He was completely limp on the sofa, holding a bunch of grapes in his hand and eating them.
They were so sweet that his eyes curved into crescent moons.

The plot of land in the northern suburbs was also mentioned in the original book.

This site was indeed a key project to be developed by the government to build Yanjing New Town– a new era city within a city with restaurants, entertainment, etc.

However, due to the country’s original goal of promoting green energy-saving and environmentally friendly development, the Yanjing City Council temporarily changed its decision: the thermal power station that was to be built in Yanjing’s inner district would still be built in Yanjing–on the outskirts of the land, while the New City project was to be relocated elsewhere.

This had an impact on all the companies that had been working hard to get into Yanjing.

The Li family, however, wasn’t one of them.

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In the original book, ‘Li Qingzhou’ didn’t return to Xicheng after he was discharged from the hospital.

Despite repeated orders from Old Master Li, ‘Li Qingzhou’ refused to return, citing the need to deal with the land in the northern suburbs and to contact the Liu family.

‘Li Qingzhou’ first met Liu Xiahui at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

This was also the place where the female protagonist Xu Mengning worked after school.

It was the usual routine– the three meet at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel.

The male protagonist and the villain naturally clashed over the female protagonist, and something unpleasant happened.

As a result, the opportunity to negotiate compensation at the Jin Xuan Court Hotel was put on hold.

In fact, the opportunity was not used later.

Because ‘Li Qingzhou’ actively refused– after he learned that Liu Xiahui wanted to court Xu Mengning.

‘Li Qingzhou’s sensitive and strong sense of pride made him not want to be outdone by the male protagonist in this matter.

Especially after being held down by the other.

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After rejecting the Liu family’s offer of compensation, ‘Li Qingzhou’ refocused more on the land in Yanjing’s northern suburbs.

However, given the Liu family’s previous words, he didn’t make every effort to participate in the bidding, secretly leave a way out for himself.

And as expected….

‘Li Qingzhou”s caution prevented the Li family from suffering the slightest loss.

Taking advantage of the situation, ‘Li Qingzhou’ annexed the company that had suffered the greatest loss in the bid for the land, making him the most ruthless newcomer in Yanjing’s wealthy circles.

Thus, the Li family established its roots in Yanjing.

Afterwards, ‘Li Qingzhou’ fought with the original male protagonist Liu Xiahui, expanding his power while provoking the guilt and indebtedness of the female protagonist and imprisoning her freedom on the grounds of his disability…..

In the end, ‘Li Qingzhou’ was defeated and the Li family suffered a significant loss.

The villain’s end– ‘Li Qingzhou’ was flying abroad when his plane crashed….

“Hmph, I’m never going to fly again.”

Li Qingzhou took the last bite with an a-woo, followed by a satisfying grape-flavoured burp.

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