There was a sudden snort of laughter in the lab.

The student who had just vocalized that he didn’t welcome Li Qingzhou stepped forward, “I see that you have come back this time specifically to talk big, and what results can you show?!”

“Professor Li is an expert in automotive AI, and you have Professor Li’s prized disciple as your assistant?”

The latter words, even if not explicitly stated, were obvious to anyone who could hear what he was trying to say — “Are you worthy?”

“Yeah, he’s been out of the lab for so long, does he remember how to program artificial intelligence? …… It couldn’t be that he has gotten his hands on a few programs so he’s coming to showcase those right?!”

“Look at that senior brother from B University froze.
He probably didn’t expect Li Qingzhou to say that either…..
After going back to inherit his family’s business, even his cheeks have become thicker.”

“He’s not going to make the fruits of what that senior brother brought in his own, right….”

“We researchers will never bow down to capitalists!”

Qiao Huanming really didn’t expect things to go in such an unforeseen direction .
His hand couldn’t help but tighten on the important results he had brought even as he froze.

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— This was his and his professor’s brainchild.

Li Qingzhou, despite the taunts and suspicions of the students in the lab,

Turned his wheelchair to face Qiao Huanming and said, “The voice control you have developed doesn’t recognize individual voices and the way they speak.”

“And the controls are single and limited….”

“Although it is a leap forward for current automotive systems, it is still …… slightly inadequate compared to what I have achieved.”

Li Qingzhou thought about it and picked out a less damning word.

He continued, “Hearing is better than seeing with your own eyes.”

“Even if I explain more theories, more visions of the future, those who don’t believe me will just think I’m talking big, so why don’t I demonstrate it in full over here?”

Qiao, would you be willing to give me that opportunity?”

Qiao Huanming opened his mouth.

Professor Yan, who couldn’t help but speak first, saying with a serious expression, “Qingzhou, do you know what you are saying?”

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“You’re thinking that your research results are more perfect than Professor Li’s!”

Professor Li was an expert in automotive systems, had been published in many international papers online and had received a lot of praise and recognition.

And who was Li Qingzhou?

— A graduate student who had never made a name for himself before.

Who was he to say such things?

But Li Qingzhou not only said it, he also affirmed it again, “It’s more than perfect.

“Besides, there is more than one result I bring to the table…..”

This person was really here to talk big, wasn’t he?

Some had mixed feelings, some had disdain, and some simply snorted — “He thinks this is his own company so he has to be supported by everyone.”

Li Qingzhou said, “Professor, I can prove it.

Professor Yan sighed and said, “Then come with me.”

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