was far more difficult than expected, and by now even the theoretical knowledge on paper had not yet been perfected.

Qiao Huanming’s writings on ‘AI driving’, among other things, attracted a bit of interest from Li Qingzhou.

His attitude was good, without a trace of disdain or disbelief.

Qiao Huanming smiled bitterly and said, “Driverless technology is my last idea, I mainly study artificial intelligence …… “

He paused, but couldn’t resist saying more.

Perhaps it was the indifferent posture of the young man in front of him that gave him a desire to confide in him — a desire to talk.
He started, “Artificial intelligence is the future.”

“AI technology research covers a wide range of fields, and cars are just one of the categories.”

“The concept of driverless cars that people have since come up with is based entirely on intelligent computing; without AI technology as an aid, driverless cars are only a pipe dream!”

Qiao Huanming wanted to prove that his concept wasn’t some unrealistic fantasy.

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But right now people’s perception of AI was still limited to simple robot mode, crude recognition of images and text, and the inability to make voice distinctions….

In the automotive sector, there was still no room for AI.

If research was undertaken, it would require a huge investment of money and manpower….
If it didn’t achieve the desired results, then it was just like throwing money in the water without hearing a single echo.

This was why Jiang Daikun was so dismissive of the idea.

Qiao Huanming thought to himself ruefully — perhaps it wasn’t time yet, he would go back and think about it with his teacher….

“Leave your number.”

At Qiao Huanming’s stunned look, Li Qingzhou said, “Do you have a business card?”

“Yes, I have a business card….” Qiao Huanming took it out hurriedly, but looked hesitant.

Li Qingzhou took it straight away and asked Fang Xiyan to call him.

He said, “Just leave the information with me for now, I still have to look it over.”

“I don’t have time today, I’ll call you afterwards and we’ll talk about it.”

Qiao Huanming froze.

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Li Qingzhou nodded gently, “I look forward to seeing you again.”

Qiao Huanming was almost back to his senses when the sound of the rolling wheelchair faded away.

He cupped the business card in his hand, a look of disbelief on his face looking as if he had suddenly been struck by thunder….


Liu Bohuai’s room at the Lan Yuan Clubhouse was secluded, with a corridor lined with meeting rooms on one side and a small courtyard with a beautiful view on the other.

He watched the person he wanted to see being pushed from the other end of the corridor – ten meters, eight meters, five meters….

The bubble remained.

–The little man inside had changed his attire and was bouncing around in the same little suit and clutching a small red flower in his hand.

The two came a little closer, within three meters….

Liu Bohuai stopped abruptly, his eyes widening slightly – the person in front of him wasn’t speaking, but he heard a humming and singing sound….

It was cheerful and happy.

But the original person’s face was expressionless, gloomy and indifferent.

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