though he didn have a robust physical constitution, his athletic body was still capable of causing envy in many hot-blooded young men.

Some books and magazines fell to the floor when he stood up.

The two huge bags under his eyes were a clear indication of his unregulated sleep.

Peter had been born with a deficient natural ability, that is, a useless ability. This kind of condition was not common among people, but it was not extremely rare either.

All humans in this world are born with a natural ability. Depending on the person the ability could vary in strength and be used for different purposes.

Some people unlocked cooking skills, while others could unlock a skill that could easily destroy a city.

This was an extremely random process that depended entirely on a persons genetics and luck.

Skills are generally ranked from D to A. Generally because in some cases some people could unlock F or S class skills.

Peter had an F class skill

A terro screen that served no purpose other than to suddenly appear in his daily life like an annoying fly.

Due to his condition, he would at most be qualified to enter a class F school suitable for the disabled.

But incredibly his father managed to get him a place in a good C grade school near his home. In fact, it was an extremely inferior school to Class S or A schools, but it wasn as if he could expect any more than that.

His room was large. In one corner was a single bed with a desk beside it, a bookcase under a thin television hanging on the wall, and a huge closet beside it.

Peter turned on the television and picked up a video game controller. He browsed through his endless library of games and started a random RPG game.

”Ive never played that one…I wonder if its interesting? ”

”Peter…! Peter! ”

”What? ”

The door opened and a woman in her thirties entered the room.

Anyone who saw her would be completely shocked, that woman was ranked ninth among the ten strongest heroes in the entire country. A truly elite human capable of obliterating countries.

In the past her nickname became ”divine knight ”, because her battle clothes resembled medieval armor.

His father was ranked fifth among the strongest heroes. Known by his nickname ”Chaos ” he could turn most of his enemies into dust.

”Get up, you
e going to school today. ”

”No, let me finish this match. ”

Going to a place where everyone mocked him daily?

No, thank you.

”Do you really want to waste your fathers efforts to put you in that school? ”

Peter didn answer, he pretended to be engrossed in his game.

Suddenly the control in his hands began to flicker violently, his mother narrowed her eyes and made a small gesture with her hand. Soon the control flew out of Peters hands and crashed into the wall.

”Hurry up! ”

Arriving in the classroom Peter sat down in a chair and looked out the window.

The sound of cars and the singing of birds drew his attention a lot, in fact any kind of external stimulus was able to hold his attention in such a boring environment as this.

”My class is so boring, Peter Fermi. ” The professor suddenly asked.

”No, its quite interesting. ” Peter said without looking away from the window.

”In that case, who was the hero responsible for saving an entire city in the Thousand Souls incident 200 years ago? ”

”It was the hero known as Echoes, and the incident happened not 200 years ago, but 213 years ago. ”

A huge blush formed on the professors face. He had to restrain himself not to throw that student out the window.

He was completely furious.

How could a handicapped person not pay attention to his class and yet humiliate him in front of everyone?

Peter noticed the teachers anger, but he didn care.

During the entire class, he stood still and peered out the window.

At recess.

Kicks and punches rained down on his face. The group of three young men gave him no room to strike back.

”Hehehehehehe… you dumb trash, why don you lose help for your father? ” One of the young men laughed.

”A trash like that still dares to step foot here…do you have shit on your head? ”

Another young man kicked him in the stomach.

The leader of the group stepped forward and grabbed the collar of Peters shirt, with a twist of his arms he threw him several feet forward.

”Julio, can we use our skills? ”

”Sure, nobody cares what happens to that trash. ”

The young mans eyes sparkled as the ten fingers of his hands extended forward, converging on several silk whips.

The ten whips simultaneously wrapped themselves around Peters neck, depriving him of all air.

Peter could no longer speak, his body struggling desperately as he was lifted ten feet above the ground.

His face turned completely red, the only thing he could utter was some strange grunts.

The other young mans speed increased abruptly. He began to run in circles around Peter throwing punch after punch at his immobilized body.

Julios fists were coated with a strange liquid. It seemed extremely malleable but had the texture and durability of a rock.

After gathering strength in his arms he punched Peters stomach hard.

”Just another normal day. ” Peter closed his eyes and smiled wryly.


A young red-headed man ran towards them shouting. Instantly some lines of blue energy spread across his body like spider webs. The aura his body emitted seemed to burn with determination.

Without hesitation he reached the scene and punched one of the bullies in the face.

”Tsc, its Marcus again, lets go. ”

Without hesitation the other two bullies ran away.

Marcus did not chase the two, he turned to Peter and said:

”How are you? Can you stand up? ”

”Hehehe, thats nothing, but… is that guy still alive? ”

Peter looked at the bully falling trapped in a hole in the wall.

”I don know… well, that doesn matter much, lets go soon. ”

Peter stood up and wiped away the dust that covered his clothes nonchalantly, looking at the blood splattered on the floor he smiled and said:

”Well, at least I didn lose any teeth this time. ”

”What the hell are you saying? How can you be such an idiot?! ” Marcus said angrily.

”What? ”

”Peter, you may even have an F-class ability, but I know full well that you have enough strength to ward off those assholes. ”

”Ahahahaha, don be so angry Marcus. Look on the bright side…my immunity to pain has increased quite a bit. ”

”Man, you really are weird. ”

The two looked around and headed across campus towards one of the school buildings.

Peter and Marcus have been friends since they both enrolled in that school 4 years ago.

Marcus was without a doubt one of the best students in the school. He had good grades and an extremely powerful ability, for his performance he would be a model student even in a grade A school.

Peter was the best in the theory classes. It was not a supernatural ability but he had a photographic memory and extremely accurate logical reasoning.

His physical performance was still at human standards but it was higher than average for boys his age, so he didn have much trouble staying enrolled.

”Well, what are you going to do after here? ” Marcus asked.

”What do you mean? ”

”Well… your skill isn very good, so what are you going to do with your life? ”

”I think Im going to become an inventor. Ive always been interested in assembling electronic devices. ”

”Possibly… ”

”What about you? ”

”Im not sure… I think Ill try Silver Moon Academy. ”

”Ohh… you dream big. ”

”Actually… ”

Peter stopped suddenly.

His gaze instantly sharpened as he looked in a certain direction.

Further ahead was a person walking slowly towards the main entrance of the school. This person was wearing a long, gray cloak along with a hood, so Peter could not distinguish his appearance.

”Peter? ” Marcus asked as he noticed his friends behavior.

Peter didn answer, his eyes were still on the back of that person.

Walking quickly he reached the hooded figure in just a few seconds.

”Hey you! ”

Peter placed his hand on that persons shoulder.

Instantly the hooded figure turned around and pushed his palm forward.

At that moment a devastating shock wave crashed against Peters body.

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