nd there had never been any major problems.


There was no point in forcing him to stay.
Ji Ran was about to tell him to head over to the Human Resource department when Qin Man appeared.

“It’s better to consider it again.
Take three days to calm down, if you still want to quit then, you can hand in your resignation letter.”

Xu Lin hesitated before finally nodding and retrieving his resignation letter.

After he left, Ji Ran recovered.
“Are you his boss or am I? Others are applying to resign, what are you interfering for?”

Qin Man replied, “I’m doing it out of consideration for you.”

“Tell me, what’s there to consider?”

Qin Man walked over to the window and opened the curtains, pointing out.

When the people outside heard the noise, they all turned to look inside.
Since the windows were transparent, Ji Ran immediately met many gazes.

“Excluding you and me, there are only five people in total in the department.” Qin Man pointed to the far right, “Qu Ran is fine.
Although her work efficiency is not high, she is diligent.”

He turned to point them out one by one.
“This person’s skills are weak and he is lazy.
Even his weekly report is the last to be submitted and it’s full of rubbish while his progress on projects is almost zero.
In short, he’s useless.”

“This person is a veteran, but his ability is not outstanding.
In his previous department, he often used underhanded means to snatch his colleagues’ projects and verbally harassed female colleagues, but not to the extent of being reported so he was kicked to our department .
Once his contract is up, we can find an excuse to fire him.”

“And this person is completely new, everything needs to be taught.
Is it their job to help with photocopying…or making coffee?”

The faces of the people who were pointed out were all blank and some of them even smiled at Qin Man in ignorance.

Ji Ran: “…”

“So you can’t let Xu Lin go, unless you want to work overtime every day.” Qin Man nodded to the people outside and then closed the shutters as if he hadn’t just spoken ill of his colleagues in front of their boss.

“You said so much, why don’t you analyse yourself?” Ji Ran lifted his chin and sneered.

“I started interning at the age of 18 and I have handled dozens of projects so far, with a profit in the tens of digits.
I have rich experience in the industry.”

Ji Ran: ?

“After I joined the company, I took over two closing projects.
The last one was signed last week, and we discussed two more segments.
Although it is not a lot, a little is still more than nothing.
If it weren’t because of some matters I have to deal with, I could have completed all the projects.” Qin Man sat on the chair in front of him and asked, “Is there anything else I need to report on?”

How squeamish.

Ji Ran asked, “You have something to deal with? What else do you have to do?”

Qin Man raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Chasing my boss.”

Ji Ran was caught off guard.
He cursed, “…Get out.”

After driving him away, Ji Ran was startled to find that his ears were burning badly.
He picked up the can of Coke on the table and took a sip, narrowing his eyes in irritation.

He opened the webpage and logged in to the employee ID of the previous logistics staff, only to find that the account had been caught and cancelled by the Internal Data Department.

He clicked his tongue, picked up his phone and was about to send a message to Cheng Peng when the other person sent a message first.

[Cheng Peng: The bill has been sent, you can take a look.
If possible, I will clear it this week.]

On the day of the school celebration, the school gate was wide open with a joyous atmosphere, as if it were Chinese New Year.

It was not a weekend but for the school celebration, the school had a day off.
However, many students still choose to stay at the school, and wherever they went, there were many students in school uniforms.

Several men in suits and leather shoes stood around the gate of the school.
It was Ji Wei and his high school classmates; They were graceful in manner and handsome in appearance, so many people could not help but glance at them when they passed by.

The men greeted each other politely.

“I haven’t seen you for a long time since our last gathering.”

“Ah, I had a flight to catch last time so I couldn’t make it, it was truly a pity… after today’s celebration, let’s grab a drink.”

“Oh, right.
That person… Did he come? I heard he’s giving a speech.”

“Who knows? Such a huge thing happened to his family, perhaps he isn’t in the mood to join such trivial activities.”

Ji Wei listened inattentively without speaking until someone touched his shoulders.

“Eh, isn’t that Ji Ran? Why is he here?”

Ji Wei followed his gaze and looked over to see a silvery-white sports car parked by the roadside.
The surface of the car reflected the glaring sunlight, appearing both cool and arrogant.

Ji Ran was standing beside the car in a white t-shirt, extremely casual.
When compared to the occasionally passing student, he appeared similar in age.

Ji Wei retracted his gaze.
“He probably got an invite too.”

That person sneered.
How could the school invite him? Did they invite him as an example of what a role model is not?”

Ji Wei did not deny it.
“It’s almost time.
Let’s go in?”

That person wanted to say something else when the passenger side’s door opened.

“Eh— Wait.” After seeing who it was, he froze.
“Isn’t that Qin Man?”

The man got out, wearing a white sweater, not any more formal than what Ji Ran was wearing.

But with such a simple outfit, these two attracted everyone’s attention.

“It’s really him… What is he wearing?” His companion was stunned.
“Isn’t he going to give a speech today? He came wearing a mass-produced shirt? And… Why did he come with Ji Ran?”

“You probably don’t know but we bumped into him at the gathering.
He was also with Ji Ran at the time.” The bald man next to him recalled and sneered, “Birds of the same feather flock together, just like how people of the same calibre will gather together.”

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