Li Qingzhou had contacted Liu Bohuai for another meeting time and it was still at the Lan Yuan Clubhouse.

The discussion was simple.

And that was because Li Qingzhou was well prepared.
For one thing, when he was at Yanjing University, he’d had Fang Xiyan record the entire process of explaining and testing the car’s intelligent AI.

The second was the academic paper that was about to be published on an international network of authoritative papers.

— The little guy in the bubble sat proudly with his legs crossed and a red ribbon tied around his forehead with the words ‘Sure to win’ written on it.

Li Qingzhou himself had a serious and stern look, his expression flat and unchanging.

However there was no sign of complacency or bravado on his face because of his research into intelligent AI for cars.

Liu Bohuai’s eyes swept untraceably over the top of his head and then he twirled the Buddhist beads in his left hand before saying, “Mr.
Li, I have read all the information you have brought.”

“What does Mr.
Liu think?”

“It’s very good, a…..
future well worth waiting for.”

Liu Bohuai continued, “Since Mr.
Li has given sufficient proof, then the Liu family is sure to cooperate with the Li family We can have the contract drawn up later…..”

Li Qingzhou suddenly said at this point, “Mr.
Liu, our mutual cooperation is inevitable, there is no doubt about that.”

“But, the Liu family’s cooperation is not with the Li family, but with me.”


Li Qingzhou once again took out a document, placed it on the table, opened it and pushed it slowly in front of Liu Bohuai.

He said, “This is the company I recently set up and registered.”

“Qingzhou Smart Technology Ltd…..”

Liu Bohuai read the name on the document softly then he looked up and said, “Does Mr.
Li want to break away from the Li family?”

[Of course not.
It’s just to take precautions against certain people who are poisonous and stupid….]

Li Qingzhou shook his head but said nothing more.

Lowering his eyes, Liu Bohuai nodded: “In that case, I respect Mr.
Li’s wishes — the Liu family’s cooperation is with only Mr.
Li himself.”

“Many thanks, Mr.

[Yay~ I knew I was the best!]

–The little guy in the bubble jumped up and down happily with his hands above his head in a scissors position, a ‘win’ on his forehead and ribbons falling all around him.

Liu Bohuai took a sip from his cup of tea.


Zou Ming and Fang Xiyan went forward to draw up the contract and then they were able to sign it immediately afterwards, confirming their cooperation.

Li Qingzhou never wanted to go to any washroom outside.

But he’d had no choice but to drink some tea during the negotiations.

However at this moment what he was experiencing…… If he could endure then he would endure it and if he couldn’t endure it, he still had to hold it in!

So, Liu Bohuai saw that the little guy in the bubble gradually shriveled up with a painful expression on his face, the red band on his head with the words ‘Sure to win’ suddenly changing to black.

And then a big word ‘endure’ appeared in the middle instead of ‘win’.

At first, the little guy sat on his knees in the bubble.

Then slowly, as time passed, the little guy changed from sitting on his knees to lying on his back with his buttocks tilted up as he put his head on the ground….
and occasionally changed his angle to continue lying down.

Liu Bohuai heard a humming sound coming from the bubble on top of Li Qingzhou’s head– [To go or not to go, to go or not to go…..]

The little guy in the air bubble probably just couldn’t lie down anymore because he got up, his round face wrinkled into a bun from the pain of holding it in, his hands covering down his body….
as he jumped from one foot to the other alternately.

If he continued to endure, the urine would suffocate him!

[I can’t be the first person to let urine suffocate me to death!]

Li Qingzhou finally told Liu Bohuai that he had to leave for a while.

Liu Bohuai nodded then watched Li Qingzhou turn his wheelchair out of the door with a bemused expression….
with the little guy in the bubble having an expression that read ‘hurry up, hurry up’.

Because of his legs, it wasn’t easy to do anything and he did need help some of the time.

But it was precisely because of this that Li Qingzhou didn’t like to bother people with everything.

–Especially when going out to the washroom.

This was something he had to do himself.

The good thing was that the Lan Yuan Clubhouse had all the amenities, even the washroom was airy, odorless and decorated to look like a hotel room for people to stay in.

It was also very well designed to accommodate people with disabilities.

Li Qingzhou was quite content as he washed his hands after using the washroom.

The washbasins outside had both high and low sinks.

He went over to the low one and there was a man standing next to him, washing his hands….
the sound of the water flowing gradually stopped and the man finished washing his hands but didn’t go away immediately.

Li Qingzhou could feel the other man’s gaze falling on him, as if sizing him up.

He often encountered such ‘gawking’ when he was out and about so it was normal and there was no need to care.

Li Qingzhou calmly washed his hands, took out a paper towel, used it, threw it into the paper basket…… and then tried to turn his wheelchair to leave.

But who knows, his path was blocked.

Putting his hand on the wheels, Li Qingzhou lifted his head: “What can I do for you?”

The man standing in front of him was probably in his early twenties, young, handsome and with a fashionable perm and curly brown hair.

Hearing Li Qingzhou’s voice, the man smiled and said, “Nothing, I just want to make friends with you.”

Li Qingzhou: “……?”

Crazy, who made friends in the bathroom?!

The man was very sincere as he said, “It’s fate that we’ve meet each other.
Big brother, why don’t you give me a phone number and we’ll be in touch in the future.”


Li Qingzhou frowned, “Did you….
just, come out of an institution?”

The mental hospital?

Ge Yue was surprised, “Eh, how do you know?”

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