intelligent car.”

Qiao, what do you think?”

Qiao Huanming naturally thought it was very feasible!

Besides — it was too exciting to be able to be personally involved in the development of the first AI car of the future.

He couldn’t say no and definitely wouldn’t say no!


After watching Qiao Huanming leave,

Li Qingzhou looked at the time and said, “Xiyan, at this hour, the medical department should be finished with classes soon, right?”

Fang Xiyan nodded: “Indeed.”

Li Qingzhou opened his mouth, “Then let’s go to the medical department.”

–He was hungry and the food at Yanjing University was good.
He should let the female protagonist treat him!

Fang Xiyan turned the wheelchair in a different direction obediently and pushed Li Qingzhou towards the medical department.

He had previously felt that President Li treated Miss Xu inexplicably colder in the time since the car accident ……

But now it seemed that it might have been an illusion.


In the original book, the female protagonist Xu Mengning was haunted by the fact that ‘Li Qingzhou’ was injured by a heavy object in order to save her, which left him disabled.

So, when filling out her application for the college entrance examination, she chose the medical faculty of Yanjing University.

Today, a medical lecture was being held in the medical department of Yanjing University.

And Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan got there just when the class ended.

He had expected to have a hot meal shortly afterwards, but sometimes…..
things always turned out to be the opposite of what one expected.

What was going on now?

Xu Mengning was blocked in the open space outside the medical department with a number of students gathered in twos and threes around her.

Some were pointing and some were watching the excitement.

There were also a number of people who simply wanted to go to the cafeteria and so simply ducked to avoid the trouble spilling over onto them, sidling by the sides to leave.

As a result, a large area was left empty near the ‘site of the incident’.

Seeing the female protagonist tangled up in trouble, Li Qingzhou instantly tried to turn around, but his wheelchair was being pushed by Fang Xiyan….

Stop, hurry up and stop.

Cat crying face.

Would he still be able to eat….

‘Reverse’, was always the most conspicuous.

It wasn’t long before Xu Mengning’s friend Zhao Jingjing noticed Li Qingzhou and Fang Xiyan.

‘Li Qingzhou’ had come to Yanjing University’s medical department to look for the female protagonist before, hence Zhao Jingjing was no stranger to him — she shouted again after Fang Xiyan took a determined step.

All of a sudden, all eyes converged on him and he became the ‘center of attention’.


Li Qingzhou’s eyes, expression unchanged swept somberly over the male protagonist Liu Xiahui who was also present at the medical department as well as over a young man and several girls he didn’t know.

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