ound the Buddhist beads that had been wrapped around his palm around his wrist, but his heart wasn’t calm.

He opened his mouth, “I wonder what compensation Mr.
Li would like from the Liu family?”

Li Qingzhou said bluntly, “I would like the Li family to work with the Liu family on a project to develop a new energy car series.”

The Liu Group, with its LIN Technologies Ltd, its already large research team, and its complete automotive production chain…

The Liu Group now had first-hand knowledge of the development of new energy vehicles.

This was the ‘easy’ opportunity that Li Qingzhou needed.

The little man in the air bubble sat in peace without any thoughts.

Liu Bohuai: “Mr.
Li has a big appetite.”

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Li Qingzhou said, “The Li family wants to be in Yanjing at this stage.”

“If we can get on board the Liu family’s big ship, even without the land along the outskirts in the northern suburbs, we are sure we can get what we want.”

He then changed his tone: “Of course, it is true that the compensation I am asking for is too much, but it’s not that the Li family won’t give anything.”

“New energy vehicles will never be the end of the automotive sector.”

“In past history, people have experienced two systematic changes in the energy power of transportation.”

“The first was the use of coal and the steam engine, and the second change was oil and the internal combustion engine.”

“I believe that a third change is approaching– the replacement of oil and the internal combustion engine with electricity, power cells, fuel cells, etc.
and bringing humanity into the age of clean energy.”

“But this is only the development of automotive power.”

“Why don’t we consider applying AI technology to automobiles as well?”

Leaning back in his chair, Liu Bohuai said with a bemused expression, “In theory, AI can indeed be applied to cars, but that’s all there is to it.”

“The country hasn’t yet had a single scientific research result with regard to AI in cars.”

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“Moreover, as far as I know, the Li family simply produces cars, parts, etc.
and is not involved in intelligence research and development…..”

“Is Mr.
Li trying to convince me with empty words?”

Li Qingzhou: “Just because we are not involved now doesn’t mean we won’t be.”

“What’s more, I can assure Mr.
Liu — the theory of automotive AI is mature, all that’s missing is development and production.”

Liu Bohuai was slightly surprised.

He said, “There is no theory published in the three major international paper search databases, so how would Mr.
Li prove it?”

Li Qingzhou: “Naturally, with an authentic document.”

He opened the laptop he had with him.

— It contained information on theoretical research on automotive AI that he had imported from the system long before he came to the Lan Yuan Clubhouse.

This was his old research.

He had cut down, then modified it, and extracted the theory that was most in line with modern national science and technology.

Li Qingzhou said as Liu Bohuai browsed through the material, “I’m not in a hurry to enter into a partnership with The Liu Group right away.
After all, there are things that need to be tested.”

“And now is the right time and I trust Mr Liu’s judgment.”

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